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Monday, October 31, 2011

Leopard eyes for Halloween

In Malaysia, we don't celebrate Halloween or Easter. So those who would like to celebrate will find a way to add some of that holiday spice into their day - some go to nightclubs with themed parties, some celebrate at home, some, like me, do something to my eyes.

Close up of the eye make-up.
What's on the rest of the face.

So here's the Leopard eyes look that I wore to campus today. I left the lower lash line completely untouched, which is a first for me because I'm usually used to lining both my upper and lower lash line. Guess this look is already dramatic enough on it's own without any lower lash line drama~ I used (shadows from 120 palette):

  • shu uemura Creme Eyeshadow in Beige (applied with fingers from lash line to brow bone)
  • #51 (sheer champagne gold, applied on brow bone using large flat shadow brush)
  • #47 (dark shimmery red, applied on lids using medium flat shadow brush)
  • #54 (medium shimmery brown, applied along crease using fluffy shadow brush)
  • #9 (matte black, applied along upper lash line using angled brush)
  • #62 & #68 (bright orange & sunshine orange, applied in the "spots" using liner brush)
  • #7 & #8 (light shimmery grey & dark shimmery grey, applied layered on the brows using angled brush)
  • Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Blackest Black (applied winged-out on upper lash line, also applied  from outer corners until brow for the "spots")
  • Generic brand false lashes (applied at the outer upper lash line using 1000 Hour Lash Glue)
  • MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara in Black (applied on both real and false lashes after curling to blend real and false lashes together)
  • TheBodyShop Oil-Free Balancing Liquid Foundation in 05 (applied with damp sponge on dark circles)
  • Kate Concealer for Pores (applied using fingers against the grain of facial hair to "fill up" pores, then smoothed downwards to avoid prominent facial hairs)
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in 12 Natural (applied with damp sponge all over face, jaw-line and neck)
  • Pigeon Compact Baby Powder in Beige (applied all over face using soft powder brush to set foundation, and also patted on eye make-up to set make-up)
  • Bobbi Brown Blush in Blushed (applied using soft powder brush along hollows of cheeks as contour)
  • Abon shimmery pink lipstick

Wow, that's one hell of a long list. By the way, I took an hour to get this look done. For the leopard "spots", all you have to do is draw parentheses "( )", "O"s and "U"s of different sizes and shapes. It doesn't matter if they look lopsided or whatnot, because leopard spots are organic, so there's no fixed perfect shape to it. I got my inspiration from this video on YouTube by Jordan Liberty from

So for some other stuff. I took an hour putting this look together, along with the dress, the fragrance, the accessories, and upon arriving in class, someone came in to say that class was cancelled, which meant my hour's worth of work, a total of around 45 minutes of my sister's driving, around RM10 worth of toll fees, and RM10 worth of lunch at campus, was all to waste.

Oh yeah, speaking of the look, this was what I wore to campus. My mum's old body-con dress, my blue strap wedges, my new yellow leather bag, my black "no entry" chain earrings, wrist strap with my name and the double-finger "Peace" ring.

My aunt and uncle came for a visit from Singapore the past weekend and here's what I got from my aunt:

I'm so excited - my very first leather bag! It's not a popular brand internationally, but it's pretty. And I like the metal rings at the sides, some how I like chrome items. It's pretty small, but it's has three main compartments inside, so it's basically enough to fit my necessary items. The mellow yellow color is also pretty easy to match ... I think.

Aaaaaand another tube of mascara. Why do people like to give me mascara? Seriously. I have, in total, four new tubes of mascara (spare tube of MaxFactor FLE, 2x Opera Volume and Length Control, Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Super Film), completely untouched.

I'm struggling to finish the two tubes I'm currently using (Lancome Hypnose & Max Factor FLE), and somehow everyone likes to pile mascara on me. I know I'm the only one interested in make-up among us three sisters, but there's more to make-up than just MASCARA. I know, I'm being ungrateful, but the thing is, I don't want to waste. If I don't use them up in time they'll just dry up, become unusable and end up in the trash.

The necklace is made from semi-precious stones, and as much as I like it, I seriously do not know how to use it. I've tons of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, pendants, etc, but I really seldom use them, except for earrings. This one is pretty, though - I thought of wearing it with the initially-planned Avatar Halloween look, but I stumbled upon the leopard eyes and decided that that was easier.

During their visit, my other uncle brought along his godson, who was such a good boy, albeit a bit testosterone-driven. *ahem* Anything you tell him to do he will, and he'd let almost anyone in the house carry him. His eyes are huge and his lashes are OMG long and voluminous, enough to make a girl jealous.

Click to enlarge.

