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Friday, August 30, 2013

Thailand - Day 3

Jatoojak Market & Platinum again

Sister and I at a quaint food stall selling sticky rice, shaved, ice, and honey lemon drinks at the market.
Jatoojak (or sometimes spelled 'Chatuchak') Market is a ginormous outdoor market packed with everything ranging from food, to clothes, to accessories, to souvenirs, to military gear. We didn't get to look through the entire market because, well, it was huge, and we didn't have a prior plan or map.

We did get some nice shaved ice, mango sticky rice, and a nice cup of honey lemon drink, though, and an iced mocca at a quaint little coffee place in the same unit as a paintball gear seller. Only my mum and sister got some souvenirs from this place.

We went back to have some pad Thai and tom yam clear soup before heading to Platinum Mall yet again, and this time we got some T-shirts and some last-day haul items. I still didn't get my belly ring and flesh plug (which are everywhere, 'cause practically everyone has stretched piercings in Bangkok) due to the potential disapproval of not only my parents, but my sister as well. LOL

The most intimidating (and messy) IT mall I've seen.
A last round of mango and durian sticky rice, with a side of fried glass noodles before returning to the hotel without much of a dinner plan. We ended up walking into the digital mall opposite the street our hotel was on, then walking around that area until we ended up at McDonald's.

Something non-Muslims have to try when in Bangkok / Thailand.
If you guys don't know, international franchises like Domino's and McDonald's in Malaysia don't serve pork, or any non-halal food, for that matter. Which is why so many friends insisted that we had to try the Samurai Pork Burger in Bangkok. And it was pretty good, though I'm not a real fan of the Japanese sauce.


Back in KL

Early was how we woke up the next day, because our flight was early, and the receptionist estimated about an hour from Don Mueang Airport from our hotel. After packing up everything else, it was off.

We were there in no time, actually, but the check-in counters scared me - the number of mainland Chinese tourists crowded around the area with loud voices, mismatched clothes, and no sense of personal space. We had Starbucks and McDonald's for our pre-flight meal, and packed a ham and chicken pie for the flight itself.

The flight was somewhat peaceful (being seated behind a hunky, hairy Caucasian), with the exception of some kids not used to the take-off and landing requirements, as well as a brat who felt the need to loudly document every process of the flight to his mother 5 rows in front of him. I also had the luxury of trying out the in-flight lavatory for the first time LOL.

I would have expected Malaysian customs to be a little troublesome, but they didn't check anything... at all. I could understand that they weren't too worried about things going out of the country, but don't you think you should be the least bit worried when people are bringing things INTO the country? *shrugs*


Overall, I can't complain. Everyone's different schedules (literally, every one of us has a different schedule) makes it pretty hard to plan anything. It's been an amazing experience, and the shopping was ... you just can't shop in KL like you do in Bangkok.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thailand - Day 2

Floating Market & Siam Paragon

Simple omelet rice.
We hired a taxi in the morning to take us to the Floating Market, the Palace, then drop us at MBK. But before that, breakfast was an omelet with rice. It was simple, but amazingly delicious (for those staying at First House, it's right opposite the hotel, a couple mans the stall).

We did a little bit of shopping before the taxi arrived, and we had a really long drive to the location, and the poor taxi driver got stopped twice by police for not being in uniform.

When we got there, we were presented with three different "packages": one for the basic round around the Floating Market, one inclusive of stops at a temple and a coconut honey factory, and the last one inclusive of the aforementioned stops, plus elephant rides. Each package is more expensive than the other.

Sister and I at the front part of the boat taking us through the Floating Market.
We got the 2nd one (inclusive of the two stops) for the price of the 1st one (just the trip through the Floating Market). The first thing that struck me was the sidewalks connecting all the little houses that lined the waterway - if you're a Mapler who has visited the Thailand world, you'll understand why the map paths were designed in that sloping way (and made it hard as sh!t to hunt).

Every unit is almost the same - clothes, trinkets, hand-carved items, sometimes food, and occasionally a hand-carved phallus in various sizes. =P
I guess there wasn't much to shout about at the Floating Market, except for seeing how tourists boats, as well as the market boats maneuver around each other without heavy collision. The temple was a normal one, and the coconut honey factory was just a souvenir store with a stove and fireplace at the back.

