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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miyavi Live in KL (pic- & video-heavy)

Oh, god. Everyone I'm so sorry. This post was supposed to be up at least a week ago,  but due to my own inefficiency, as well as a faulty network line, I couldn't edit the photos, hence the blog post also couldn't go up. Gomen ne~ T__T

Day 1

The official day one is actually the day he arrived at LCCT (only 10 fans to greet him T___T), and the day of the preview at Pavilion, where he told everyone that he was wearing pink undies, and performed What's My Name and Strong. I had an exam so I couldn't go. =(

Facebook event page here. Miyavi's official Twitter account here.

My Rock Zone ticket as well as my (now slightly cracked at the casing) What's My Name album~
If only I was a frequenter of Pavilion, I might have seen this earlier...

So my day 1 was basically his day 2, his meet and greet outside of Tokyo Street. After my afternoon exam, I rushed home and by the time we arrived there it was around 4.30pm. We walked around, spotted some fans also waiting for the meet and greet.

Super-excited moi waiting on my tortured feet for THE one and only Miyavi~

Had some lunch at Nando's, then proceeded to join the line that formed outside of Tokyo Street. The only reason why we joined the line was because we were walking around window shopping, when we heard screams from the direction of Tokyo Street, which meant that something was going on.

The fan queue outside Tokyo Street. I think if it were a K-Pop band, there would be 2-3 times more fans than this...

Abandoning all image and torturing my already-tortured feet, we ran to the line, but found that they were just cheering. =( By the way, I was wearing my new heels from Payless Shoesource. They're 5-inches I think, with only half an inch of platform.

A moment of queuing later I spotted one of my seniors from university. I'll tell you this, the emcee sucked. He talked fast, and he had this habit of talking loud, then slowly diffusing to a much lower volume, and he asks "why are the people at the back so shy?" Because we can't hear what you're saying, genius.

The priority lane was basically for those with the Malaysian edition of the What's My Name album, with a white, blue or yellow sticker on it.

Anyway, after a while of waiting, we were divided into normal and priority groups. The priority group are the ones who have the Malaysian edition of the What's My Name album that had a yellow, blue or white sticker attached. Though the emcee confused all of us saying that to be in the priority group you had to have the poster, album CD and the concert ticket, when we only needed the album with le sticker.

According to some of the fans, Miyavi-sama was visiting Batu Caves, and was probably on the way back through the traffic congestion. I have no idea when, but suddenly there was commotion and there was a small, tight group opposite of our line. IT WAS MIYAVI-SAMA!

I swear, in my life, even for Danson, I have not screamed like that before. By the time he was out of sight, I was hyper - I was bouncing on my heels and pulling at my friend's sleeve. I was so excited by the fact that I actually saw the person who changed my life in the flesh!

He was gone and we waited for another while. We were updated periodically by the eccentric emcee, and finally, the update we were waiting for: Miyavi was on his way. A little while after that update, I spotted Victor Kuan from Taylor's University.

And, though I think it's not really possible, I think I saw melody. with Jewelie entering the nail salon opposite. It looked a lot like them referring to photos found online, but then I thought it would be a little impossible because if Jewelie was there, then where's Lovelie?

After a little talk with the emcee, the autograph session started. Each fan had their items-to-be-signed checked, and was given a short brief: no pictures and keep the conversation short. It seemed so strict: in videos he was so like wacky and fun, but no pictures? And minimum screaming? That seemed a little strict.

I had my items checked, and since I brought along my poster I was lots of stuff to handle, and unfortunately I decided to give him my CD along with the poster, which were both wedged on my left hand. I felt so cluttered. @@

Halfway through signing I decided to ask him what I had planned (which was how are Lovelie and Jewelie), but it came out like this:

Chean: Lovelie to Miyavi genki desu ka? ("How are Lovelie and Miyavi?", Japanese)
Miyavi-sama: *looks up* What? (American accent!)
Chean: *repeats although previously realized that I had said the wrong name*
Miyavi-sama: *chuckles and nods a bit* Genki. ("I'm fine", Japanese)
*passes CD back to me*
Miyavi-sama: Have fun tomorrow night!
Chean: *too starstruck to say anything so just nods and smiles*
Miyavi-sama: *holds out hand to me to shake*
Chean: *fumbles around with CD and poster and takes his hand, then leaves in tears of disbelief*

Our autograph CDs!!! The only time I actually used this CD was to rip out all the tracks~

When I took his hand, it felt really rough - all the awesome guitar playing had his hands roughed up so much... After I got my autograph, my friend and I got some Ochado, and while waiting for our drinks we sat down and crooned over our signed CDs like a couple of drug addicts. =P

After a while of resting my poor feet and ankles, we walked back to the autograph venue and stole some pictures (note to self: BRING AN ACTUAL CAMERA THE NEXT TIME THERE'S AN EVENT LIKE THIS, though I think it's not very likely), then left because my feet were practically numb.