Cleaned up my desk yesterday and I found the receipt for my first ear piercing. Yes, we went to a place where they issued receipts for ear piercings. We were in Mid Valley and happened to pass-by Goldheart, which is obviously a jewelry store. Oh yes, they provided piercing services ... for RM75 a pair.

That's not a typo. It was only later that I found out that other places charged RM12 for the same exact procedures and product. And to be honest, the professionalism was basically the same, the difference was the setting and also the shop. Not saying don't got there for your ear piercings, you might want to go there for better insurance, but I'm just saying there are much cheaper alternatives.

By the way, I'll be doing THIS blog challenge. Hope it'll be a successful first blog challenge. I'm starting tomorrow (1st November 2011).

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I just spent around 5 whole hours making a whole tiramisu cake alone which was finished within 3 minutes. I got praises and all, but somehow something's still missing.

I've basically gotten over the fact that he would be, as his job demands, be away for long periods of time every now and then. Something that only lasted for 4 months can be accepted, why is it that I can't accept something that has been with me for my entire lifetime?

If you're curious, I'm just gonna get straight to the point and address my self-image problem. Those who's known me long enough would know that I've been overweight for most of my life, because eating has never been a restriction, and since my house had a maid to do the housework, we didn't have to lift a finger. And since I was the more intellectual of the three sisters, I usually just sat, read books, did my homework, but seldom went out for sports even though I love getting sweaty and sticky once in a while.

Because of this, my family used to call me "the little fat girl", which was supposed to be an affectionate calling for the Chinese that kinda signified a good life since the child has more than enough to eat that he/she gets fat. When my mum dismissed our made due to attitude problems, she did assign us housework, but she kept most of the heavier ones for herself, not because she thought we were too precious, but because she couldn't trust our inexperience to do a good job.

It wasn't until I was in Form 1 when I had my first "boyfriend" did I even think of losing weight. My heaviest was 60kg, which was really surprising for me because I thought I was only in the mid-50s. I then started on a nightly marathon of 2000 crunches per night and dieting as much as I could (skipping dinner, mostly). Three years later I reached 55kg, and all my family members were ranting about how I'm a motivation for some others to start losing weight and getting healthier.

But I'm still not happy. At 55kg still, I'm 162cm, with a 28-inch waistline and C38 cup size. My boyfriend loves my body, my parents and sisters all say I'm beautifully proportionate, but somehow all I see are the flaws - a large tummy, orange peel skin at the thighs, flabby arms, fleshy cheeks, and invisible shoulder blades. To me, where shoulder blades are concerned, visibility is equal to sexiness.

Even at 162cm, I'm taller than some of my friends, and taller than average girls by a bit, but at home, I'm midget. My older sister is at 172cm, my younger sister is 160cm at 13 years old. Both are taller than me, and so is my mum and dad and a few other relatives. At home, I'm always laughed at for being shorter than everyone, and what they don't see is that it hurts. I didn't ask to be short, don't they think I would want to be like Giselle Bundchen, with beautiful skin, body and a wonderful life?

When I was younger I'd watch fashion shows just because I love the way the models cat-walked down the runway, the way their hips pushed out every step they took, the beauty of the walk itself. The naive me at that time then started to mimic the cat-walk at our driveway, making the techno beat sounds with my mouth and imagining that I was a supermodel on the runway, wearing designer clothes and trendy make-up. I think my neighbors had a good laugh.

By Form 4, I reached my lowest body weight ever - 50kg at 160cm. It was a milestone, but unfortunately it didn't last long - holidays and gifts from my relatives kept me fed with snacks. When I was dieting, all I did was cut down on portion sizes, most of my meals still consisted of meat, red meat, in fact. Vegetables were almost taboo for my meals.

Sleep was also sparse as I had a bad habit of staying awake until the wee hours of the morning, then waking up 3-4 hours later for school. I had lost weight, but I was unhealthy. I'm still unhealthy, as a matter of fact. I know all this, but to have someone tell me this like I don't know it makes me really frustrated.

Especially after I started university, I hated my own body more and more. Girls everywhere were strutting around with short skirts and tank tops, wearing sky-high stilettos, and not a bit of extra flesh in place - slender arms and legs, flat tummy. All this makes me even more self-conscious about my slightly-heavier-than-average frame.

And the thing is, I really envy my friends who have such high self esteem, who carry themselves as they are with confidence. That's the things I lack - self esteem and self confidence where body shape and skin beauty are concerned. I always see my flaws, very seldom the strong points. People like my friend Crystal, however, focuses on her strong points, and doesn't waver upon peer pressure.

These are the people I envy - those with seemingly perfect lives, bodies and skin. Skin. My skin is average, oils up when the weather is hot, but unless there's dirt, I've got no blemishes but blackheads. However, I hate that my skin tone is uneven - I'm basically fair, but it isn't fair all over, I got little patches of dark skin all over, and they're not freckles. My pores are like the craters on the Moon, and most of them are constantly filled with black and white heads. Every time I forget to change the bed-sheet and pillow case once, I get breakouts like the plague.

