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Monday, December 31, 2012

Last of 2012

In comparison with all the previous years, 2012 seemed like the most significant year of all. True, I had spent about a quarter of it drowning in self-pity, but other than that, the year was really awesome!

Being a Libra, balance is everything. To make my year, you have to give me a balanced good to bad ratio. Which is to say, there was a good amount of bad to counterbalance all the good in the year. And as the saying goes: POSITIVITY BREEDS POSITIVITY, I shall only mention the good stuff that happened in the year.

Now that I go through my old blog posts, I feel that things that just happened within the past year seem so distant...


First of all, I've gone from 55kg to 54kg. Now, that doesn't sound like a lot, but when your body fat percentage goes from 31% to 26%, you run around throwing confetti while doing a victory jig while singing at the top of your voice!

I saw Wang Leehom in person~ I'm not a huge fan, but his songs are nice, and he's acted alongside Gackt and hyde in Moon Child, so he caught my attention automatically.

FICM finished with a bang, and what's better than to go out to a theme park with awesome friends? Sunway Lagoon is a place which my mum has lost interest in, due to the crowd, the water restrictions, the price of the tickets, and the lack of rides that we were all interested in. The waterpark was territory that I have not tread before, though... It was FANTASTIC!

Before our degree program started, my university mates/friends took to Penang for a vacation~ For once, I explored places of Penang that I've never been before, and I had my first time in a lounge (got a little tipsy with a delicious Long Island Iced Tea~)! Not to mention the one and only time that I would eat nasi lemak~

We did two videos in two separate semesters respectively, for two different subjects. Basically, both were public service announcements (PSA). Discrimination No More. Possibilities.

And the highlight of the entire year (literally) - Miyavi's KL live. The most epic night of my life, watching a hot, tattooed rocker bring the house down. Need I tell you guys again that he's the rocker who changed my life? My life pre-visual kei was directionless; when I found Miyavi, everything changed~

Make-up on myself is easy, but this year I reaped some experience in doing make-up for others. Both for performances, but basically the themes were the same - dark, dramatic, and sexy. First was for Chien Min for the night of Expressions by Symphony Orchestra; then was for the PA girls' final showcase for Performing Arts~

Oh, yes. And I finally replaced my 9th piercing - a belly piercing. Despite my previous qualms of not getting it, I went ahead anyway, along with Vivian. You will never know how centralized your belly button is until you get a belly piercing~

I volunteered for a good cause for the first time - once as a Change Advocate, passing out flyers and explaining our cause; the next time as a Live Mannequin (*ahem* lady of the night character).

Semester 2 of our Bachelor of Mass Communications ended a while ago (exams still pending, though =P), and my awesome classmate Justin (along with his lovey-dovey partner, Karen) organized a barbecue pool party for the class. Awesomest. Night. Ever. And thanks to Jasmine for driving us home for the sake of our lives. XD

I met up with a long-time-no-see primary schoolmate who used to call me "prefect" during primary school~ XD She, along with Ken Min, were the people who went with me to 2012's Comic Fiesta. We had an awesome time, and plan to do a group cosplay next year!


Ken Min called me suddenly on NYE and asked me out for a countdown. Since my mum wouldn't hear about going out to have food until such a late hour, we went out to get some snacks and drinks, then came home.

Matcha tea latte from Taiwan Dami's new drink series - Tea Face @ Dami.
We weren't sure of what to get for snacks, so we took a round down Jalan Radin Bagus, then settled for Taiwan Dami (again). But we got there at around 10pm, and there was now a last order policy, so only drinks were available.

While waiting for the drinks, we went to 7-11 to get some alcohol to celebrate. I wanted the big can of Carlsberg, but I saw Asahi Super Dry, and decided to try it, since I haven't before, and I've been wanting to try it since Miyavi's Live~

In the end we missed the "countdown", because we were too busy watching Angelina Jolie kick ass in Salt. Epic fail. =__=


Stay tuned for a day-to-night tutorial! Wishing all of you the best there could possibly be in 2013! Happy new year! =D

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