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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Performing Arts Final Showcase

22nd DECEMBER 2012
Regrettably, I did not take this subject. Despite seeing some of my classmates being completely exhausted and stressed out because of the endless rehearsals, the end result was well worth all the sweat and tears!

I initially chose this subject as an elective, but ended up taking Introduction to Management based on advice from my dad. I guess there's two sides to every coin, and what I gained from one coin, I lost from another. MOVING ON!

Many of the people you will see on Omegle are just male organs, but occasionally, you get funny people like this, as well as people who actually want to chat. =)
I had my Spanish finals on 22nd December (a Saturday), which also happens to be my maternal grandfather's, and my aunt's birthday. I didn't sleep the entire night, aiming to get some studying done. In the end, I spent 4 hours (basically the entire night) on Omegle. Productive. =D

It was the most problematic exam paper I've had in my entire educational history - because our lecturer wasn't able to invigilate our exam, many of the questions had to await telephone confirmation to be answered. I spent an hour at the gym before going home to retrieve the false lashes that I forgot to bring, as well as the cotton buds, and make-up remover.

By 2.30pm, I was all made up and out of the door, setting off for campus again. I can't really classify myself as a make-up artist, but I guess I had enough interest in make-up as to go out of my way just to get experience in doing make-up for other people.

Photo by Xue Ren
I helped Xue Ren with her make-up first at LT6. Her character was supposed to be a seductress, whose queen is the Greek goddess, Circe. Hence, her make-up (as well as all her co-dancers) had to be sultry and seductive.

I spent the most time doing her make-up, starting from scratch, using various tones of brown and black shadows, as well as a ton of black gel liner. The falsies I used on her were too sparse, though, for stage, and we later added a super thick pair on top of my sparser ones.

One of the "backstage" rooms. Brushes, palettes, cosmetics all over the place!
The "backstage" of Lecture Theatre 20 was a mess - it was basically just a few small rooms with attached toilet cubicles. And when I say small, I mean small - more than 5 people in there is already hard to navigate. And there was no electric light. I mean, they installed the cradle and bulb and all, but there was no switch where the power point was, so all make-up and preps had to be done before dark.

Photo by Elaine. Helped her with her eyeliner~
Anyway, I helped whichever girl who requested that I help with their make-up (sorry, Karen! I missed you out!), with whichever make-up product I could grab. The room was an entire mess anyway, so it didn't really matter what belonged to who, there and then, as long as it did the job.

Photo by MC. Her eye make-up done by me =)
We had a short break at around 5pm, then resumed our cosmetics rush at around 6 or 7. Performance was scheduled to start at 8pm. Just before showtime, red lipstick, and false lashes were on demand for the girls, and some eyeliner for the boys.

Photo by Jessie. From left, Fennie, Jessie and me. Jessie's make-up partially by me.
I left a pouch of potentially needed touch-up items backstage, then left to join the audience, taking a seat beside Bryan, then later joined by Spellman, with Mr Winston behind me.

Photo by Xue Ren. Clockwise from top left - Zoe, me, Huey Jen, Xue Ren, MC, Jessie and Cecilia. I helped/did their make-up =D
I was laughing for most of the performance, because I found it quite strange to see them act in ways that I know they usually won't (for some of them). The showcase was based on Homer's The Odyssey, depicting the story of Odysseus, who was thrown to war, leaving his kingdom, and his encounters with several gods in the efforts of returning to his dear wife, Penelope, and his kingdom.

Photo by MC.
Apart from some local accent that seasoned the script for some, as well as more modern words, like "kids" included in the script, the entire performance was phenomenal. The sound effects could have also been a bit more smooth, as well.

Photo by Xue Ren. Clockwise from top left: Zoe, me, Huey Jen, Xue Ren, MC, Jessie and Imran.
Imran did a fantastic job in his role as Odysseus. M was beautifully portrayed Queen Penelope. Joyce was the perfect Calypso. Yun Sin was perfect as Athena. And, oh boy, was Olivia the hottest Circe ever! The other performances I loved, but couldn't catch their character's names - Bryan Loh (Poseidon's brother, the god of wind), Ilham (quirky, as always!), Justin (Hades!), Karen, Ady (him and his hair). The list just goes on!

Kisses from the seductresses~ I went home looking like this, and lots of people will giving me weird looks XD
The performance ended on a high note, with flowers being thrown around, and the girls applying red lipstick to kiss people. Some of them went to Desiree's place for an after party, others, like me, just went home. I would've loved to join the party, but I went to Comic Fiesta for the entire day the next day.

It was a fun experience - working with multiple people at once, and altering looks to suit each and everyone's eye shapes. My liquid liner suffered mass losses, though. =P Which means I should use gel liner the next time I do dark looks.

Thanks to all the babes who made my day an awesome one! *kisses*

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  1. thank you for the make up darling! i really love it, especially the eyes! :D