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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 12

Full list here.

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Day 12: Your Favorite Fast Song

I really don't know anything about tempo. Even when I was taking guitar lessons, even if I know how to count beats, I usually miscount the beats of any given song. A fast song is something that I feel is fast, with no technical stuff to it.

There are sometimes too many songs I want to write about for so many of the challenge questions... So I'll list out a few songs I considered: Miyavi's Senor Senora Senorita, Miyavi's What's My Name, NoGoD's Atria (101.41 bpm), SuG's Love Scream Party (76.48 bpm), Aicle.'s Toumei Ningen (133.86 bpm), Tohoshinki's Rising Sun (125.02 bpm).

There are a few more, and I'm seriously trying to vary my music selections rather than just sticking to J-rock. And bear with the random BPM counts - I took some time to download a BPM counter for fun.

Going through my music folders, I found one that's perfect. O2Jam (along with MapleStory, GunBound, SDO-X, AuditionSEA, etc) was one of my favorite online games to play, and this became my favorite song - Bride in Dream.

From Google.
Like I said, I don't have any "tempo/beat" thing going on - the song just feels fast to me, and it's something (I know it's not the right use of the meme, but whatever).

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