Bees - both dead and alive.
Not sure how the did it, but they were boiling what I assume is the coconut water in woks with a rattan basket in it, and the entire set up was swarming with honey bees. The product is sold at a corner of the store, which is a sweet coconut nectar. No, you can't buy them back in packages, like we thought we could.

To enter the palace, you have to be wearing a skirt, and since we didn't actually know what our itinerary until we left the hotel, we just had a drive around the palace, then stopped at MBK.

MBK Center is a mall which is adjoined to the railway station, and houses Tokyu, a Japanese department store. We had some light lunch there, before doing a little window shopping, and heading to Siam Paragon, which I think is the equivalent of Pavilion in KL, except it felt more like Takashimaya Ngee An City.

Attempt at an artsy, somewhat hipster photo.
Bitter melon salad.
Squid ink pasta with crayfish.
Chicken with REAL mashed potatoes.
Dinner was Western, at Coffee Beans by Dao, not to be confused with CBTL. We shared a bitter melon salad, and my sister and I shared a squid ink pasta with crayfish in a creamy sauce, and a breaded chicken filet with cheese and mashed potatoes. All washed down with a glass of green tea milk blended.

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

I just knew about this song literally days ago, and I'm hooked, and found a few awesome covers on Youtube, which are as good as, if not better than, the original.

The lyrics, taken from A-Z lyrics:

I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I'm radioactive, radioactive
I'm radioactive, radioactive

I raise my flags, don my clothes
It's a revolution, I suppose
We're painted red to fit right in

I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I'm radioactive, radioactive
I'm radioactive, radioactive

All systems go, the sun hasn't died
Deep in my bones, straight from inside

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I'm radioactive, radioactive
I'm radioactive, radioactive

I thought I'd share a few of the awesome covers I found, and I prefer for both visual and/or sound aesthetics. But surely, anyone could just type in "Imagine Dragons Radioactive cover" in the search box. LOL

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thailand - Day 1

I don't really count going to Singapore as 'going overseas', because honestly it's just a stretch of water away, despite still being a completely different country. Because my younger sister was having her holidays, and I'm on a semester break, my dad planned a somewhat last-minute holiday to Thailand - mostly Bangkok.

The entire trip seemed surreal, and the packing didn't start until more or less the night before departure. The people were wonderful, the food was delicious, and the shopping even better.


Don Mueang Airport and Platinum Fashion Mall

Pink cabs? Yes, please!
We flew Air Asia, because it's cheap, but you get what you pay for - the flight wasn't altogether unpleasant, but it was certainly uncomfortable especially with packed-up seats. And it should suffice to pack just one pair of shorts for a 4-day shopping vacation (which was pretty much what I did).

Home away from home, and somewhat rightly so.
Our room, decorated with pretty lights throwing patterns on a painted feature wall, and the room was fitted with adequate mirrors (good for a narcissist), and a comfy red bean bag in a corner.
It was a 2-3 hour flight, and we arrived around late morning. The first thing I noticed were the colorful taxis, especially the pink ones! A taxi took us to our hotel - First House Hotel - which is location on a small street just opposite of Platinum Fashion Mall. We settled a little, with a little misunderstanding about an extra 50 baht charged because we came from the airport.

Our first meal was some homey Thai food from a small restaurant tucked along the long row of fashion shops, other restaurants, and humble food stalls. Pad Thai (40 baht) was the first thing on my mind, and was what I ordered. I didn't regret it one little bit - I could get seafood fried rice and omelet fried rice back home any time.

Platinum Fashion Mall.
We headed to the pedestrian bridge which led directly into Platinum Mall. My mum and sister had raved about how wide the fashion choices were in Bangkok, and my jaw almost literally dropped when I walked in. (haul in separate post later on =D)

I expected something like Berjaya Times Square, but what I saw was practically a girl's shopping heaven. I was given 2000 baht to spend (quite) freely, and so off we went. It was corridor after corridor of shops, with almost literally everything from shoes, accessories, dresses, tees, shorts, themed clothing stores, you name it.

We spent about 15-30 minutes on each floor on average, before having a little something to eat at the food hall on the 6th floor. What you do is you get a food ticket that has however much Baht you deposit into the card, then you pay with the card at whichever stall you're buying food from. A savory crepe and some local desserts were our tea.

