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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 2

Do this challenge with me!!! I love challenges! The full list here.


Day 2: A Favorite Band

Do I really have to tell you this? I love lots of bands - local band RELENT, Versailles, Kagrra,, etc. Most of these have the element of rock in their music, one way or another. For whatever reason, Japanese rock appeals to me more than rock from other countries.

Source. the GazettE's look for their 10th Anniversary live - The Decade. The clips are all over Youtube. Watch them before
the GazettE. I discovered them in around 2009, I think. It was a result of another fangirling incident, I downloaded Cassis illegally, and fell in love.

At that time, I was already submerged halfway into my obsession with Japanese music - I watched Music Station on Animax every Saturday, and was totally blown away by Gackt and L'Arc~en~Ciel. I had ventured a bit into Miyavi's music... then BAM! I was completely smitten. Ballads, poprock, metal, they've covered almost all genres of music already... STILL AWESOME!

My official first song from the GazettE was Cassis, but I remember a promotional video (I think it was a teaser or a preview) for Filth in the Beauty when I was browsing for GakuHai (Gackt & hyde) videos on Youtube.

My love for GazeRock has changed my life in many ways - men with long hair, painted nails, and make-up weren't gay; multiple piercings were cool; and rock wasn't just noise anymore. It also was the reason why my "first love" and I got together and started talking in the first place.

I'll refer from the image. From left is Aoi, guitarist. He is one of the only two people in the band who's active on Twitter, and has a penchant of cute dancing~ He's the oldest among all the members, and has the earliest birthday in the year (20th January).

Reita is the bassist, and is known for his signature nose band and love for cockatiels. He is practically never seen without the noseband, and has a dislike for drummer Kai's cooking.

Vocalist Ruki is the shortest and youngest of the 5, and writes lyrics for the band's songs. He has a pet chihuahua named Koron. He's the most active Tweeter in the band.

Kai is the drummer of the band, as well as the leader. He is known for his dimpled smiles, and his passion for cooking (you can find a video of him making French toast for his band mates on Youtube). He has the latest birthday in the year (28th October).

Uruha is my bias, has 9 piercings, is the guitarist of the GazettE, and drinks like a maniac. His favorite alcohols are Moet et Chandon and Smirnoff. His signature look is the false double eyelid make-up (but recently it changed into a heavy smokey eye).

For 10 years they've been making music, and they're getting more and more popular around the world. So many of their songs are my favorites - Chizuru, The Invisible Wall, Reila, Silly God Disco, and the list can go on. (watch the videos in highest quality possible, please, give the music some justice)

Feel free to browse and bask in GazettE awesomeness. =D

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