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Friday, January 25, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1

I would typically wait for the start of a new month to start a challenge chain, but since most challenges are 30+ days, and the next month is February, I thought what the hell. You can find the entire list here.


Day 1: A favorite song

To ask me to name a favorite song is almost impossible, since I listen to practically everything. But the moment I saw it, the only song I can hear in my head is the GazettE's Cassis.

Cassis was my first the GazettE song. I was fangirling over Taiwanese pop star Jiro Wang at that time, and I had collected a couple of pages of a magazine interview that he did. In the interview, his passion for the GazettE was mentioned, and he recommended Cassis.

Source. Their look for Cassis.
The acoustic guitar solo at the beginning, then the piano and electric guitar combo bridge, Ruki's deep, sultry voice...All the electric guitar solos by Uruha and Aoi... This is the only song that I can still remember every word to, even if I haven't listened to it in a long time (which is quite rare).

Even if it was Miyavi who sparked my interest in the visual kei scene, it was the GazettE which anchored me there. the GazettE is also the main reason why I'm into androgyny. I mean, all but Reita (bass, second from left) and Kai (drummer & leader, second from right) looked like girls to me at that time. HOW BEAUTIFUL CAN URUHA BE?! (he's the guitarist, by the way, on the far right)

I was so obsessed that I took up the guitar (gave up a couple years later because of university), got a stretched piercing, and got 9 piercings in total like Uruha (although not in the exact same places as he has them).

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