C'est Pink Pvssy. I just had to.
Our next stop was Pratunam area, after a small stop back at the hotel to enjoy some fried chicken we got opposite the hotel, and to unload our haul. I realize there's this accessories franchise in Bangkok called Pink Pvssy, not unlike one we have here, with the same black renovation theme and chunky, sparkly stuff on sale.

A quick refuel at Tom and Toms Coffee accompanied with a mug of delicious cinnamon chocolate, then we walked the roadside stalls. It's amazing how these stalls are practically EVERYWHERE, despite everyone selling almost the same thing.

You know what's everywhere in Bangkok as well? 7-Elevens, and tuk tuks. Literally, they are everywhere. And compared to 7-Elevens in Malaysia, those outlets are stocked with almost everything - from DVDs to microwave meals.

That concludes day 1 - my sister and I more or less watched True Blood until both of us fell asleep, with a nice can of Chang Beer.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Of French macarons & creme brulee

A while back, I signed up for a one-time baking class via Jasmine via her aunt via a Groupon offer. We scheduled the baking class for 23rd (Friday) and it was pretty much awesome. The offer was MYR98 per person, MYR90 each if you signed up in pairs.

Original price for two persons: MYR480.
We were late due to the stupid traffic congestion EVERYWHERE just because the SMART tunnel was closed due to rain. Very well done, mein government. We arrived half an hour late to the class venue (Excel College pastry kitchen, Millennium Square, Petaling Jaya), as the class just started to go through the introduction of the ingredients for French macaron.

Insightful and fun would be how I would describe the experience. I didn't know there were differences between French and Italian macaron, as well as British and French creme brulee.

Our macarons and my creme brulee!
The creme brulee part was pretty much short, because all we did was measure out the ingredients, and listened as Chef Ang explained the processes - from measurements, to recipe calculation, to egg tempering, and water baths for the actual cooking of the custard. I got to torch my own creme brulee, which was strangely gratifying (and delightfully delicious).

We did the French macarons more than a few times - about a couple of times during the actual class, then spent some time after class to help with the washing and mise en place for the chef's next class. In total I think we made 6-7 batches of cocoa, coffee, and green tea macaron shells, filled with either chocolate ganache, raspberry cheese, or strawberry Chantilly filling.

Star Trip (soy milk, honey, and pearls) from Little Star Cafe.
It was a quick early dinner at Little Star Cafe before heading home, and continuously getting stuck at red lights. I now have a fairly large container of completed French macarons, and some coffee macaron shells that have yet to be filled~

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 5 Beauty Bad Habits of Mein

Yes, I am pretty much a copycat LOL.

Anyways, I recently followed Lolli K, and her most recent blog post was about her top 5 beauty bad habits. I've left the beauty theme pretty far back, so I thought I'd share some of mine too.

1. Daily hair washes
Enough beauty gurus and beauty blogs have advised against this habit, but when you live in a tropical country like Malaysia, just the amount of dirt and dust in the air is enough for you to run to the shower for a nice shampoo. I try to counterbalance this by conditioning properly, though.

2. Rub, rub, rub!
I have a daily habit of rubbing various parts of my face with my hands and/or towel. Even when removing my eye make-up, it's not pretty. "Premature wrinkles and aging". I know, I know. And I love nuzzling things - anything. And I like table-palming, as in placing my face flat on a table (even one in a restaurant).

I rarely touch water. I make it a point to drink more now, but typically it's less than 3 glasses (750ml) per day. If I take more than that, it's usually soup, milk, some kind of juice, and just something NOT water. And I know no form of alcohol counts LOL.

4. Late-night panda
I thought it would only last during my break, but apparently it lasted all through most of the semester. I typically sleep at 3-4am, and wake up when I wake up, even when I have my alarm set at around 9am. Most times I only sleep for about 2 hours (sometimes not at all), and survive on coffee and tea (sugar!).

5. Tobacco
Not many people know this, and yes, I know the implications of long-term tobacco use. And yes, a substantial amount of people have already advised me against this. It is said that if you get breakouts near the jawline, it's due to weakened lung function. I started getting breakouts around that area since I started. So...

Obviously, these aren't all of them. Who doesn't have bad habits. Just that mine are somewhat... less acceptable? I dunno. Here they are.