Although Uruha is my ultimate favorite person in the visual kei scene, it was Miyavi who brought me into that world - he showed me the world of visual kei (although when I found him he was already doing his solo career) and sparked my interest in visual kei, leading me towards that special place.

I had had a glimpse of visual kei way before Gackt (a short promo clip for the GazettE's Filth in the Beauty), but at that time it had not have the appeal to me as it has now. But after discovering Gackt and hyde, I then discovered Miyavi, and my entire being revolved around it since then.

His very name intrigued me - 雅, Miyavi. The Chinese character means "elegant", and in a way he was very elegant. His personality, make-up, style, tattoos - all these attracted me and pulled me in. His music, his guitar skills, the meanings in his lyrics - they were all so meaningful and awesome.

Day 2

I had my last exam for my finals in the morning, and the moment I got home, I just set my alarm to 12pm (I woke up at 6am, my exam was at 8am, I finished at 9am), then oinked the morning away.

You basically only see a sign for Avenue K's parking, but you see this huge-ass, Burlesque-reminiscent sign from the streets. 

By 12.30pm, I ate brunch, cleared out my car for servicing, then got ready for the show. Ron came to pick me up to go to the LRT station, took the train to KLCC, the stumbled around until we found The Stage at Avenue K. The entire place looks basically under construction, but there were some parts of it that wasn't, but they looked quite run down.

Probably the car that Miyavi arrived in...

We joined the crowd and some people that we agreed to meet up with, then sat and waited. At around 4pm (we reached at around 3pm), a cobalt blue CRV (a RAV4 or what I forgot) pulled up, and it looked quite packed so I assumed it was Miyavi's transport. The first guy who got out was not (although he looked like Miyavi), but then we saw him!

The common line for the people in the Rock and Chill Zone (no free flow Asahi Beer)~
Poor Miyavi, having have to wear a blazer to cover up the tattoos under this blazing Malaysian heat. =( Anyway, he entered for soundcheck, and we also saw Koujee a.k.a Jasper (we kept shouting Jasper instead of Koujee during his performance), who happens to be my old secondary school senior.

They were setting up a merchandise table, with a whole suitcase of what looked like T-shirts (and they were, with some towels on sale as well). The moment they announced that we could form a line I rushed like a mad woman to the line, but when we heard that the T-shirt costed RM100, and the towel RM60, we were turned off.

This is the first time I've spent so much money on a towel that I'll probably never use. This will probably be framed up in my future home~

Yeah, it's Miyavi merchandise, but then again the print was a little too simple (on a bland black or white T-shirt) to cost RM100. I opted for the towel instead, because it's a very nice material, black, with large letters spelling MIYAVI~

Nothing happened after that until about evening, when the crowd grew and the celebrities walked in, Amber Chia and Xandria Ooi among them. We also saw Victor Kuan, the legendary "Mr Lady Gaga" - I seriously didn't imagine that he also liked Miyavi. Guess we're more similar to other people than we think we are. XD

For the next two days after that, I really didn't want to let this rub off...
If we looked straight ahead, this is what we saw. Miyavi performed mostly on center-stage, which was slightly to the right.

Near 8pm, which was when the show was about to start, we were finally allowed in - our tickets punched and an "S" (for The Stage, the name of the venue) stamped on our forearms. We picked a spot right in front of the drums, because there was a mic there, so we naturally assumed that he would be mainly there.

Just seeing his guitars there made me super-excited already!!!
The two guys that went with me (both are quite buff, mind you)~ The excited, pre-concert us were photobombed by a mass of curly hair~

I was disappointed - the venue was small, and so was "the stage". I mean, c'mon, it's his first time in Malaysia, at least find a more decent venue? Sure, J-rock isn't as popular as K-pop, etc, but then again, GIVE THE MAN SOME RESPECT. He's awesome, both as a career man and a family man! XD

Koujee strutting his stuff!

