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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 9

Full list here.

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Note: watch all the videos I embed in at least 360p or 480p, if not HQ - you're not doing the song any justice if you're watching the video in 240p (higher video quality = better audio quality).

Day 9: A Song That You Want to Close the Week With

Each week should start and end in an epic way. Yeah, I know it's not really possible that every week starts and ends epic, but at least you should have some epic music to go with the times. =D

For this question, I shall assume that they're asking for a song that I would like to start my WEEKEND with.

I think most people would choose a nice, slow piano piece to end the week - y'know, relax and take things easy. Rest the weekend away. But weekends have never been "resting days" for me, since I was a little kid. Weekends were times to finally do the things I wanted to do during the weekdays, but couldn't because of school, etc.

So, I want to end my week listening to some awesome music that I've recently discovered.

I mean, HOW FUCKING EPIC IS THIS?! Hardstyle is something I'm completely new to, and my first taste of it was Davide Sonar's Natural. I took a break from putting it on replay for 12-hours straight everyday for a couple of weeks, and took a look at his other tracks, and now Reactor is my go-to track.

Having this blasting (unfortunately, on my laptop with limited audio playing qualities), or heck, any other Davide Sonar track would make any start of a weekend epic!

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