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Monday, June 28, 2010

Shoe crisis

If you go out, mainly places where some businesswomen would be, like the bank, offices, or just look out for ladies who like to wear high heels/stilettos (not wedges) - some of them tend to have the price tag still stuck on the back of the shoe, where the heel is joined with the shoe body. I doubt that you would want to let the whole world know how much you paid for the shoes you're wearing, and if it's not a very pretty pair, even worse. So girls, remember, take off the price tags off ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you're just purchased before putting it on your body.

And a word of advice - if you ever have to rush a 20-minute walk anywhere, DO NOT wear slippers if you don't drag your slippers. I'm the kind that holds on to my slippers with my toes, and I just rushed to tuition (within 15 minutes =P) and now I've got a ruptured blister on my foot which hurts like hell, especially when it came in contact with water.

And as for those >3" shoe-lovers, NEVER EVER wear those shoes out for a whole-day shopping trip unless you've trained your legs with the lower ones. The reason(s)? For one, you're gonna get real-deal blisters; two, you get cramps after you wear them all day; three, your calf muscles are gonna swell (think, body builder swell) like crap.

Visual kei

After around a whole year of listening to visual kei, I've also noticed something else - that their hair and makeup look more or less the same (of course Phantasmagoria's stand out much more, especially Kisaki and Riku XD). As for their hair, well, it's also pretty similar...

Phantasmagoria - Ba. Kisaki (from Google)

As much as I love these guys and their creativity, I can't help but feel a teeny weeny bit frustrated when I see an almost identical replica of makeup and/or hairstyle. For example, I saw Uruha's double eyelid makeup on another talented VK artiste (forgot the name =P). And I'm watching SuG's Scheat PV right now, and I've noticed that the guitarist on the left hand side dons a similar hairstyle (dreadlock ponytail) as Ruki's in Filth in the Beauty.

Contact lenses are not to be left out. You'll notice that many VK artistes have blue, green, or violet eyes, not to mention really eye-catching ones like white and yellow (I love those~), or a different colour for each eye. But if you happen to come across their pictures without makeup whatsoever (I have a few of GazettE's), you'll see that they actually look like any other person on the street (not their talent though, they're awesome~!), same goes with their eyes. Being Asian, they usually have dark brown eyes.

Juliette - Gt. Yumeru (wearing F-26 lens, available from, pic from, J-rockers' Gallery)

TOP: Versailles - Vo. Kamijo; BOTTOM: the GazettE - Vo. Ruki (both wearing F-50, available from, pics from, J-rockers' Gallery)

D'espairsRay - Vo. Hizumi (wearing F-46 lenses, available from, pic from, J-rockers' Gallery)

Ayabie - Vo. Aoi (wearing F-48 on left eye and F43 on right eye, available from, pic from, J-rockers' Gallery)

Clothes are a personal thing, yet I think they also look quite alike (excluding Versailles and Phantasmagoria).

Versailles (before Jasmine You's demise)
Phantasmagoria (disbanded, Vo. Riku joined Chariots)

Their music videos are just uber-awesome~ XD Among my favourites are the GazettE's Taion, Versailles' The Revenant Choir, Phantasmagoria's Gensoukyoku Eternal Silence, Phantasmagoria's Kyousoukyoku Cruel Crucible, SuG's Love Scream Party, Kagrra's Utakata, and a few more, I can't remember them right now... =P

Now for trademark features, which means one special feature that makes the fans remember them clearly. For example, the GazettE - Ba. Reita's noseband, Phantasmagoria - Vo. Riku's multiple lip piercings, the GazettE - Vo. Ruki's eye makeup, neck stripes and contact lenses, the GazettE - Gt. Uruha's sexy legs (XD), Miyavi's (formerly of Due le Quartz, now joined superband S.K.I.N with Gackt, Sugizo and Yoshiki, session member being Ju-Ken (Ba.) from GacktJob) lip and brow piercing, tattoo and love for pink, etc~~~
the GazettE - Ba. Reita (real name Suzuki Akira)
Phantasmagoria - Vo. Riku
the GazettE - Vo. Ruki (real name Matsumoto Takenori)
the GazettE - Gt. Uruha (real name Takashima Kouyou~)
MIyavi (real name Ishihara Takamasa, currently married to Japanese pop singer Melody, they have a daughter named Lovelie/Airi (Japanese) Miyavi Ishihara, born 29/7/2009)
To sum everything up, it's no matter how they dress or how they look like (though the genre is called 'visual' kei), it's the music that really defines them as artistes.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