Disclaimer: I do not advocate smoking. It is a (bad) habit that I started mostly on my own. I don't fancy seeing young kids smoking.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Veggie dashi pasta

It was one of those days that there isn't any prepared food in the house that actually constitutes LUNCH, and there weren't any pre-drawn plans for lunch, either. So what I do is I usually settle for biscuits and high-calorie chips, or like I did just now - go through the vegetable bin and dry pantry and cook something up!

What I had on hand:

  • pasta (spaghetti, to be exact, and who doesn't have pasta at home?)
  • dashi granules
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • a red onion
  • tons of garlic
  • the seasonings are pretty much gonna be described later

And here's pretty much what I did, in no particular order, because I suck at multitasking in the kitchen.
  1. Roughly chopped two tomatoes and one potato into cubes; sliced up the red onion and about 7-8 cloves of garlic.
  2. Boiled pasta according to package instructions, drained them and coated them with olive oil.
  3. Stir-fried potatoes and onions in a large non-stick pan on high heat for about 2 minutes.
  4. Added 1 1/2 cup dashi stock (1 1/2 cup water + 1 tsp dashi granules) mixed with 1 tbsp shoyu and a small splash of Chinese cooking wine, covered, and allowed veggies to simmer.
  5. Removed potatoes from pan, along with the reduced sauce, and stir-fried garlic and tomatoes until the skins of tomatoes started to come off.
  6. Re-added the potatoes, and tossed in the pasta.
  7. Served pasta, and topped with a little chili powder and dried chives.

Note that I didn't add salt? Yeah. That was prolly the only downside, but I personally find that the dashi and vegetables themselves gave enough flavor without needed too much salt (of course, some salt from the shoyu.

Overall, it didn't taste BAD, but just a little bland, and a little oily.

Late-night rants: Swearing

It's rude, somewhat annoying in excess, and just inappropriate for a lot of situations.

Well, that isn't really stopping me.

I was watching PewDiePie's new video on Youtube, and if you guys know Pewds, you'll know at what rate he swears when he's playing the games - both in English and Swedish. Unfortunately, I made the daft mistake of watching the video on full volume on my Galaxy Note right in front of my mum. Halfway through the video, she demanded that I switch to a more "verbally appropriate" video.

Much like a lot of other things, me not doing it at home doesn't mean I don't do it outside. Of course, I won't be the one to incorporate one or more swear word in whatever language into every single sentence I use, but it is one of the ways to express my frustration or anger (in a more personally satisfying way).

While I personally won't abolish swearing in my own vocabulary, I don't exactly encourage it especially for younger kids, who tend to have a much more harsh and extensive swear word dictionary compared to mine.

Having said that, I am consciously trying to watch my language, especially in public areas. "Trying" being the operational word here. That word is practically the operational word for all my excuses. =P

BUT the point here is everything in moderation. Swear, yes. Alone in your car. With close friends on a lower volume. When you still hit your pinky toe on the leg of the table when you made a mental note to yourself to move a distance from it. And in some other situations of not-so-urgency (if that phrase even exists). In all other situations, keep all swearing to a minimum.

The late-night rant ends here. This is what happens when one does not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, and usually have nothing to do.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Anime and dem feels

Many people may disagree, but there is a significant difference between typical cartoons and anime. Here's how I differentiate them: the target market for cartoons are usually young learning kids; and anime and/or manga are for people of all ages, and sometimes even 18+.

As much as I miss Dexter's Laboratory and Cow and Chicken, I will always prefer anime over typical cartoons. Why? Because so much more dedication and meaning is put into every single detail of it. At least, for those that are most popular and the ones I love.

Slam Dunk. You can do anything, no matter how bad you are, as long as you put your heart to it.

Jigoku Shoujo. There is always a price to pay for revenge.

Nana. Even the most different of people can share the most special relationships.

Saiyuki. However dark our past may be, and however we may have sinned in the past, there is always the possibility to grow into a better person, while accepting the past.

My first anime was Sakura Taisen, if I remember correctly, before I saw Slam Dunk. Up till now, I still love the dark, creepy aura of Jigoku Shoujo. And I'm currently trying to watch Gensoumaden Saiyuki.

I dunno, the music from all of this anime is making me re-evaluate many aspects of my own life. I somehow meet guys in the most uncanny ways, but they somehow also become the more important people in my life. You know who you are. =) I might have not known you for long, but I've never quite felt this determined to get things right before.

