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Saturday, June 8, 2013

9 assignments due

Whoever who said communications was an easy A subject, YOU'RE MORE THAN WRONG.

Well, perhaps in comparison to other subjects, communications is a breeze - just simple theories and fun with various computer software. But when you have 9 of these assignments to hand in by the next 2 weeks, you won't think it's fun anymore.

When I signed up for this degree course, I really didn't imagine that I'd have to DRAW or do STATISTICS.   Those who think all you have to do is film videos and edit stuff on Final Cut Pro, it only depends on your major, and even so, you still have a lot of paperwork assignments.

No, communication isn't all fun and games. Less stressful than other majors like architecture or hotel management, but as the Chinese saying goes "家家有本难念的经", meaning each home (or in this case, major) has it's own difficulties.

I would like to die now.

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