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Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Am Not For Sale @ Offline Blogshop, Berjaya Times Square

I should prolly blog about the Celebrities for a Cause Closing Ceremony first, but I'm still trying to sort out the photos @_@ Bear with me~

I volunteered with Change Your World for their I Am Not For Sale campaign at Sunway Pyramid last week as a Change Advocate. This week, the I Am Not For Sale campaign was, and will be held tomorrow (25th November) at Offline Blogshop, 1st Avenue, Berjaya Times Square~

Couldn't find a mirror, so had to use the window pane =x
This time I volunteered as a Live Mannequin, portraying the role of a prostitute. =P My breakfast was instant noodles with an egg, then I took a 20-minute walk to the Bukit Jalil LRT station, a 20-minute train ride, then another 10 minutes to walk from the station to the mall, then to the destination.

Getting made up. So many MaxFactor and Make Up For Ever products @_@
1pm was the assigned arrival time, and I got there 5 minutes early. =D I changed out of my T-shirt into a tank top, and put on the *wait for it* fishnet stockings. I borrowed some short shorts from Jasmine, and the fishnets from Joyce, and the tank top from my mum. The only part of my wardrobe that was mine were my heels. @_@

Final result~ Dark, tired eyes, blushed up cheeks, and sparkly glossed lips~ And uber-sexy curled hair~
Waited for a while for the make-up artists to get back from lunch to transform me from Plain Jane to a wasted hooker. I almost went around squealing when I saw their train cases... *make-up junkie almost surfaced* I was secretly so excited when I saw that she used my favorite eyeliner and my favorite mascara on me. XD

CYW merchandise on sale~ T-shirts, badges, and RELENT CDs~
I talked with Cuzario and the rest of the people for a bit, and almost 3pm on-the-dot, I was given a very wrinkled Pall Mall cigarette as my prop. The first half hour was alright - gawking people; girlfriends, wives, and mothers throwing me dirty looks. =P

For the next half hour, I took up a role as a Change Advocate, then back to Live Mannequin for the next. It alternated like this, somewhat; the second Change Advocate duty being to distribute flyers at the crossing bridge near Bread Story and ROMP.

Just that half hour of distributing flyers, I came to see how many ignorant, naive "pimps" there are out there. They said things like "how much per night?", "Woman for sale!", "So when you gonna take that off?". I so wanted to start shouting profanities at them and their ignorance.

Attention is something that I bask in, but this is the kind of attention I'm seriously uncomfortable with. Sideways glances, pointing, I'm fine with that. Degrading my morality? You messed with the wrong hooker, dude.

RELENT performing. Neil on vocals, Jude on guitar, Daniel on bass, and Cuzario on drums.
Anyways, just as my shift ended, RELENT (Facebook / Twitter) was up to perform. Their songs have been playing over and over the entire day, but they never seem to get boring~ *devising plan to get mum to get their CDs* Right after the band performance, and some chocolate wafer cubes, I walked to the outside of Melia Hotel to wait for my mum to pick me up.

On the way home, stuck in heavy traffic... I SO LOVE THESE CURLS!
Her first reaction was: "wear a jacket or something. Do you really wanna be picked up here?" I guess I could've changed back to my blue T-shirt, but it was so hot T_T Alright, alright, I was basking in my temporary "right" to dress up like a slut. =P

Traffic was almost horrendous, though. Offline Blogshop was located basically right at the corner of the building. Those who passed by were mostly the ignorant majority of people, or large families with a gazillion kids in tow. Traffic was definitely better at Sunway Pyramid...

But hey, I got to dress up and raise awareness at the same time! XD Here are some extra photos from today:

Sophia, the sweet, sweet mail-order bride~
With Neil~
Half shot with Cuzario (photobomber, I see you XD cute little dude)
With Cuzario #2~ My heels made me too tall XD

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  1. Those must be retarded, MAX! Anyway, you did it for a good cause! =) bravo!