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Friday, February 8, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 15

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Day 15: A Song You Wish You Heard Often On the Radio

I can't really give you a specific song, because my desires for music change quite rapidly. One minute I could be craving for a good karaoke-friendly song, the next minute I wanna bang my head to awesome metal sounds.

Roxette's It Must Have Been Love. Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. These two were the ones playing in my head, but the final verdict is...

Brown Eyed Girl's Abracadabra. The song itself is just really, really catchy, and is one of my favorite K-pop songs. The top video is the official music video. The bottom one is the dance version.

The song itself being catchy is one thing. The first thing that made me obsessed about this song was the video - the dance version is seductive (swaying hips~), but the official music video is just insanely erotic (for me). I mean, a hot make-out-and-undressing-each-other scene?

Once in a while, radios will play some older songs, but this song is always the one that's not included in the playlist...

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