S'pore trip update + merentas taman SMKBBSP 2010

There was Universal Studios, etc, and my dad wanted to check it out while he was in SEA. Unfortunately over the past month we couldn't book a hotel on Sentosa Island, so we had to make the trip more of a visit.
We slept early on Thursday night, then woke up at around 4am on Friday morning, got ready, then left the house at 5.30am. For the first time among the many times we drove down to S'pore, I sat in the middle. Now I know what my younger sis went through all those times - two huges asses limiting your space, and you don't even have enough space to cramp your bag of stuff (if you have one, that is).
I stayed awake most of the way, and truthfully speaking, I hadn't slept at all the previous night, which led to unbelievable under-eye circles. After the layer of sunscreen and powder, I looked like zombie. We arrived at my aunt's apartment at around 9.30am, then my unc (who still hadn't went out to the office yet) started calling up Japanese buffet restaurants (newspaper ads) to book for lunch.
He said we were going for lunch, he didn't mention that he was gonna stop by his office and we would have to walk from here to there to here again. And I have noticed that most men aren't very sensitive about someone doing that whole journey in uber-tall wedges. By the time we were almost going for lunch, I already had around 8 blisters on my feet.
We had lunch at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant at Dhoby Ghaut Green, which was really worth it (s$22.90, give or take a few bucks), and there's crayfish, and matcha ice cream, and really cute little dessert pastries and cakes~~ We stopped at Daiso, IMM so that CK could have a lookie around. After that we made our way back to the apartment, had around half an hours' swim, then went out for dinner - Dian Xiao Er at Changi Airport.
The next day we had lunch at another Japanese buffet restaurant - Kiseki Buffet at The Heeren. The soba was much better than Sakura's, but the replenishment rate was a little slower. They didn't have matcha ice cream, but the had tofu cheesecake and delicious, delicious, delicious tenpura~!
After that, a little walk around Orchard, watched Joshua perform with Samba Masala (super awesome, man~!), then to be honest, I forgot what we did there. Anyways, we had dinner at Different Taste that night. It was around Siglap, I think. And the food was near phenomenal~ I didn't really like the cendol, though...
Next day was our last day, so we went for around an hour of cycling at the East Coast Park in the morning before a rather early lunch then setting off for KL again. Unc brought a friend, David. Worked in Japan for a number of years, got bored then moved to S'pore. By some coincidence he met my unc somewhere at around 2 months ago, and he invited David for a little guy time together, or whatever you call it.
If you read my blog much, you'll notice that I'm not a really active person, so an hour of hardcore cycling was murderous. We got back, showered, then went out for lunch at Foster's. Aunt had booked a table earlier on, but when we got there, there was a bunch of seniors at the table that we booked. They had already paid, and was sitting there chatting. The waitresses had told them that the table had been booked at that particular time, but they still plastered their asses there till around 2pm?
We had our lunch (I had the set again, but without the crepes suzette T__T), then quickly set off for Tuas, then KL.
School proceeded as usual, but on Thursday we had our places switched. The tables were arranged in 4x4 boxes (instead of the 1x2 arrangement), and Yeanchi and I were separated from JW (earlier torn away to exchange with Qing) and are now sitting with Wei Seng and Chee Keong. Thankfully, I'm not sitting with Yong Sheng. =P
PJPK, 5-on-5 girls basketball. Stupid bitch, hardly even ran and said 'I'm so tired!' (think spoiled, exaggerating princess style =P) I played 2 games, both against Pey Shan (OMG!!), and almost died in the process. =P
Now, this year's photos will be distributed much later than the previous years. Millions of apologies to SMKBBSP's students (who did make orders for the photos, we had to wait for some idiot). This year's cross-country (in this case cross-park) race was quite late as well. We used the same place as last year - Taman Bukit Jalil, pintu 3, near the Rumah Malaysia. At 7am in the morning, the stupid little buggers were blabbing about DotA at the top of his voice while people were trying to do some peaceful yoga on a beautiful Saturday morning.
Debaichilization XD Watch the vid on my Facebook profile~~
I was assigned to be on a motorcycle, circling the area (initially with En Wan Exzam, but then Dina suggested that she bring hers, thanks a million, Dina~!). What I generally did was absent-mindedly took photos (I finished 1GB of memory within an hour and a half =P), and slacked off while they were giving away the prizes. Hey, someone was supposed to be doing that anyway, but I'm not saying my slacking was OK...
After I got home, mum told me to help her copy her old contacts into her new Yari. Fuck the fucking Yari. The keypad fucking sucks. The design is alright, but apart from a rather nice exterior, the Yari can't compare to the Satio or Aino. It took me around 5 hours to type everything twice - once into my own phone, then into the Yari, due to the fact that her SIM card could only fit 120 contacts and she has over 200 of them... o.O

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here's the huge news - I sprained my ankle right outside of my house. It was already nighttime, and we've just got back from a really delicious dinner at Wah Sing Restaurant at SS3, the building opposite Guiness Anchor Berhad anyways. Whoever who watched 阿贤人情味 should know the place.