My mum thinks I'm just playfully complaining like every other girl in the world now, but secretly, I cry at night, just because I hate my body. I know I'm not doing the best I can to put it to it's optimal shape, but it's more because I let myself become how I am today, and hating it.

Sorry for the emo post. I just had to let it out somewhere.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Michelle Phan's Avatar Inspired Look recreation

Ever since I watched this video at the start of the year, I've always wanted to do this look, and now I have, but I substituted some products or omitted some entirely. The look came out looking alright. To watch the original video, click here.

The original look. Taken from Michelle Phan's Facebook page.

Michelle used:

  • EOS G201 Max Pure Green lenses
  • shu uemura Painter Liner in Turquoise
  • Coastal Scents Sky Blue Gel Liner
  • Bare Minerals Azure
  • shu uemura Painter Liner in Citrine
  • NYX Eyeshadow Trio (pink and baby blue)
  • Lise Watier White Shimmering Eyeshadow
  • Lancome Brow Pencil in Taupe
  • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
  • Amazing Concealer in Medium Beige
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
  • Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Blue
  • shu uemura Rainbow Lashes
  • L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion mascara
  • Lancome Color Fever Shine in Neo Pink

(Yes, I know my skin sucks and my pores are the size of the craters on the Moon.) Wow. All the products she used are quite ... expensive. I substituted the teal and blue liner colors with eye shadows from the 120 palette. I completely skipped the lenses completely because my Blincon Jazzy Ocean Blue lenses have expired. That's the only thing about Blincon - for FreshLook you can extend the use of them for at least one more month. All shadow colors from the 120 palette. Refer here.

Close up
Better look at the shadows

  • shu uemura Creme Eyeshadow in Beige (applied as primer with ring finger all over the lids)
  • #116 (turquoise, applied with angled brush)
  • #107 (azul, applied with angled brush)
  • #115 (shimmering teal, applied using ring finger)
  • #77 (yellow, applied wet with liner brush)
  • #36 (contrasting pink, applied with large flat shadow brush)
  • #119 (baby blue, applied wet with cotton bud)
  • #2 (shimmering white, applied with fingers)
  • TheFaceShop Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in 01 Black (fill sparse areas)
  • TheBodyShop Oil-Free Balancing Foundation in 05 (applied with damp sponge on dark circles)
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in 12 Natural (applied with damp sponge all over the face)
  • Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in 01 Blackest Black (applied thinly on upper lash line, extending out slightly)
  • Generic brand lashes (cut in half and applied on outer corners)
  • Lancome Hypnose mascara in Black
  • Clarins Lipstick in 722 Lilac Pink
It didn't come out perfect because I didn't have the suitable brushes and thus my precision went out the window. However, I did nail the overall look, I especially like the yellow 'cause it gives a very nice pop of color.

Compared to my old attempt of "recreating" this look, this is way better, maybe it's because I followed the instructions. My old look here (Nature-Inspired Eyes), I know it doesn't really look like it, but Michelle did talk about nature, and I thought that this rather fit the picture.

This look was done last minute, within like 15 minutes. Somehow I don't need hours and hours to do my make-up like those in the movies, but if you included wardrobe, accessories, hair, fragrance, I'd take much more time because I'd suddenly remember something then rush to the other room to get it, then rush back into my own room and the process repeats.

I'll stop ranting and stop here. Hope you guys like the look~

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiramisu DIY & recipe

I've been making lots of tiramisu already, and I thought I'd share the recipe and also a DIY tutorial on how to reuse a cake board.

For the tiramisu, this recipe will show you how to make your own sponge fingers (a.k.a. savioardi), which costs significantly less than the store bought ones. Since these are homemade, you'll have to live with the fact that they won't be perfectly shaped. As for the filling, you have a choice of using mascarpone or cream cheese, depending on your preference of texture (mascarpone is smoother and creamier).

This isn't the prettiest of cake-boards, but in the event that you need one and can't get one immediately, this would be a fun alternative. I'll start with the DIY. You will need:

  • a used cake-board with the dirty paper/foil stripped off
  • tin/aluminium foil
  • scissors
  • glue/tape
  1. Pull out some foil, then put the cake board on it. Mark out an extra 1/2-1 inch on each side of the cake board and cut out the foil along the marked proportions.
  2. Think of it as wrapping a present - put the foil on a flat surface, with the cake-board on top of it. Make sure the foil is as flat as possible on the cake side, then pull the foil up the sides gently and wrap it around the edges of the cake-board. Slowly press the foil flat.
  3. Once the shape desired is achieved, secure the edges with tape or glue.

