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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Discrimination No More

For one of our assignments, we were required to create a video addressing one of the social issues that exist in today's society. Immediately, other groups chose to do pre-marital pregnancies and abortion, traffic etiquette, etc.

We had a talk with our lecturer, and she shared with us some of her knowledge - in some chain restaurants, the taste and quality of food varies because the employees take it upon themselves to be creative with the menu. However, someone suggested employing mentally disabled individuals to work.

It was a success - although mentally disabled, they could follow instructions well and they could also work to support themselves. It's a win-win situation: the chain restaurants can maintain the taste and quality of their food, and the morale of the disabled employees are greatly boosted.

This is how our story goes:

The boss (Mautain) surveys his workplace and employees, and seems satisfied. We then flashback a week, when the deaf-mute employee (Jacky) came in for his interview. He entered the office late, wearing earphones, and this greatly displeased him. The moment he knew that he was deaf and mute, the boss had already made up his mind about not hiring him, but he persisted.

The next scene shows one of the admins in the office who has an amputated arm - yet she answers phone calls, does filing and a lot of other admin duties.

We often discriminate people for just being different, and this could be human nature, or media influence, or both. We all have our own comfort zones, and when it comes to accepting people who are different, we hesitate, because it's beyond our comfort zone.

Many of us readily assume that the disabled - regardless of the type - are not fit to enter the workforce, just because they don't have something that we have. They didn't ask to be the way that they are. We should accept and embrace their differences, just like we accept and embrace someone of a difference race, culture, ethnicity, etc.

I feel a little thick skinned saying this, but I hope you guys can help me share out this video, because apart from raising awareness about this social issue, this is also our assignment. We will be graded on how many views and thumbs-ups we get from the original video. Any feedback regarding the filming, editing, etc is also greatly appreciated~ Thank you!!!

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