The first performance was by Koujee - the last time I saw him perform was a few years ago during my secondary school's Chinese club event for the Mid Autumn Festival. I was blown away - his style, plus his skill and awesomeness in beatboxing was phenomenal!

Koujee (left) and Dennis Lau (right), making music~

Enter Dennis Lau, the rock violinist. To be honest, apart from his modified violin (it looked like an electric guitar), I didn't find it all too special. Maybe it was just me with the immense anticipation of seeing Miyavi performs and/or after watching Koujee's awesomeness~

All he needs are his hands and his guitar~ Loved his eye make-up, by the way~

And then it was Miyavi's turn, either he kept teasing us, or we were just really excited. His sound assistants were moving in and out of the room shielded by a velvet-like curtain, which we knew he was occupying, and so we kept getting false alarms on whether he's coming out. And when he did, they had all the lights out.

Now, information about Miyavi not liking cameras during the performance were passed around among the fans, but there were still people poking their lenses at him.

WHAT'S HIS NAME?! MIYAVI!!! (more of "mee-yah-vey" if you shout it out loud =P)

The first song he performed was What's My Name, and it was awesome. Never in my life I would have imagined that I would really be seeing Miyavi perform live, and I would be able to be there to see it, with my own eyes!

White tank top, probably pleather sweats, and Reebok shoes. Only a handful of people can look so sexy wearing only those~ *fangirling*

本当にごめんね、雅様。I wasn't as hardcore as a fan of you as I should have. The only few songs I recognized and could name were Day 1 by Miyavi vs Yuksek, an accousting version of Selfish Love, and my favorite after Neo Visualism - 素晴らしきかな、この世界 -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD-.

We love you, Miyavi!!!

He also performed We Love You 世界わ君を愛してる and Are You Ready To Rock. The other songs that he performed were from his What's My Name album. I didn't actually count how many songs he performed (though I did want to), but I was having so much fun those petty things didn't matter.

What mattered was that I was at Miyavi's rock show, and he was beyond awesome. It's way, way, WAY beyond sitting in front of my own laptop, with my speakers full blast playing his songs, while watching his PVs. And I wouldn't be able to headbang like I did there at home.

However, a fan and reporter for Sinchiew Daily posted a link on the event page, and from the article, the songs performed were as follows:

  • What's My Name
  • Universe
  • Survive
  • Hell No / No No No
  • A-Ha
  • Shelter
  • Selfish Love
  • I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, and Hate You
  • We Love You 世界わ君を愛してる
  • Gravity
  • Strong
  • Day 1 by Miyavi vs Yuksek
  • Futuristic Love
  • 素晴らしきかな、この世界 -WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD- [encore]
  • 咲き誇る華の様に - Neo Visualizm- [encore]
  • Are You Ready to Rock? [encore]

BANG YOUR HEAD! I seriously wonder how musicians can go into a headbanging frenzy, and yet still be able to play normally...

The most tiring but fun parts of the show was the screaming, the singing along and the headbanging. XD On our side, only the few of us were hardcore - banging and screaming like mad. There were some "aunties and uncles" behind us, and they were merely standing there with their arms folded across their chest.

Pout those lips, baybeh~

Miyavi's antics were as always - cheeky, sexy and awesome. There was one point where he moved right in front of where I was and gave his hand out for touching, but he did the sweep so fast I didn't get to touch him. =(

He spoke some Malay words at some point. "Apa khabar? Nama saya Miyavi!" XD "Mari kita ROCK!!!"


At around 7:00 of this video, he was really pissed off with everyone still taking pictures and filming him when he already told us to bang our heads, and he pushed someone's camera away, saying "stop filming, bang your head, I'm talking to you, bang your head! Stop f**king filming, BANG YOUR HEAD!" MIYAVI-SAMA, YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!