Enough ranting. Keep calm and watch anime. =D

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bangkok haul: version 1.5

Bangkok has become a little bit of our place for fashion hauls for two reasons: the clothes there are mind-blowingly inexpensive, and the quality is usually up to par. Version 1.5 because I didn't get to go personally... AGAIN. First round of Bangkok fashion craze here.

All of the items are under MYR20, which is like just crazy! Some of the shorts were as low as MYR5, which is something that does not exist in KL. From here on in, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Aztec print stretchy T-shirts~

Aztec print stretchy cropped tees

Denim shorts with the hem folded, and with extra prints and/or embellishments

 Torn denim shorts

 More cotton tailored shorts for me LOL Instead of orange I got a green, and I got another checkered one the last time, too...

 Stretchy solid color tank tops

 Cotton tank tops with embellished neckline and straps

The only actual 'cotton tee' that I got, and it's just too sweet~

Cotton flowy tank top. I guess if I were shorter, this could be a dress...

Large-sized butterfly sleeve top

Cropped tee again, but with the Union Jack print

Sexy lace option: my mum pointedly reminded me to wear camisoles under this. 

 Long-sleeved hoodie

 Think The Bee Movie where they wore long sleeved polo shirts LOL Cotton long sleeved tee.

 My younger sister has the blue one. Knitted large size butterfly sleeve top.

 Sailor-inspired long sleeve tee.

 Long, flowy cardigans. My crappy photo editing made the one at the back look like a dark grey, but it's a solid black.

 Retro dresses which come with matching (unphotographed) belts.

 Chrome snake left earring with helix cuff. This feels weird on, and I can't put it in the stretched hole...

MUSHROOM!!! (My obsession for mushrooms will probably never subside) This is a key pouch. You attach your keys to the key ring at the bottom, which is attached to the draw-string coming out of the top of the mushroom (other shapes available LOL). So when you pull the draw-string up, the keys will be hidden within the pouch itself.


Thanks to my bro, my Neo is now up and running. I didn't really make it a point to remove the two ghastly P (probational driver) stickers from the windshield, and I have a cute Hello Kitty windshield sticker preventing any more permanent damage from road tax stickers now, thanks to a certain someone =D

And there goes MYR100 to replace my Samsung Note's battery, which swelled up and refused to last for more than 5 minutes with apps open. Happy with my new diamond screen protector though. It looks like someone has been playing around with pretty sparkly eye shadows~

I've an actual sightseeing trip planned to Bangkok soon. I'll update about that when the time comes. Jya, mata ne! (it means "I'll see you then" in Japanese).

Friday, August 2, 2013

Life up to July

Laziness apart from being actually busy with university exams and assignments are my reasons for not updating on my life (not that anyone would be particularly interested). Just most of my assignment due dates, presentations, final submissions, and final exams were more or less stuffed into one ridiculously tiny time-frame. Not that I'm alone on this. =P

One could probably roughly track my life if they follow me on Instagram (*hint hint*). ANYWAYS, start of July was pretty much not sleeping for days in a row and surviving on coffee and tea. And yeah, basically a post of random stuff thrown together *confetti!!!*


I worked at a parenting fair at Mid Valley (parents, parents-to-be, people who know the previous two might know of this event) for Pureen, and despite the flattened foot soles and aching muscles from standing all day, I had great reason to act like a cooing pedophile at kids with cheeks that make you wanna just melt.

MOCHI!!! Tried edamame (actually wanted black sesame), double chocolate, strawberry love, jungle banana, and green tea~
Speaking of cheeks, ever seen/heard of Akachan no Hoppe? If you follow Jinnyboy's Instagram, you might have seen him indulging in one. Akachan no Hoppe means "baby's cheeks" in Japanese, and is a mochi store (similar to Mochi Sweets) that just opened at Mid Valley (opposite Muji and World of Feng Shui) not too long ago.

I splurged (MYR19) on 5 pieces of mochi from there, and they were delicious to say the least. However, I do have a biased preference for Japanese food, so you might disagree with me. Whatever floats your boat, mate!


Some time later, I went out on a (somewhat) last-minute movie date with friends from university to watch Pacific Rim. I would describe the movie as a cross between Real Steel and Battleship, and some friends also described it as a more stylish CG-fied version of Ultraman, Pokemon, and Digimon. I loved that Ron Perlman was in the movie, though.