Anyways, we got out of the car, and I, like my usual self, fooled around and tried to dance into the house. I forgot that there was a rather deep dip between my driveway and the road, stepped right into and OMG! It hurt like hell, and it continued to hurt the next day. I could apply pressure on it, but I just couldn't move it.

I've watched Final Destination 4 at long last, and the effects were really fake. 3 was better, the accidents more realistic. And as for Sherlock Holmes, I didn't really see what the fuss was all about. Sure, Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law made the movie pretty comical, but that was it. I stopped watching when the Sir Thomas guy was in his copper bathtub... =P

I have finally extracted my music files from my PC and have them safely in my thumbdrive. All the 8GBs are used up (4+GBs of my music, the others are pics and vids XD), and I need another thumbdrive, external hard disk, if you may. My pictures take up a total of 4+GBs as well. Which reminds me, I haven't payed back my dad for my current phone yet... =P


One thing I hate more than failed liner or hair that won't obey is a shiny face, mine in this case. I naturally have oily skin, so usually on a warm day my skin gets oily, especially on the nose, on my T-zone and my cheeks. This sheen usually makes you look sweaty and dirty. Also, some creams that is used for the face (i.e. sunscreens, etc) is pretty sticky, and usually sticky creams lead to shiny skin.

Don't mistaken, your skin needs some oils. I, for one, used to rub my nose with a tissue if its oily to the point that I look like Rudolph. How wrong I was. There are many known ways for oil control, the most popular being using blotting papers. While using blotting papers, try not to drag your skin so much, do it gently. You could also use tissues, though all you do is press it to your skin with your fingers for a while. I think... =P

Especially when you're wearing makeup, oil and sweat makes the products run. To avoid this, use powder~! Not talc powder, per se, but those powders designed for facial use. I use Pigeon Compact Baby Powder in Beige and Laneige Sliding Pact in Natural No. 1 Bright and Splendid Skin (I think) with SPF24. My makeup focuses on the eyes and brows, so usually my face is free of product except for a tiny bit of blush and/or concealer at times. Note: select a powder than matches your skin tone.

If you have makeup all over your face, you would want to use a small fluffy brush, get some powder and just apply it where you'll oil later. If you have a more or less makeup-free face, use a large fluffy brush (i.e. blush brush, fan brush, etc, I prefer to use brushes over the sponge, 'cause the sponge doesn't really pick up the powder or apply well), get all the bristle tips loaded with powder and gently swipe across your face. And voila~! You are now oil-proofed for the next few hours~ =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

For An Angel - Paul Van Dyk

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 15 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

1. If someone says “are you okay? “ you say?:
Unbreakable - Westlife

2. How would you describe yourself?:
If I Let You Go - Westlife

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?:
Without a Trace - the GazettE

4. How do you feel today?:
Love Etc - Pet Shop Boys

5. What is your life’s purpose?:
Love Takes Two - Westlife

6. What is your motto?:
A Little Too Not Over You - David Archuleta

7. What do your friends think of you?:
Queen of My Heart - Westlife

8. What do you think about very often?:
杀手 - 林俊杰

9. What is 2+2?:
朋友 - 周华健

10. What do you think of your best friend?:
Talkin' 2 Myself - Hamasaki Ayumi

11. What is your life story?:
Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?:
The Love From A Dead Orchestra - Versailles

13. What do you think when you see the person you like?:
World of Our Own - Westlife

14. What will you dance to at your wedding?:
Calm Envy - the GazettE

15. What will they play at your funeral?:
Bella's Lullaby - Carter Burwell

16. What is your hobby/interest?:
She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

17. What’s your biggest fear?:
Canon Rock - JerryC

18. What do you want right now?:
Chizuru - the GazettE

19. What do you think of your friend?:
Alterna - SuG Heavy Positive Metal

20. What will you post this as?:
For An Angel - Paul Van Dyk

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's the holidays, why am I at home?