Now that you have your cake-board, you can start with your tiramisu~

For the sponge fingers, you will need:
  1. Meringue = 5x egg whites + 80g castor sugar, whisked until soft peaks
  2. 50g cornflour + 150g soft flour, sifted
  3. 5x egg yolks + 50g castor sugar, whisked until pale and creamy, preferably over simmering water (to test readiness of product, draw an "8" with the whisk and count to 5, if it stays until the 5th count, then it's ready)
Preheat oven to 200'C. Fold (1) into (3) in small batches gently to avoid deflating the meringue. Fold in (2) until just incorporated. Do not overfold. Spoon into piping bag in thirds. Pipe 2-cm wide and approx. 6-7cm long (depending on your mold) onto baking tray lined with silicone mat, quickly sprinkle with sugar and bake until just golden, approx. 5 minutes.

Do all this very quickly, as the meringue is prone to deflating and resulting in a rather biscuit-like product rather than the soft, spongey fingers that we want. The sprinkling of the sugar will help create a crisp top, and it would be safer to constantly keep an eye on them while they're in the oven because they are very prone to burning - they should only be a pale golden.

Once they're out of the oven, let them cool in another tray. I would suggest getting all this done before starting with the cream cheese mix, because that takes excellent timing.

For the base:
  • desired amount of espresso or black coffee, approx. 300ml for dipping the sponge fingers
  • 7-inch diameter, 2-inch tall round mold
  • at least 8-inch cake-board
  • some free space in the freezer and refrigerator
Put the round mold onto the bake board.

Dip/soak the fingers in the coffee, depending on the density of your sponge fingers. Mine usually turns out more cookie-ish than spongey, so I tend to soak them a little longer. To check the readiness, just take it out of the coffee and gently press it a bit. I should feel a bit rubbery-spongey, and no coffee should ooze out. If it still feels stiff, go for another dip. If you feel that it's already soggy enough, then by all means, use it.

Line the entire bottom of the area inside the mold on the cake-board (I don't think that makes sense). Fill in any large gaps with cut-to-fit pieces of dipped/soaked sponge fingers. However, the little crevices that can only be filled in by shreds can be left alone.

For the filling:

  1. 22g gelatin + 60g (or more if necessary) cold water, sprinkle gelatin over cold water and make sure the gelatin does not form a lump in the water. Have a pan of simmering water ready because the gelatin has to be activated and "melted" over some hot water. Keep topping up with cold water if it seems too dry.
  2. 5x egg yolks + 50g castor sugar + 1 tsp vanilla, whisked until sugar dissolves
  3. Chantilly cream = 150ml whipping cream + 40g icing sugar, whipped until soft peaks. Keep in refrigerator until needed.
  4. 250g cream cheese, beat until creamy OR 250g mascarpone cheese, gently creamed
Make the Chantilly cream first, then keep it in the refrigerator until needed later. Make sure not to overwhip or keep it in room temperature for too long as it will split. Do the whipping in parts, whipping, chilling then whipping again until the right consistency is achieved.

Fold (2) into (4) in portions, incorporating each portion thoroughly before proceeding to the next portion. Quickly, put the gelatin over the simmering water and stir occasionally, while you fold (3) into the cheese mixture. If you can, have someone help you do either the stirring or the folding. The gelatin should be a liquid when ready.

Again, if possible, have someone help you with this - while folding the cheese mixture, pour in the liquid gelatin. Mix well quickly, and as quickly as possible, pour this into the mold, until just a bit past the sponge fingers. Do this really quickly as the cheese mixture might leak from the bottom of the mold. Stick it into the freezer and the remaining cheese mixture into the refrigerator. Check frequently on the mold to see if the mixture has set.

Once set, quickly repeat the molding process, this time on the cheese. Dip/soak the sponge fingers in the coffee, then arrange them on the surface of the cheese. Pour over the rest of the cheese mixture, leaving a bit for the decoration later.

While the dessert sets, take the remaining sponge fingers, preferably of a consistent shape, and cut them into stubs of the height of your round mold. This will be the "sponge wall" that surrounds your tiramisu. Once the tiramisu is completely set, dip the flat side of the sponge fingers into the coffee, just to color the side a bit, take a bit of the still-creamy cheese mixture, and use it as a glue to stick it to the sides of the tiramisu.

To serve, run a knife along the sides of the mold, separating the tiramisu from it. Carefully lift the mold and cut the dessert into wedges for serving.

Of course, some parts of this recipe can be altered to suit personal preferences, but this was how I made it, and I'm quite happy that most who tried it said it was good.

