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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My first day as a volunteer: Change Your World

Volunteering has always been something quite distant to me - it kinda gives me the impression that if you don't volunteer, you're not as good as those who do. Which obviously isn't true.

Photo credit: Adeline. Nope, I'm not for sale! Make-up for the day was just eyelid tape, liquid eyeliner and mascara.
Since the Rescue event, I signed up to volunteer for their exhibition at Sunway Pyramid as a Change Advocate. I kinda regret not taking the Human Mannequin role, though. This weekend, Change Your World had a human trafficking exhibit at Offline Blogshop, Asian Avenue at Sunway Pyramid. If you missed it, don't worry - they'll be doing another exhibit at Berjaya Times Square next week!

We had one short briefing on Thursday by Kelvin Lim, the co-founder of Change Your World; and another short briefing by Neil, the frontman and vocalist of local band RELENT, who is an active part of Change Your World. Here's CYW's Facebook page and website.

Two roles of the Change Advocate: distribute flyers, and explain in detail what we're doing, and what Change Your World is about, as well as encouraging them to help us out by purchasing awesome stuff~ In a way, it's all about presentation and communication.

RELENT performing. Photo taken from CYW Facebook.
I was almost late to the briefing, so I completely forgot where I parked my car (which became a problem later that day). When I got to Offline Blogshop, RELENT was playing through the windows. Seriously, I've never really liked local bands before, but RELENT is somehow different~

Photo credit: Adeline.
Our (Vincent, Jun Yi and moi) little group started 15 minutes before our stated shift. Jun Yi and I were stationed at the escalators right outside Asian Avenue. For most of the day I had on what I like to call my 'waitress face' - that stiff, sweet smile.

The only photo I got that day - Adeline was a Live Mannequin, hence the pale lips~
Half an hour of that, we went back to Offline Blogshop and switched duties - we were to hold a clipboard, and start talking a lot. Apart from occasionally being blatantly ignored by people, it was actually fun, which was something I didn't expect.

Volunteering has now a new meaning for me, even if it's just my first time. You get to meet new people, who are also doing things to help others; you get to talk to people from all walks of life, explaining your cause. It's hard to explain, but I think it has to do with internal satisfaction~

It took me a while to get myself to approach and talk to strangers, and actually talk fluently without awkward silences, but seriously, I never really felt so ... human in my life. Half my life I've been sitting around, waiting for things to happen, hearing about all these disasters happening, and wanting to help, but just didn't get round to it.

Perhaps I'll sign up for next week's gig at Berjaya Times Square - I thoroughly enjoy doing this, and the people I work with are JUST SO FRIENDLY! Kelvin even got us some Krispy Kreme donuts that day~ LOVES!

Photo credit: Adeline. Clockwise from left: me, Vincent, Brian & Adeline~

I met Adeline, Dennis, Dorin, and Brian there, who are just AWESOME PEOPLE! At 6pm, when our shifts ended, we went for dinner together. Initially were completely lost - Jun Yi couldn't have seafood and chicken due to an injury, but in the end, somehow we ended up at Popeye's.

I enjoyed my chicken, biscuit, and mashed potatoes; while the others had rices and sandwiches~ After that we took a walk to Watson's - Brian wanted to get the RnB concert tickets (RM60 in a single receipt), and so we kinda helped him shop around for stuff~ Shopping with a guy who wants to shop is a new experience. XD

While they went up to Popular for books, I took another trip to DiGi, and finally found out the payment scheme for the Galaxy S3. Right now I don't know whether to get it or not, anymore. Upfront payment for the device, but for the duration of your contract, monthly payments are to be made for the internet service only... Decisions, decisions~

*click to enlarge* Chobits!
And at Popular, I did a super impulse purchase... I walked in, saw the guys, but went in the opposite direction towards the anime DVDs and VCDs. I wasn't thoroughly sure what I wanted, but I saw Chobits, for RM19.90, plus the OVA. I had to. Even if it drained my wallet.

Photo credit: Adeline. Group photo session with Vincent's iPad while waiting for Brian~
Next stop - Uniqlo for Brian and Adeline, New Zealand Natural for the rest of us~ Listening to two guys talk about culinology assignments is dizzying, somewhat. We sat there for a really long time, talking about relationships, girls, underwear, shopping and preferences. Basically, anything and everything that came up was talked about.

We took a short break when Jun Yi went kinda lost returning the wheelchair - Vincent and I went to look for him, but apparently he already returned it and was back at NZN. Epic fail. NZN was closing up, so the decision was made to find an alternative place to sit down and talk.

Photo credit: Adeline. Dark pic at Overtime~ For practically the whole day, Vincent's iPad was our camera @_@
A lot of walking around until Vincent met some friends at Overtime, so we settled there. I would've loved a nice beer, but I was gonna drive (not a good idea), and my wallet didn't allow it. Overpriced camomile tea was what I had that night. I did have a couple of sips of Adeline's Starker, though... Love it~

Photo credit: Adeline @ Instagram. An impromptu shot with ... I dunno his name, just know that he's one of the London Boys members =D
Oh, yeah. And coincidentally, the London Boys were having their drinks at Overtime as well. We had a few pictures with them. =D More accurately, Adeline had a few pictures with them, I was a photobomber. XD

We talked until around 12am, which was when my mum called to tell me to go home. =P We went in search of my car, and I drove everyone home. Seriously, a hatchback isn't meant for ferrying people, because 3 people were squished at the back. =P

On the way back home... I seriously do not understand how some drivers can just suddenly swerve onto the next lane WITH A CAR FLYING AT 100KM/H and not notice until I honked. Please. I really don't want to die yet. You wanna get into a traffic accident? Crash into a pillar or something, don't crash into me. My car hasn't been with me for even a year yet.

I got it when I got home - my mum and uncle weren't asleep. My mum showered me with her fury and burned me into ashes. Well, alright, it wasn't so dramatic. I just got a scolding for being insensitive.

Disclaimer: only photos with the "" watermark are taken by me. All other photos are credited accordingly.

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