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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Craziness and Fun

It's been a really long time since I went to a park to have fun with friends. The last time I went was right after high school, all the way in Genting Highlands. This time, we decided on somewhere closer to home. Oh, and by the way, I drove there and back, and no one was hurt.

Woke up 8am, which is a really sharp contrast to my usual near noon awakenings. Made some scrambled eggs for breakfast, and just as I finished it I walked out to see Jasmine's car outside, and she's been trying to call me. Everyone who experiences my driving for the first time is bloody nervous, because I'm nervous. About what they think and what not, but after a while I get used to it.

Not my most flattering photo in history, but looks decent enough.

Anyway we had breakfast at McDonald's. I ordered a Happy Meal, the one with the Hotcakes, but the lady gave me a Sausage McMuffin. Oh, my outfit for the day? I basically just wore my two-piece swimming costume and layered my large green Singapore T-shirt over and wore a pair of dark green shorts to give a little more coverage than what my swimming shorts gave.

We rented a couple of lockers opposite Marrybrown, then started with the dry rides first. As usual I was terrified of the roller coaster, which is nothing but three sharp hills. Then the boot ride, then we started playing some of the water rides in the dry park.The Flume Ride a.k.a Cobra Head was quite a shock for Jeanna, whom I assume that this is her first visit to Sunway Lagoon.

It was kinda surprising how many Middle Eastern people were there - men, women, children. Apart from them were a sprinkling of pink Caucasians (those whose skin turns a pinkish hue when they tan), Koreans and of course, lots of locals. A handful of these people somehow wore full make-up to an amusement park - foundation, eyeliner, mascara, not to mention false lashes. Oh, and they plan to play in the pool - good luck with that.

Our next destination, the Water Park - all those water slides... I love water slides, I love most rides that involves sliding down something. The only thing I don't like about these rides is that you have to climb a huge flight of stairs to get to tall slides, which are the ones I usually prefer.

Anyway there was this ride, which I will conveniently call the yoga ride. Basically you lie on your belly on a foam mat, then you slide down a tiered slide, and this slide has 5 individual lanes. Jasmine couldn't get in, so Jeanna, Quinie and I took one lane each. Quinie lane 1, me in lane 2 and Jeanna in lane 3.

When I reached the bottom I looked to the left expecting to see Quinie beside me. Somehow ... she ended up on my lane. I was like WTH! I was really kinda shocked, because the divider between the lanes were fairly high.

After a few more slides rides, we just went to the surf pool and stayed there until around 3pm, by which we had lunch at Marrybrown, and then we went back to the surf pool until dinner time. As we showered, the sky showered as well. I was like WTF why did I even take a shower just now?

The initial plans for dinner was Paradise Inn, which I love since the first time I tried it at Funan Mall, Singapore (coffee ribs~). We went for a price check in the morning and found that it was way too expensive. I mean, really? Almost RM20 for a plate of tofu and prawns? Pass.

Sam Ka Chong Noodle House was next on our list. A quick observation of the prices averaged at RM11 and we were off. We stopped at Go Hyang, a small Korean restaurant. The cheapest main course there was RM13.90, and somehow they went to that one instead of Sam Ka Chong. Oh, well.

Nothing was really interesting on the menu, but I settled for the Kal Guk Su - homemade spinach noodles with veggies and beef. The noodles were nothing to scream about, but the beef was really quite fragrant and flavorful. Go Hyang charges 6% government tax.

I've driven at night before, but never before on such dark roads, which were wet from the previously heavy rain. I'm not gonna slander some drivers who decided that their car was somehow more superior than mine so that I had to create a traffic congestion/accident just to let them freaking make up their indecisive minds, which are somehow too slow to process general knowledge.

I came home to find that my entire face was red (well, now I know where to apply highlighter), as well as half of my back and shoulders. SUNBURN!!! Good thing I slathered on body lotion right after my second bath, if not I'll be peeling like an old bulb of garlic, or an old onion, whichever you prefer. And I apologize for the sparseness of the pics - hey, we were at a water park, everyone had their electronics (cameras and phones) in the lockers.

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