This recipe is particularly good for those who need to take it out of the refrigerator for relatively long periods of time for whatever reason, because of the gelatin, it does not melt, but rather just softens. In total, you will need 10 yolks and 5 whites. You could use some of the remaining whites for a face mask or use it in cooking. While serving, do so in small portions as this tiramisu has cream cheese, cream, sugar, and lots of eggs, which would be a bit overwhelming for some.

Here are some pictures from the most recent time I made the tiramisu using this recipe. The funny thing was, instead of staying where they should have been, the sponge fingers somehow floated up to the surface of the cheese mixture, which kinda shocked me when I checked on it in the freezer.

This is what I found in the freezer - most of the sponge fingers had risen to the surface of the sea of cream cheese. See the bottom? The little bits of cheese mixture at the edges of the mold? That's what happens when you don't work fast enough and the mixture leaks out the bottom.
How it looks this time.
How the sponge fingers are supposed to be aligned (in yellow).
And with the remaining sponge fingers and coffee, my sister and I started carving out random words on the sponge fingers (since mine were pretty solid) with a small paring knife. Ignore the cheesy editing. =P

Thursday, October 27, 2011

September & October clothes haul + ChaTime

For some reason I like to combine my posts these days. Perhaps it's laziness. Anyway, on with the main point. My clothes haul these couple of months. I say these couple of month because it's been really a while since I've got some of the pieces and I've been waiting for a few extra pieces to do the entire post all at once.

Yes, this post is way overdue.

I got this green cut-out sleeve top from Yinhoo for RM18.90. It's cotton but I haven't worn it before. The garment turned out a little different than I expected - I thought that the cut-outs started after the shoulder area. Anyway I like this piece, though I can't think of any other way to match it other than with jeans.

Skirt also from Yinhoo, for RM19.90. It's a very light polyester material with a chiffon lining. The polyester is printed with monochromatic hearts all over, with an elastic band at the waist. I like this skirt mainly because it's the only other SKIRT that I own, and it's really light compared with my layered cotton + spandex skirt. However, it's so light that I got a bum-flash before on campus.

To match my the tube-top that I got earlier from Cats Whiskers, I bought a pair of full-length leggings that wrap around my heels. This costed RM20 from a boutique in Asian Avenue at Sunway Pyramid. The leggings have a slight sheen to it, so it kinda makes my thighs look huge.

Personally I would prefer the tube-top matched this way - these are just my at-home cream colored shorts. Any ideas for matching this fashion splurge. Seriously I've never impulsively bought a garment like this before. For one I don't know what I'm going to wear it with, and then I don't really have any place to wear this to.

So now for the ChaTime part of this post. What is ChaTime, you ask? For most Malaysians, it is known as a really popular commercialized tea-selling franchise. All branches have people literally pouring out of them. One opened near my house just lately, and people were lining up till outside and across the street, so imagine it's power.

ChaTime originated from Taiwan, opening branches in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Their motto? "Good tea good time" Their official Malaysian website: click~

Personally, it's a good quality treat. Compared to the regular street-side bubble teas, these are much more expensive, costing at least RM4.90 per cup, that's a regular size minus toppings. However, the tea that they use are freshly brewed, with minimal chemicals unlike the street-side ones with tons of flavors (ChaTime has tons of flavors as well, but more sophisticated options), and their pearls are cooked with special care.

My favorites are the Jasmine Green Milk Tea and Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea from the Mellow Milk Tea series. I have yet to try out their other series (Fresh Tea, Coffee, ChaTime Special Mix, Oriental Pop Tea, QQ Jelly, Energetic Healthy Juice, and Smoothie series), though I have taken little sips of them from friends who bought those.

All drinks come with a set level of sugar and ice, and most are originally topping-less. For an extra RM1, you could add your choice of toppings: pearls, grass jelly, coconut jelly, red beans, coffee jelly, aloe vera, agar, and pudding. You could also set your sugar and ice options with no extra charge.

ChaTime is always releasing new products, such as the Mousse series and the Lychee series. So far I've only stuck to the Mellow Milk Tea series, but I think I'll have lots of time to try out everything since there's a branch on campus and another just 5 minutes walk from my house.

ChaTime's redemption card.
This is an advertorial, it's just that I really like ChaTime, and this would be a great alternative to the road-side bubble teas~

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PSA filming + green tea stuff

My semester holiday was ruined by a sudden bout of filming for an assignment for Basic Audio Visual Production. However, the day was pretty fun - we went to Mahirah's house at Mont Kiara and had almost everyone in the house participate in our craziness.

The kuihs, my favorite being the curry puffs (left) and the kuih Kemboja (top).
Pasta, mozzarella in the small bowl, pasta sauce, chicken behind the salt and pepper shakers and some cooling refreshments~
I was a glutton - for breakfast Mahirah's mum served us some "kuih" in the morning, my favorite being the curry puffs and the "kuih Kemboja" (pandan flavored traditional cake). We had that with tea and for lunch we had home-made spaghetti with deliciously spicy and flavorful sauce, with a side of deliciously fried chicken~

Had lots of fun, camwhored a lot, did some pre-editing activities for my upcoming make-up tutorial video (which won't be up until a really long while later), then drove Melissa all the way right in front of her house.

