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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Semester 5 Week 1

Well, to me it's still semester 5, despite my coursemates' explanations that we're actually in semester 6 because we've done our internship and our internship counts as one semester. I'll just confuse myself less and call it the second-last semester.

It's the usual "ooh I'm back at Taylor's! There are new people! And even less parking! Why the hell did they use my tuition fees for [insert name of something new on campus]?!" routine. And I still wake up at inhuman hours to get decent parking.

Taylorians will know about the cinema-esque new lecture theatres next to the experimental theatre and grand hall. The inside looks like a cinema yes, but the exterior was beyond disappointing - pretty much an echo-ey hallway with rickety-ish stairs. From the outside it looked quite promising...

The walls and floors a pretty much empty when you tap on them.
Apparently, Ford changed their car designs very drastically.
Also, Taylor's does a lot of advertisements for companies like Ford, and have gone beyond giant billboards featuring Fay Hokulani and Marianne Tan (from JinnyBoyTV) - if you park in the basement, you will see giant Ford advertisement stickers along the ramps, and on the level just below the entrance level, there are 3 specific parking spaces marked for Ford vehicles. The last time I tried to park at one of those spots, I got told off and shooed away by the security guard on duty. Well, seems there's been a change of policy...

But you still can't blame me for drooling over modified Neos on campus - I drive one and I'm seriously craving to put on some new rims, LEDs, and body stickers, if not completely revamp it with a coat of new color, tinted lights, and a turbo engine and sound system. Spotted this sexy beast when I arrived early enough in the morning to get decent parking, but the driver hung around his car, so I couldn't take a pic until it was raging-sunlight-Malaysian-style afternoon.

Kaki don - fried oyster rice bowl. MYR 8.80 subject to taxes.
Wearing heels is a big deal for me, because I wouldn't wear them unless I had to, or the occasion permits me to, which means there will be minimal walking. On this particular day of the week, we made an unexpected trip to Sunway Pyramid for Japanese food, and there was a lot of walking when I didn't expect to... I paid more than just what was printed on the receipt for a bowl of oyster rice.

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