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Friday, July 23, 2010

Again, makeup related~ =)

And I've been so looking forward to the makeup contest - it was postponed 'cause there were only two participants from the afternoon session and me from the morning session. Sucks, huh? XD Anyways, it was because of this contest that I went to Endah Parade's Elianto in the first place~ =)

I'm falling head over heels in love with Elianto - the products are of good quality, they last long and they're inexpensive. Actually I just went straight there and purchased a liquid liner (I don't really like it, it's a little too runny, or are you supposed to layer it?) The eyeshadows costs RM6 each, nail polishes at ... RM5-7 (forgot the exact price =P), and gorgeous shimmer sticks (can be used as eyeshadow base~) at RM18. Well, it's less expensive than my Shu Uemura... =__=

While we were looking through the stuffs, we tried on the nail polishes as well. Being a visual kei fanatic, I see guys with pink, yellow, electric blue (all three which are usually seen with oshare artistes) and intricately designed nails (eg: Aicle.). Since most VK artistes sport black nails (I even have a picture of Uruha-sama painting his nails XD), I usually look out for black polishes, though they are available in stores like Sasa, but those are usually unknown Chinese or Korean brands, which thicken up within a couple of weeks.

The colours I tried were: #39 (I think) Deep Purple, Yellow, and a pale pink colour which its name I did not check. =P The deep purple would look like a plain, slightly shimmery black in normal light; but in bright light it turns a beautifully gorgeous shimmery dark indigo that captured my heart in seconds~ As for the yellow, it reminds me of Takeru from SuG~ =D The pale pink would be a very lolita colour, cute and demure. XD

Upon getting home on the very same day, I went straight to my room and started colouring. Colour what, you ask? My eyelids, of course! This time, I was desperate - the next day was the contest and I haven't come up with a solid look yet... Anyways, this is what I came up with:

Products used:
  • Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in Beige (as primer, it helps make the colour more vibrant and last longer)
  • Daiso blue fairy eyes eyeshadow quad in Shade 2 and 3 (inner corner and outer wing)
  • Elizabeth Arden Colour Opulence palette in sky blue (between the other blues)
  • Daiso green layered eyeshadow in Shade 1 and 4 (for browbone highlight and lower lashline)
  • Abon Creme eyeshadow in White (layered gently on sky blue and applied between the second and third wing)
  • Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in black
  • Elianto Stay-On liquid eyeliner in black
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black
Products used:
  • Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in Beige
  • Daiso green layered eyeshadow in Shade 1, 3 and 4
  • Daiso blue fairy eyes quad in Shade 2 and 3
  • Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in black
  • Elianto Stay-On liquid eyeliner in black
  • TheFaceShop eyeliner in Shimmering White
  • Abon Creme eyeshadow in bronze, purple, gold and orange
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black

Seriously speaking, I don't remember exactly what colours of eyeshadows I used, but it's always those few colours (I want the CS 88 palette~ >~<). I'm currently not a huge fan of Opera Volume Control mascara and the recently purchased Elianto liquid liner. One of the reasons that apply to both is that they come off in tiny little bits (think 'exfoliant' and 'microbeads', but those that won't ever dissolve =P) during makeup removing. I've been informed in advance about that particular effect, but it really bugs me; plus, the thing needs water to remove, sometimes I can't remove it with remover... =P

As for the pictures I gathered the previous night for some last-minute revision, these are the only two that are mild enough but still oozes the futuristic look. =)

I've just found the existence of Petrilude on YouTube and I LOVE HIM! All prejudices aside, he knows his stuff, which is mainly makeup. He has tutorials on how to shape your brows, contour your face and also conceal your brows for the more dramatic looks. =) The next thing I love about him is .............. guess it .......................... got the answer? .................... Here's a hint: I have eight of them. .................................. It's piercings, man! He actually has a stretched piercing on both ears, a vertical industrial piercing on the right ear and a nose piercing~~~~~
And Wisely recently tagged me in a video - the making of the GazettE's Shiver PV. Being more into makeup than music lately, I kinda neglected the progress of my dears over time. Miyavi got married around, what, last year? And I knew about it only around May this year. I have no idea what Gackt and hyde are up to right now, and I just saw the drastic GazettE change.
Ruki has brown curls and looks pretty much the same as always (he changes his look rather frequently); Kai chopped his hair and dyed it brown (it was in dreadlocks and it was black); Aoi also chopped his long hair to a shoulder-length layer-bob thingy and it made him look mediocre; Reita looked more muscly and his hair was brown-ish, but still looking good; Uruha's transformation was by far the most dramatic - his blonde hair was dyed a bronze-ish color and super-teased, and instead of the usual outward points, it was parted from the left side of his head, even his eye makeup is different (he usually sports fake-crease makeup, but now it's changed to a really dark smokey eye).

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