Some pics from the day:

Custom-made cup and saucer set, designed my Mahirah's mum.
Melissa on the piano.
The restaurant-esque picture of lunch. XD
Honey oat almond cookies. I love these ...
The two main masterminds of the PSA filming process.
The uncooperative woman who refused to photobomb Su with us.
Camwhoring with Mahirah's clip-on hat accessory.
Sleeping boho beauty, complete with a guitar. XD
As for the green tea stuff, I actually had green tea ... uhh, stuff for a couple of days in a row. Nothing much really.

Green tea ice cream from The Last Polka in The V. It was melty, which I really like compared to some that were more of a sorbet of green tea. And this had a slight powdery texture to it.
The green tea cheesecake from Secret Recipe that you guys might remember from my birthday post. Finally tasted it. The initial taste was weird, because they used normal cheesecake cheese with lots of green tea, but the after-taste had a more matcha feel to it, and this was also quite powdery.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


My current favorite Korean drama, which I just finished around 10 minutes ago, crying like a mad woman.

From left: T.O.P from BigBang, Jeong Jun-Ho, Kim Tae-Hee, Lee Byung-Hun, Kim So-Yeon & Kim Seung-Woo.

IRIS is a Korean spy drama produced under KBS in 2009. The drama stars Lee Byung-Hun, Jeong Jun-Ho, Kim Tae-Hee, Kim So-Yeon, Kim Seung-Woo and BigBang's T.O.P, and was filmed in many different countries including South Korea (Seoul), Japan (Akita), China (Shanghai) and Hungary (Budapest). The drama received many awards from the 2009 KBS Drama Acting Awards. More info here.

The story revolves around Kim Hyun-Jun (which is also the drama writer's name) [Lee Byung-Hun], his best friend Jin Sa-Woo [Jeong Jun-Ho] and their shared interest Choi Seung-Hee [Kim Tae-Hee]. Hyun-Jun and Sa-Woo were brotherly best friends serving in the Special Forces, when one day they were separately taken to a mysterious place where they were put through tremendous torture.

When they were finally conscious again, they were told that the torture was a "rite of passage" to enter an organization called National Service Security (NSS) which was created under special orders from the previous president. They also found out that Seung-Hee, the mysterious girl who caught both their eyes, was their team leader in NSS.

Hyun-Jun and Seung-Hee soon become intimate, despite Seung-Hee's previous words about NSS not tolerating relationships between agents, while Sa-Woo tries his best to suppress his feelings.

While in Budapest, Hyun-Jun is secretly given a solo mission by NSS' leader Baek San [Kim Yeong-Cheol] - to assassinate a big political figure of North Korea. Wounded and at risk of being exposed, he hides in a hotel room. After being told by Baek San that he's now on his own, Sa-Woo appears, pointing a gun at Hyun-Jun.

A series of complicated events twist Hyun-Jun's life upside-down. At one point Seung-Hee and Hyun-Jun both mistaken each other dead, and Sa-Woo is unconsciously sucked into IRIS by Baek San, who is a high-ranking member of the mysterious organization.

Hyun-Jun joins a team of North Korean terrorists, with vengeance against Baek San in mind.

There's a lot more to describe, but I'm afraid you'll have to watch the drama yourself if you want to know the story. I'll also be a good girl and not give away the ending, but I can guarantee for those who are emotional, you'll cry your eyes out.

Athena: Goddess of War is a spin-off of the original IRIS series aired on SBS in the end of 2010. A movie was also premiered, basically describing the original story but with extra scenes. IRIS 2 started filming March 2011 and was scheduled to air on KBS2 in October of the same year.

Jumble jumble jujubee

For the first time in a long time, I woke up like 6am on a Sunday. Why? Because my dad ordered that I drive my mum to the market every Sunday morning to practice my driving. Since I got my probational licence I've only ever driven once on the road, and that almost gave my sister a heart attack.

This is partially because I've only ever driven a Perodua Kancil and a Perodua Viva, both which are only slightly bigger than a Smart ForTwo, smaller than a Smart ForFour. Then after I got my licence the first car I was allowed to drive was a Peugeot 501, which is only slightly smaller than a Merc E230 (which is the car that I drove this morning).

I've only ever driven manual, because the course needed it and my dad insisted on me starting off with a manual car. I was alright with a manual, seriously, but then I think my parents have second thoughts after I told them I nearly killed 4 people on two motorcycles on the road.