So... Apart from the little from-tuition-centre-to-Endah-Parade-then-back-home trip, I haven't been out of the house, though this is only day 5. First off...


I've been playing with my makeup stuffs today and I tried out the Avatar Inspired look by Michelle Phan ( Though I didn't have the materials she used, I compromised by substituting the cream/gel liner with pigmented eyeshdow. It turned out quite nice, but my attempt at Emeraude's 2in1 V-Kei inspired Gothic Vampire look for girls and boys ( didn't turn out quite as nicely. What happened was I used my mascara as liquid liner (BIG MISTAKE!) 'cause I didn't have liquid liner, my eyeliner pencil just died a couple of days ago and my gel liner is brown. The result was a black eye with clumps all over the place (and it stuck on my fluffy brush =s).

This is officially the 39th day of my piercing stretching plan, and I already have 45 retainers in the piercing, despite the pain (I actually kinda like it XD). During that little after-tuition rant, I checked out the flesh tunnels and such at Top One Silver. I didn't really see the kind that I was looking for (think Nana Kitade and Ruki of the GazettE), but the others there were priced between RM9.90 (those cheap, plastics ones, pretty small, though) and RM25.90 (stainless steel, spiked and long, didn't see big ones). My objective? To at least be able to fit those straws that come with the Taiwanese bubble milk teas you get at night markets into my piercing.

I'm going nuts. I pore over contact lens online stores, I bombard YouTube, listening to songs I haven't listened to in quite a while (The Revenant choir [Versailles], Aristocrats' Symphony [Versailles], Hello [hyde], Cape of Storms [hyde], Countdown [hyde], Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto [Gackt]), and more or less went in and out ceaselessly on Facebook. My other alternatives are to blog, which I'm doing now, or eat, and I don't think I'm gonna do that 'cause I've already swerved from my no-dinner and 2000-crunches-a-night practice. =P

Call me naive, whatever, but I just don't talk to my exs, let alone socialize with them. I would think that any person in their right mind would take a full-on boycot as a 'leave me alone' message. He can't be that stupid, can he? It's hard to say. It might not be stupidity, it may be just bone-headedness. There are a surprising amount of people like that in the world, and maybe it's just because I'm really insensitive or I'm just immune to all that whatever-you-call-it.

I watched this vid on J-Qi's Facebook the other day and I laughed myself to tears, now my sis and I are hooked. It's actually a programme on a Singaporean radio station called Muttons to Midnight which is pretty close to a parody. They modified One Republic's Apologize into a Valentine's tragedy special. They interpreted James Blunt's You're Beautiful and Hoobastank's Reason. Watch it, I can almost guarantee 100% that you'll be howling with laughter. XD

Monday, June 7, 2010


我的pendrive终于到回手了,大概那天那两个双子座的生日的照片都到手了。哇哈哈哈哈哈哈~!我这个拍丑照大王假期之后一定会给人扁到不像样了~ XD


刚才很炸到咧。。。苑绮刚刚on Skype,我就问她那天在他家拍的照片做么不在我pendrive里面,然后她又用Skype来call我。好心,我所谓的webcam其实是我的手机,而且我没有mic。她讲话讲到大声到,连我外婆也傻傻得看着我。=__=

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hair products? WARNING: Read at your own risk!

I don't exactly use much to maintain my hair, just the normal shampoo (anti-dandruff every two days) and conditioner, then I air dry my hair. I very seldom actually blow-dry my hair (I heard that it really damages the hair in the long term if no maintanence is done) until only recently, when the weather is really hot and I really have to tie up my hair.

Now, unless I'm going out, I don't do anything to my hair except maybe tie or clip it up till it has this weird shape which I can't smooth out the next morning. =P Every morning before tieing up my hair for school or to go out, I use Sassy Shine Treatment Serum. I can't find the pic on Google, but it could be purchased at Central Hypermarket on Jalan Mega Mendung, somewhere next to Pearl Point Hotel. I dunno when my mum bought this, but I love it. As the name suggests, it gives a natural looking shine to the hair and makes it really nice, smooth and manageable.

