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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hobbit + the most epic class party ever

Our class was at 10am, but we went to the 8am slot, just because Jasmine and I couldn't fall asleep in our cars. We had a movie plan - Life of Pi.

Deelish pork noodles~
After a rather quick tutorial class, Jessica brought us out for pork noodles at SS15. I forgot the name of the place, but the noodles were delectable. I had kway teow with mine, and had innards included. I eat innards, except for liver, but the soup was flavorful enough for me to eat the liver as well~

I was a tad pricey, though - RM5.70 per bowl, regardless of whether you have innards or not. The entire time we were there, there were two ladies at the back of the restaurant chopping chillies. There were more chillies there than I've ever seen in my life.

Promotional poster.
After brunch, we were taken back to campus to my car, and I drove the both of us to Paradigm Mall. We went straight to GSC, and asked about Life of Pi, but the time didn't match our schedule, so we opted for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as per my suggestion.

The movie was about 2.5-3 hours, but it seemed like just an hour and a half (I take this as a sign that I was totally engrossed the movie, and enjoyed it). Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) and Kili (Aidan Turner) were super HAWT.

The dwarves. Smack in the center is Thorin son of Thrain (Richard Armitage); top row second from left is Kili, the archer (Aidan Turner). Hawtz
I've read the book (YOU MUST READ THE BOOK!) by, needless to say, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Peter Jackson had made a few twists to it, such as including Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) in the story, although she was not mentioned in the book.

This movie is the first part of the three movies that shall depict The Hobbit visually. According to information on Wikipedia, the other two parts will be released in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Garden Recipe's menu. No MSG, no coloring, no preservatives, natural and organic
We had lunch at Garden Recipe, a cafe that has intricate wallpaper and nice Victorian-ish garden decorations, as well as healthy food. I.e. they substitute white rice with organic brown rice.

Nyonya laksa ramen - complete with crispy fried bean curd skins, French bean and eggplant sticks, as well as fresh, juicy shrimp!
The menu is quite pricey, that's why I opted for a selection from the set menu - nyonya laksa ramen. Odd combination, but it was tasty~ For RM9.90 (subject to service charge), it came with a green tea.

We went for back for badminton at 6pm-ish. Alex, Justin, Jasmine and yours truly. Louis was supposed to join us, but he had some more stuff to do in Ipoh, so he couldn't make it. To be honest, most of the workout was due to silent laughter, and not really the badminton.


My classmates' posts on the partay:

Us with our lecturer~ He's an awesome guy =D
Nothing happened on Friday until around evening. A few classmates had put together a BBQ party for the entire class (almost 200 people, mind you) of BMC semester 2 to celebrate pre-exams. Of the many people, about 70 people attended, including our Innovative Media lecturer, Mr Alex Tan. =D

Food credit mostly goes to Karen, who made practically all the food we ate that night - fruit tarts, fried spaghetti, lasagna, mashed potatoes, the marinaded beef and chicken wings. It wasn't like the usual stuff you find at typically BBQ parties - the food was just delectable, and thanks Yen Huan, Justin, Karen, and everyone else who was working at the BBQ stove practically all night, making yummy chicken wings for us to devour!

We met up at SLC at Taylor's at around 6pm, before Ady led the way to the venue. From campus, a line of Myvis went all the way deep into USJ17 (or so it seemed), just pass a sekolah rendah agama (religious primary school, I think it's translated).

Most of the girls before all the pool-throwing commenced. Bitchin'~ Photo by Linda Sun.
Nothing much happened at first, because the guys at the barbeque were trying to get the fire going.

Random person: "Are you sure you have enough lighters for the barbeque?"
Karen: "Do you know how many smokers are here?"

We nibbled on the fruit tarts (my favorite biscuit-like crust~) while waiting. Then we took a walk outside down the street - all the luxurious, gateless semi-Ds... Each with at least 3 cars, all of which were either Mercedes, BMWs or some high end luxury car.

The first one into the pool was Jo Ee and Joyce, forgot which one first. XD We took a few rounds of photos, including one of a yellow ukelele with a smiley face painted on it, and before I knew it, I was being dragged out.

At first it was just someone pulling me by the arms, then I was being dragged on my butt. Next thing you know, Brian See grabbed my legs, and I was hauled to the edge of the pool. Thus, I was the third person to be soaked.

After a few rounds of pushing and being pushed into the pool (including once by my lectuer =__=), FOOD! The lasagna had cucumbers in it, which was a bit weird for me, but it was delicious all the same. The spaghetti had a particularly unique flavor to it, and the mashed potatoes were oh-so-oishii~

The highlight of the night, apart from the booze. =D Thanks, Karen!
I had a chicken wing, waited for more, but they took a tad too long to cook, and the line for wings were long, so I gave up and had a beer, instead. =D

Ilham came around, and there was music. Soon, random people were being dragged out (by those who were already wet, mostly) and thrown into the pool. This was usually accompanied by screams from girls, and the occasional slip up of timing, which led to lots of bruises on the "victims'" part.

I got one, on my butt, after someone (forgot who, again) tried to carry me, but slipped, and my butt hit the edge of the pool, and I slid into the water. =P

My "twin" - Charlotte. A lot of people have said that we look alike. Do we? We were even wearing similar clothes that night (I tied up my H&M tank XD)!
The entire night, everyone was just partying - talking, splashing, drinking, dancing. Those aren't the exact words to describe the party, but that was close. It was the first of the kind that I've been to, but the most awesome party I've ever been a part of.

Halim, Charlotte, Alex and Ilham with me =D Apart from all those from high school, Ilham is the only J-rock/visual kei fan I've encountered in university up till now~
Got more woozy than I usually would get, and became a little more friendly with the guys that night, and had the experience of an anonymous kiss with a random guy. Rescued some damsels in distress from drunk guys, and all in all, had a (excuse my language) fucking good time!

At one point we were dancing inside the clubhouse itself, on a marble floor, with pools of water fed by the pool water dripping from us. Dancing, dancing, dancing *PLOP*. Someone slid under me, grabbed my calves, and I was on my back. I was stunned, I couldn't move, but all I could think was "why is Ilham's face at my butt?"

Two large cartons of beer, plus 3 bottles of Black Label weren't enough to satisfy us. Somewhere around 10pm? Justin went out to get more booze.

So many got drunk that night, including Alex. I quote Justin: "last night, those whom I thought were innocent became wild; but some of those whom I expected to be wild were quite innocent". Innocent as in, not cray-cray.

Best night ever, and I got new friends~ From left: Jasmine, Chien Min, Jeanna, Wei Hua, Ilham, Vivian, me and Vanda. Unknown photobomber behind =P
Seriously, overall, this night ranks #2 in my list of best nights ever - #1 being Miyavi's KL Live. Thanks again, everyone, especially the people who planned this, organized this, and provided the food and booze, for the awesomest party of my life!


Sorry if the post seems a bit disconnected: the alcohol hadn't completely subsided yet, so I was writing this a bit woozily, trying to recall everything that happened. =D

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