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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stuff from Bangkok!

Some people only spend when clothes become a necessity. Some are willing to splurge on clothes. Some are like me, somewhere in the middle. Though personally, as a student, my living expenses are still paid for by my parents, and that includes clothes.

My mum went on a trip to Bangkok with my younger sister and a few of her colleagues earlier on and came home with 2 suitcases full of clothes, plus another large bag, which was also full of clothes.

The moment she came home, half the living room was strewn with clothes from Bangkok. Almost all the clothes there were like 150 to 250 Baht (RM15-20), which was freakin' cheap, and almost impossible to find in KL. And it was even cheaper when you bought in threes, so my mum got a lot of designs in three colors. XD

Like seriously, this is the first time that I've seen my mum come home with so many clothes. Even that time my dad came home, and we went to Paradigm Mall (pronounced pear-a-dime, not pear-a-dig-m). No, that doesn't even come CLOSE to this Thai haul.

The way they described the place, I think I would need tranquilizers if I ever go there - street after street after street lined with shops after shops after shops of clothes, shoes, and bags!

Though I didn't get all that I requested (including my bikini =P), I AM SO FREAKIN' HAPPY! It's like a complete wardrobe revamp! Which means it's time to go through my T-shirts and see which ones I can give to CYW for their T2B project. =D

So here art the photos of all le clothes (there are LOTS OF THEM, but this is just what I got, there's a lot more where that came from):

Earrings! Even the feather ones!
Basic alphabet keychain with my name on it~
THIS T-SHIRT IS JUST SO KYUTE! Those little things the birds are sitting on, are actually MINI POCKETS!
No idea what you call this, but it's a black polkadot one-piece~
I finally have decent shorts~
Skirt on the outside, shorts on the inside~
Black braided belt with a bow and tassel~
White knitted pull-over
My mum got 3 different colors of this T-shirt...
Gray pleated knee-length skirt~
Wrap skirts, all of the same design, but different colors~
Need I say more?
Sheer button up vest with sewn-on florettes with gold embellishments
Mustard shorts with dark belt. There were two other colors, and both the other colors bled like mad!
Blur pic, but these are knitted tops with gathered sleeves and a rather interesting collar~
Last but not least, a Rilakkuma pluggy. My sister went crazy with these, and brought home a whole pack of them.
That's it, basically. What's mine, anyway~ I might post up some OOTDs featuring some other pieces from Bangkok as well~


  1. Whoa - that's what I call a haul - un verrry bigg haul indeed. The black 1-piece is called a romper I believe.

    1. hehehe~ there's really a lot more where that came from~ XD