I have lank hair, and the Sassy serum kinda makes it look even lanker, but usually my hair's tied up so that's OK. But if I'm going out shopping or whatever, I want volume. I had purchased a small tub of hair wax more or less unintentionally at one point, and since I have it, I use it. The Lucido-L range may be purchased at most pharmacies (I bought mine at Guardian Endah Parade, it was available at Watson's as well). The one I own is the Edgy Move for flexible styling. I more or less just ruffed it through my hair roots and created a punky look. Either I applied it the wrong way or it required teasing to keep the volume, or just plain law of gravity, the whole thing went lank again after half an hour. =~=

I used this last night, after the nth time my mum told me to. The ladies on my mum's side are more or less fanatical about L'Occitane products, I myself use it's best selling cherryblossom perfume (yes, I use perfume). L'Occitane products have these few traits - they all smell really nice (depending on the main ingredient, but beautiful nonetheless =]) and they work gently but effectively, if used correctly, that is. This Shine Mask is formulated for dry and damaged hair (like mine =X), and comes in, well, look at the pic.

I would recommend doing this on a weekly basis, and on a weekend where you can sit back and relax. Take a warm/hot bath (this opens up the hair follicles, encouraging product absorption and it also opens the facial pores), and rub your hair with your towel a bit before wrapping it up. Apply your facial mask (I used Biotherm's Hydra-Detox Masque), then gently unwrap your hair (wrapping your hair just tightly would help absorb the excess water), then apply the mask to your hair, something like applying conditioner. You could get something to keep you hair away from your shoulders, but I just wrapped my towel around mine. =) The reason why I recommend the facial mask as well is because general mask instructions say that it should be applied for 10-15 minutes, which is the same time needed for the hair mask. Wash off your masks with warm water, then proceed as usual. =)

I used it last night and my hair still smells like the lovely mask right now, after around 20 hours~!


Hot plate curry rice in SS3, I like the texture, the taste was only OK, but it's kinda good value for money~

A thunderstorm invaded my neighbourhood, a bolt of lightning stuck my neighbour's roof and caused a temporary trip. When the current came back in the socket in which my phone charger, bedside light and stand fan was connected spark and went 'pop!'. It scared the bejeebers out of me (I thought it was already 2012 =P). My USB adapter died in the process. =X

On one particular Monday went to Asfar Maju to have lunch with Sherman and Anlene. Sherman had maggi goreng, I had my usual roti telur and Anlene ordered *drumroll~* - roti chocolate. I initially thought 'chocolate' meant cheap melted chocolate, I never thought it'd be chocolate powder. I tasted some, the taste was alright, but too much powder, and Anlene still told the mamak guy 'kari ikan'. =___=
I've always wanted really high, well, high heels. My boots were only around 2" or less. Went to Mid Valley that day and stopped at Nose. My aunt had told me that Nose's stilettos were really nice. So many tall shoes, so tempting, but I chose this pair. Initially I chose the dark metallic one but my size was out. Then the shop assistant got me size 38 of the silver one (pic), then we got it. Only after we left only did I remember that the shop assistant told me that there was only sizw 38 of the dark metallic one. Fuck.

We went to Pasta Zanmai (at East Wing, next to Shojikiya) for lunch. I had softshell crab cream sauce pasta (the sauce tasted like the sesame dressing my aunt buys back from Japan). And for dessert we had the dessert of the month - tofu cheesecake. I saw it on the menu and was like, 'we should try this'. We ordered one and devoured in within seconds. Nah, that's exaggerating, but we did finish it quite quickly. It tasted of tofu, mainly, but not much of the cheesecake flavour. Maybe it's the Japanese style cheesecake (much milder in taste) which were layered n between layers of tofu~~

This is what happens when you put some girls in a birthday party and take random pics. XD

That day went ponteng with oneesan, it was very early in the morning and even the crew wasn't at the centre court, so I took the opportunity to take some pics. Unfortunately I don't have a camera (I want Canon Ixus 130~!). The World Cup is coming up and Nike was having a football display at the Centre court. Those are some big shoes, huh? XD

I like this pic, but it's just too dark... =P

Saturday, June 5, 2010


那天听到有人讲FB有个Form 2的人欠扁到不得了。他说做banana(不会读华语的华人)还好过做普通华人,真的是够欠叼咧。。。
他还说,他去教堂不去庙;然后还有很大一堆东西。我就想,好心~ 你没有读华语,只是去教堂就不是华人了吗?有什么问题?喜欢不喜欢都好,一生出来就是华人,就已是都是华人,这叫做天理、NATURE~!
Anyways,大概四月开始,她就开始跟踪我。早上一下巴士我就直接去旧食堂跟湄琦坐,小黄瓜就跟着我。坐下的时候还坐到很离谱的靠近,跟你很受咩,好心~ 有一次因为之前那一天下大雨,走路去补习中心时鞋子湿透了,然后第二天来不及干,而且没有‘后备鞋’,所以穿着湿湿的鞋子上学。
到了食堂她就坐我旁边。我很不爽我双脚湿湿的,所以就脱了鞋子用书包遮着把脚拿上来。真的是很炸到,她走去模仿我。=___= 我换pose她也跟着换。吐血~

Friday, June 4, 2010

Makeup's FMM

FMM stands for 'frequently made mistakes'. I don't think the term exists, but it's here for temporary use. =P I don't usually stare into people's faces when I'm out of the house, but if it's right in your face you just can't ignore it.

