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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 13

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Day 13: A Song from A Band that You Have to Explain to People Who They Are

Photo from Google. With Jasmine You (RIP).
Photo from Google. With the new bassist, Masashi.
First band that came to mind: Versailles Philharmonic Quintet. Read about Masashi replacing Jasmine You on

The song I choose is my first Versailles song, which really made me jump around squealing: The Revenant Choir. Dammit, just look at how their fingers fly over the chords!!!

The few explanations I have to make when people ask me about Versailles:
  • they're all men, including Kamijo (vocalist, center) and Hizaki (guitar, far right)
  • no, they're not gay, even if they dress in frocks
  • yes, Jasmine You, Kamijo, and Hizaki ARE MEN and awesome musicians
  • they dress like that because it's their style - French aristocratic
  • they are a neo-classical metal band

Yes. Many people tend to think that these beautiful men are gay and has something wrong with their brains. Not that I want to bash Korean idols (I like a lot of them, for the record), but they too have tons of make-up on, just that the make-up isn't as dramatic as visual kei make-up.

Even people on Youtube are still arguing that Jasmine You and Hizaki (who typically wear dresses) are women. I can understand why anyone would assume so, but it won't hurt to do some internet research, ne?

Apart from Versailles, I also have to explain to people who GazettE is, who Kagrra, is, who Miyavi is. After a while, I just didn't really care anymore - because people DON'T CARE who they are. What they see are gay freaks prancing around in dresses and making noise, and not much is gonna change what they think.

But these men - these beautiful, wonderful men - are the ones who give my life spice. They are the people who opened my mind, and molded me into the more accepting person (compared with the past).

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