Baking turned out to be fun =D
It's been quite a while since I've done actual baking, and I forgot about the vanilla essence AGAIN. The final product was good though, given that it had ice cream sandwiched in it. It was 4 cupcakes (with ice cream) for dinner that day. =P


I Love You (a mixture of Sprite, juice, and something else), and a heavenly garlic cheese naan.
Friends took me out for my first time at Murni for a midnight snack. I haven't been to a lot of places, so don't judge. =P Had a delicious garlic cheese naan and I Love You~


From left: all our BBQ ingredients; chicken wings, chicken cheese franks, and white mushrooms; potatoes, otak-otak from Muar, and BACON!
On a certain Monday, friends took me out for a biking trip at the Botanical Garden in Putrajaya, before a planned BBQ night. Yeah, my "amazing fall" LOL. We continued with the BBQ anyway, with me bandaged everywhere. My favorites of the night were the mushrooms (mushroom freak LOL) and the last-minute-marinaded chicken wings~


Note the small pile of sambal clams at the bottom right corner of the styrofoam box.
My younger sister was sweet enough to get me some delicious rice from her school the next day. It was supposed to be clam rice, but due to the accident... she was worried of infections, so she got me fried chicken rice instead of clams, BUT included 5 tiny clams so that I got a taste. *touched*


Fast forward to Sunday (before my sister and mum went to Bangkok), I finally met up with my best girls. You don't often stay best friends with people you've known for over 10 years. We went for vegetarian food, and then pretzels, and it really amazed me how much we've changed and not changed.

Before going for lunch, we browsed around in Popular Bookstore. I got myself the entire Slam Dunk series with the movie included, but the thing that really grinds me gears is that I found the Saiyuki box set - all three i.e. Gensomaden Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock - for MYR29.90. And this was just after I got Gensomaden Saiyuki at MYR39.90. Rawr.

These are Malaysians. Note the metallic sign right in the middle of the picture.

Will update about my Bangkok haul in a separate post~ =D

Thursday, August 1, 2013

House Foods Caramel Pudding (Purin L)

For the caramel sauce, the required amount of water is 1 tablespoon, not 1 cup. I misread the kanji as 1 cup~

I need not remind you about my love for Daiso and instant mix food (although, yes, they're processed). The last time I bought a black sesame pudding from House Foods (also at Daiso), so this time I'm trying out the caramel pudding / custard pudding / creme caramel (so many names for one simple pudding...)

House Foods Pudding L with caramel syrup powder.
Again, all the instructions are in Japanese. In the box, you will find two sachets - the pudding mix, and the caramel syrup mix. This is a no-egg product - it uses gelatin to achieve the jiggly texture. One box of product will make 4x100ml puddings (plus the syrup).

The sachet of caramel syrup powder. 1 cup of water is usually 200ml for Japanese recipes.
Directions (rough translation from the package):
  1. Mix 400ml of milk (whole milk for best texture) and the pudding mix in a pot. Heat on medium heat until boiling, then reduce to low heat and simmer for about a minute.
  2. Divide the hot mixture into cups/molds and let stand to cool before refrigerating for at least 1 hour before serving (relies on gelatin for the jiggly texture).
  3. For the caramel syrup, mix the powder with 1 cup (around 200ml, I tried 250ml and it was too thin) of warm water and chill before serving on top of pudding.
Strained the mixture this time so that it didn't have ghastly-looking surfaces =P
I coated the inner surface of the glasses with a bit of vegetable oil spread (too lazy to look for the butter in the fridge), and when it came to unmolding, just run a toothpick along the outer edge of the pudding, invert the glass onto a plate, and holding the glass in place, shake gently until the pudding falls onto the plate.

Final product with the sauce~
I used glasses instead of teacups this time, and I used a pouring jug instead of just splashing everything everywhere, so the pudding came out quite smooth. The only fail was the caramel, which was basically caramel-flavored water.

There's also a suggested recipe for a fruit gratin using the packet of pudding mix along with the instructions at the back of the box.

  1. Mix 1 sachet of pudding mix with 200ml of milk and heat over medium heat. Once it boils, switch to low heat and cook for 1 minute, then turn off the heat. Add 2 eggs and mix well.
  2. In a heat-proof container/dish, arrange the desired fruits and pour in the liquid mixture. Cook in a preheated 1000 watt oven for about 5 minutes (I tried to translate it, what came out was "one star oven", I think it means microwave oven, but I can't be sure =/ ).