1. Have you noticed how some dark-skinned people's face look really caked with powder? Okay, so you want to look fair, very understandable in Asian terms, but seriously, you can't just shortcut and look like you just played with flour. Powder is to set liquid and cream makeup and to help with oil control. For lighter looking skin, use FOUNDATION or CONCEALER or BOTH. Powder foundation would be better for people with sensitive and oily skin as it helps absorb excess oil. For better coverage use liquid foundation then SET WITH LOOSE POWDER. In my opinion, you should love yourself and be proud of your skin colour (unless it's unintentionally tanned to that tone), and makeup is supposed to just enhance your looks.

2. I know that some people have naturally 'imperfect' eyebrows, so they either pluck it till it's too thin, shade it into a really weird shape and colour, or else shave off their brows and redraw them by hand. Eyebrows are the frame of your eyes, so generally people see your brows before they see your actual eyes. Unless you're constantly doing cosplay, shaving off your brows or plucking too thin is a huge NO-NO. The eyebrow makeup you use for filling in your brows (brow powder, brow pencil or eyeshadow) should be just slightly lighter than your natural hair colour. Align a pencil or similar to the side of your nose and tilt it until it passes right in front of your iris while looking straight ahead. The point of the pencil which intercepts with your eyebrow is where the highest point of the arch should be. The end of the brow should be contoured according to your eye shape (I'm not sure what this means =P). Here are a couple of tutorials by MissChievous on brow grooming, shaping and filling in - (watch this one first) &

Taken from, go check it out. =)

3. Blush is just to add colour to your face, it's not supposed to be overly obvious. I sometimes see girls at the mall (working and shopping) with bright pink cheeks, seriously like neon pink. And some look like they're suffering from some kind of food allergy. The blush colour should be just slightly pinker or browner or peacher than your skin tone, ever so slightly, and should be applied to only the apples of your cheeks and slightly trailed on your cheekbone. Use a blush brush (fluffy and made of partly or completely of real hair) or a fan brush, get your colour, and TAP OFF THE EXCESS GENTLY before applying it to your cheek apples. Smile, then tilt your brush toward your ear before starting to apply. Blush should never appear around the nose. Always remember, less is more. Or you could just use a tinted moisturizer or lip and cheek stain like Benefit's BeneTint (red) or PosieTint (pink).

4. Eyeliner was made for defining the eyes, drawing attention to them. Unless you're doing cosplay, never ever EVER go above the natural crease. I see many many many many MANY girls doing this, and it looks weird. You want to make a statement, then go all cosplay, don't do thick eyeliner and slippers, if not make it proportionate (though I doubt that would be possible) using dark, neutral coloured shadows like brown and black. =P You want to do cat eye? Make sure some eyeliner is visible on you upper lashline and looks proportionate to the wing. For more precise lining, get a sharpened kohl pencil, line your eyes, then only overlay with liquid. I, personally, prefer gel liner, but I like to experiment. I went on a rant one day and got all the prices for eyeliner and kohl pencils from almost all the shops in MV except Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, and MAC.
  • L'Oreal Contour Kohl - RM24.90 @ Guardian
  • Cyber Color Eye Definer Pencil @ RM13.90 @ SASA
  • Stay On Eyeliner - RM19.00 @ Elianto
  • Automatic Eyeliner - RM13 @ Elianto
  • Eyeliner Pencil - RM45 @ stage

5. If you ever apply eye makeup, especially eyeliner, I'll strangle you if you leave your lashes bare. Usually your eyeliner would be much darker than your natural lash colour, and it looks absolutely weird to have some light hairs poking out from your dark lashline. All you have to do is get the suitable mascara for your needs. For one in all volumizing and lengthening + curling for different occasions, I recommend the Opera Volume Control mascara. I prefer more natural looking lashes, so I find that curling your lashes before you apply mascara with make the lashes stick up really awkwardly.

I think I should change the FMM to more like suggestions. =P