Topless and sexy. Don't tell me you don't drool over those tattoos~
After one of the songs, he just went backstage again and everyone was cheering for encore! He came back out, changed out of his white tank into his Day 1 T-shirt which was on sale outside. After performing for a while, he took off that T-shirt AND THREW IT TO THE AUDIENCE! I had a sudden urge to push through the crowd and fight with whoever got that T-shirt. =P It landed all the way back, lucky people. =D

The night's drummer, who arrived and left Malaysia with Miyavi - Motokatsu Miyagami, from Ace of Spades~ Miyavi took some time to give some credit to him - truly an awesome man~

He also did this sudden stunt of pulling the mic stand (along with the mic) from in front of the drums, and then lunged onto the bar tables (which served as barriers from the stage), which caused a gigantic wave of people moving forward to at least try to touch him - also no success. Instead my face was squished in a way that I thought to myself, "I can't let Miyavi-sama see me like this!" XD

Just at the end of his performance, he took a swig of water from a bottle, then splashed the rest of it over us. I tell you, it felt like Miyavi holy water. =P There was also one time that he was talking to us, and he couldn't pronounce "environment" right, so he repeated himself until he got it right, then flashed us an awkward smile!

There were some disappointing moments, though. Like when he was performing Selfish Love, he was slowly savoring the moment, enjoying himself. I just watched, and was just so in disbelief that at such a sentimental moment like this, THERE WERE PEOPLE BEHIND TALKING AND TALKING AND TALKING! Talk about being rude. And at this point, along with some other times, he looked as if he was glaring into the crowd.

His beauty, not only in person, but in skill as well as in spirit, is uncomparable.

There were some moments where I cried, only because I couldn't believe I was actually watching Miyavi, and he was doing his thing, and I was not dreaming! I was just so happy that one of my dreams actually came true, and just seeing his beauty made me emotional.

Just doing his thing!
A blur view of his back tattoos. It used to be just the Chinese script, but then he added the Chinese character"李" over everything, but it was just light enough to let the old characters show through.

At one point, he apologized to us for taking so long to come here. At the end, he said that he'll see us soon. The show ended, I was so happy nothing else mattered - I had watched Miyavi perform right in front of my eyes, I witnessed him as he is, and that alone was a phenomenal experience.

I was deaf in my right ear after the performance. My buddy who stood behind me was almost literally screaming into my ear, because I turned myself slightly to the right to see Miyavi perform properly. They said something into my right ear a few times, but I couldn't hear them. I just changed to my left ear and I was hearing everything!

So, now I'm gonna find a way to merge the Miyavi logo that was used for the show, and the "S" stamp that we got upon entering, so that I can tattoo it to my inner arm and forever be reminded that Miyavi made my very first rock show/concert the most memorable night of my life!

I'm also probably gonna frame up my Miyavi towel. RM60 for a towel I would probably never use. XD On the way back we took the wrong train, so we made a few interchanges to get back on the right line, and had some drinks at Wan's Corner near my house before going home.

Upon getting home, I checked Miyavi's official Twitter and also the Miyavi event page I joined - he's leaving at 2.30pm at LCCT the next day, and many plan to send him off~

Miyavi-sama, if you're reading this, I'm sorry for taking so many photos of you during your performance. I know that you don't like cameras snapping during your performance, 'cause we're there essentially to enjoy ourselves. 雅様、本当にごめんなさいです!>___<

Anyway, since my car was taken by my parents for a shopping trip, I couldn't drive to LCCT, because I was already out of money to take public transport. Bye, Miyavi-sama! I hope you enjoyed yourself in Kuala Lumpur than I have during your show! I'll remember that night forever!

Here's a video of an interview with Miyavi by Mr M, talking about his life - how he had loved soccer, and how he had turned into a rock star after the injury. It's a series with different parts, and they're all in the video suggestion bar, so have fun:

Here's Daily Chili's article on Miyavi's live.

And here are some tips for those who are going to their first rock show:
  • bring a sling bag to store your items, try no to use a backpack
  • only bring the things you essentially need: money, ID cards, your ticket, phones and camera, and if needed an extra set of clothes and a towel
  • any snacks you're bringing should be eaten BEFORE the show
  • bring water in a soft bottle, and just don't drink so much before the show =)
  • also bring some throat candies 'cause you're probably gonna scream yourself mute
  • if possible, go early for good places
  • make-up is optional, but you're gonna sweat like mad
  • wear shoes that fit snugly - you're probably gonna jump, and people are gonna step on your feet
  • comfortable clothes that fit well are ideal
  • preferably wear long pants with pockets, and put your essential valuables, i.e. money, phones, etc

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