I tried an auto for the first time this morning, in an empty car park near my house, and just did some turns and practiced some parking. For some reason which I cannot understand, they keep insisting that I practice reverse parking. My forward driving skills are alright, but my reverse skills are just meh. Yeah yeah, I know - practice makes perfect.

I think the only time I've driven smoothly through highways and tight roads were when my driving instructor was with me. I think perhaps that's natural because he's the only one for now that doesn't make me feel as if someone was pointing a gun at my temple every time I'm behind the wheel.

As for more negative stuff, I really, really, really, really, REALLY hate, detest, despise and LOATHE Malaysian internet, namely Streamyx. Can't say for other providers though. For no particular reason, my internet connection just went nil yesterday evening. I thought it was because the modem was on for too long and needed a rest, so I switched it off and let it "rest" for a while.

Ten minutes later I switched it on, and still the connection was nil. This continued until past 10pm at night, by which time the internet connection was still nil. I still thought it was the modem's problem, so I restored the default settings and reconfigured everything ... twice. At that time I thought I'd messed up the modem's settings, so I just told my frustrated sister that the internet's not working while I caught up on IRIS. (more on that later)

But somehow, the wireless network was working. My sister's and my phone could connect to the house modem and it was usable. But WHY? Seriously, that's a rhetorical question, because only TM would know the reason.

So. IRIS. Korean spy drama released in 2007 starring Lee Byung Hyun, Jeong Jun Ho, Kim Tae Hee, Kim So Yeong and BigBang's T.O.P (there's one more cast member I forgot his name and I'm lazy to walk 20 steps to my TV room to check KTHXBAI), won numerous awards. And yet, I've only gotten the DVD four years later.

HOW THE HECK DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME?! One thing's for sure, I fail as a fan. I don't buy their albums but download them from the internet ... supposedly illegally. I take at least 2 years to obtain the CD/DVD because I wait for the prices to drop before starting to persuade my mum/dad to get it for me. I don't really follow the celebrities' progress on their career or upcoming project.

One thing's for sure, I'm not the kind of fans that would scream their heads off at the mere sight of their idols. At least I think I'm not. The GazettE has never been to Malaysia before, and I don't think they will any time soon because "these 'celebrities' will negatively influence our young citizen's minds". *touch wood* I would like to see them in a live concert at least once before the disband, which I really, really, really hope they never do.

Good news! I've observed my bathroom activity for the past week and I'm happy to say that my *ahem* pooping is now daily. Previously I had to wait for around 2-3 days to feel any heavy bowel movement at all, which is, as we all know, not really healthy. I'm still behind on my sleeping hours, though.

Well, enough of the ranting. I'll stop here, till next time! Arrivederci!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Halloween is 10 days away and movie channels like HBO, Cinemax and Star Movies are starting to roll out the horror movies. Speaking of horror movies, I've watched some which I consider pretty good, some actually more action/psychological thriller than actually horror.

When it comes to horror movies, the first one that comes to mind is Dead Silence. No big stars, but I love the movie just the same. I first watched this movie when I was in Beijing last year - we just got back from dinner and weren't going to sleep so early, we turned on the hotel TV and there were only a few movies to choose from.

Dead Silence is themed around ventriloquist dolls, and the poem "Beware the stare of Mary Shaw, she had no children – only dolls; and if you see her in your dreams, be sure you never, ever scream." The movie starts when this couple receive an anonymously-sent ventriloquist doll named Billy. The guy goes out to buy dinner, but comes back to his dead wife, her tongue ripped out and Billy next to her.

He finds out that the doll was made by a woman called Mary Shaw back in his old hometown. He goes back searching for answers, while being the object of suspicion by the detective working on his wife's death. He finds his father with a new wife, and visits the grave where Mary Shaw was buried, along with all her puppets. He tries to rebury Billy, but wakes up the next morning to see Billy back in his room, supposedly brought into his room by the detective.

He goes to see an old man in town, who tells him about Mary Shaw. She was a master puppeteer and dreamed to create the perfect puppet. One evening during a show, a boy said loudly that he saw her lips moving, giving the doll it's voice. However, she refutes by talking to the doll while the doll itself (Billy) was talking.

A few days later that boy went missing, and everyone immediately assumed that it was Mary's doing. The entire village went up to her quarters above the theater where she performed with her puppets, forced her to scream and ripped out her tongue, killing her.

So now Mary on a a revenge spree to kill all those who had killed her, and also the descendants of her killers. The reason why she killed the woman at the start of the movie was because she was pregnant with a descendant.

I won't giveaway the ending, or rather I more or less forgot the ending. Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie around 20% Rotten because of "boring dialogue and obvious twist ending". I was concentrating more on the suspense element in the movie. The first time I watched this was with my younger sister, and we were both huddled up together under the comforter with half our faces covered with it.

