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Monday, January 28, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 4

Full list here.

Day 4: A Song You Couldn't Live Without

This is a really tough one. In general, I don't think I could live without music - let's face it, WHO CAN?! I need music to wake up, to drive to campus when I feel like nodding off to sleep, to drive home, and keep myself sane enough to survive the day.

I'll go by feel then. When I saw the question, a sudden surge of Westlife and Michael Jackson songs surged through my mind - I did practically grow up listening to them. But I couldn't pinpoint a particular song. And then some Whitney Houston came in as well, but the only which stuck is Roxette's It Must Have Been Love.

I guess a song one can't live without is supposed to be epic, but Roxette is epic! So is the song, at least for me it is... I could say Gackt's RETURNER ~Yami no Shuuen~, or L'Arc~en~Ciel's My Heart Draws a Dream, or something from Miyavi, or the GazettE, or Kagrra,, or Versailles.

No, no, no. On second thought, I choose Kagrra,'s Utakata. Utakata was my first Kagrra, song (the band's name is stylized as "Kagrra,"), and I was more smitten by the song than when I discovered Meevs, GazettE or Versailles.

Their mix of J-rock, sounds from the koto, and oh, Isshi's voice! May you rest in peace, and continue singing in heaven, Isshi-sama! There's the softness of classical Japanese music, and the hardness of J-rock - a perfect combination, brought together by Isshi-sama's unique, emotional voice.

It's the perfect song for some, I think. It has a good enough balance of peaceful calmness, emotion, and rock, at least it is for me. As much rock music as I prefer, sometimes I do need some soft music.

I don't know how to describe it exactly, but this song is pretty close to my heart, even closer than Pledge, or Cassis. You could say this song, along with the PV and the band, encompasses the entire Japanese culture - the traditional, the visual movement, the music (both traditional and modern), and the beauty...

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