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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 6

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Day 6: A Song That Reminds You of Home

Home is where the heart is. For me, home is where the family is. The first song that came to mind was The Bangles' Eternal Flame. It was one of the songs I first started singing, and my family (my aunt in particular) always reminisced the times when sung the song in my soft singing voice since I was a little girl.

I think a more appropriate song to use here would be The Eagles' Hotel California or Michael Jackson's Jam. To suit the sentimental mood that I interpreted from the challenge question, I think I'll go for Eagles.

My parents were fans of older music, like The Eagles, ABBA, Aaron Neville, etc. I remember playing MJ's Dangerous CD (the only MJ CD we had) with my dad's home theater system, and dancing out of tempo to the songs.

My dad owned a Mazda Etude (now it's my sister's car), and I forgot how, we also happened to be able to drive around in an old Honda Accord, that had a CD player (the Mazda only had a cassette player). On long road trips, short road trips, shopping trips to The Mines, my parents would play The Eagles CD.

I can't remember any other songs, but I remember Hotel California (my first and so far only trip to karaoke with my dad, he picked the song, and sang it completely out of tune and tempo). Reminds me of the days where we would all excitedly get into the Accord, then drive out to wherever - my dad behind the wheel, my mum beside him, and us sisters in the backseat...

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