Some of you people would find this mediocre in comparison to Korean, Thai and/or Japanese horror movies, but I find this scary enough for me.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Noxin's new giveaway!


This giveaway, hosted by Noxin, is sponsored by Shoppingholics. The winner will be chosen via a random number generator. The prizes? Lenses, nails and lens cases~ For more information, go to the main giveaway post on Noxin's blog - here.

I am gonna participate in this one and hopefully I'll get some lenses~

It's my birthday!

Thanks to all the people who wished me "happy birthday", whether in person, on Facebook, via SMS or any other means. THANK YOU!!! However, some special thanks to my mum, aunt from Japan who called specially to wish me "happy birthday" and last but not least my darling, darling, DARLING Tuzki~

Oh yeah, there are two people in my class that are having their birthday ON THE EXACT SAME DAY - Xue Ying (the sweet genius of the class) and Karmen. The entire class had a singalong right after lecture today and it was kinda awkward (for me).

I'll move on to the make-up and outfit of the day~ Today's theme is sweet 18, so I'm basically dressing to the point that it's not my style, but my make-up, nails and accessories somehow give some "goth" to the entire look.

T-shirt - a present from my aunt
Skirt - Yinhoo
Headband - Yinhoo
Bracelet - Vietnam
Earrings - IsIs @ Mid Valley Megamall
Nails - Elianto Shimmering nail polish in Shimmering Black, Elianto nail polish in Hot Pink and Estee Lauder nail polish in Shimmering Pink
Ring - my darling, from Mid Valley
Shoes - my blue wedges, forgot where I got them

I didn't really know what color to wear for my make-up, so I settled on the neutral brown, but thing got a little out of hand and a little ... dark. The whole look is basically defining the eye shape, then creating a youthful look with dark, thick brows (though mine are covered with my bangs now) and pink lips. I can never do pink blusher - not because I can't, but I feel that it doesn't really suit my style. Instead I used the only blusher I have to do some contouring.

The good thing about not using cream product for the lining was that none of my make-up smudged at all. Usually after a few hours the eye liner would "print" onto the outer part of the eyelid. Today there were only smudges at the outer corners.

For the eyes:
shu uemura Creme Eye Shadow in Beige
Shade #53 and #54 from the 120 palette (base colors)
Artistry eye shadow in Beige, Ash Black and Chocolate (highlight, tightline and crease definition)
MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara in Black
Lancome Hypnose mascara in Black (for the lower lashes)
TheFaceShop Automatic Eye Brow Pencil in Black

For the face:
TheBodyShop Oil-Free Balancing Foundation in shade 05 (as eye circle concealer)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in 12 Natural (my favorite foundation so far)
Pigeon Compact Baby Powder in Beige (setting product)
Bobbi Brown blush in Blushed (contour - cheeks)

For the lips:
Vaseline petroleum jelly (to provide smooth base for lipstick)
TheBodyShop lipstick in shade 07 (rosy nude)

For the decollette:
Callas Finishing Touch Face Powder in CPF04 Clear Pearls (shimmery effect)

 So, I shall be a bitch and show off some little details of my birthday~

Melissa was so cute to "belanja" me Baskin Robbins. And the thing was that I was almost completely in pink for Pink Day.
Also from Melissa - a hand-made card with a huge Uruha in the front!!!
The back of Melissa's handmade card - the white text on the borders are actually the words she wrote on the sides in pencil, as for the distorted message, well ... I'll spare you the details.
The highlight of the dinner - braised sea cucumber with mushrooms, pork, dried scallops and octopus.
Excuse the cheesy editing, I just couldn't help but notice my grandma's Junior Mug in the background looking at the fried noodles.
This giant box was from my darling. I shall be obsessive and let some more pictures fill most of the post. Inside consists of a card, a magic sand thing and two large ... pillows~
My lame and pathetic attempt at recreating the original bow. He gave me this box around a month ago and I was overly eager to cut off the ribbon due to a preposterously tight knot.
This was the peek that I got when I popped the lid open a month ago.
Tadaa~! Dunno why he got these, but they're nice and squishy and kyuute~
This was the other mini-present in the box - it's the magic sand thing.
Ehehehehe~ This is the other side of the magic sand thing. One of the reasons why I find it so kyuute is because it has PINK SAND!!!
Thanks to the incompetent new Secret Recipe in Seri Petaling who can't or won't restock their cakes, I had to make some slices of this and that because people in the house have pretty diverse tastes.
Close up of the green tea cheese. I haven't tried it yet but I find the green marbleizing fascinating~
Me being weird. Just had the urge to be crazy and came up with this. The box beside took up most of the flash, though.
 This post shall end here. There were a few other presents, cards and angpaus but I didn't get round to taking pictures of them.