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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 17

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Day 17: Another Favorite Song

Something more mellow this time, perhaps? To be honest, where favorite songs go, basically all the music I would voluntarily listen to could qualify as my favorite song. Cassis was a rock ballad, so this time perhaps something more pop-y or mellow?

Hatsune Miku's Ievan Polkka was the first to come to mind, but then again, I realized I get annoyed with it after 2 plays... So I shall settle for a C-pop song~

Wang Leehom's 依然爱你 (Still Loving You). This song was so overplayed on OneFM, but doesn't get annoying. In fact, it's now on my karaoke to-sing list! Should thank Jasmine for being an indirect influence in making me love this song~

I would say the lyrics are the typical mushy "I will always love you" oriented lyrics, commonly found in Taiwanese ballads. But I love songs that I can sing along to, and the melody is catchy enough while still being kind of mellow. I don't know how music feelings work, but I shall just go by, well, my feelings of the song!

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