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Sunday, April 21, 2013


Perhaps I should change my blog name back to Journal of a Procrastinator, because I'm seriously procrastinating way too much at an inappropriate time. I have like 2-3 more pages of a textbook to summarize (again, I shall leave the slandering for a much later time, if it's necessary at all), then I still have to make the slides for it. And this is what I pay RM3k per subject for: a lecturer who only wants us to read from the textbook and slides, and nothing else.

I've been going through a medley of fattening stuff the entire day - Nescafe with extra cream, mee siam with a fried egg for lunch, finished up the soy milk, had some delicious sinful chocolate, mango ice cream for dessert at dinner, and now I'm slowly polishing off an entire bottle (1.5L) of Ribena.

And I told myself when I first registered for the gym membership that I'd never let myself go anywhere near 60kg ever again, and here I am, 58kg. And I was about 55-56kg a couple of weeks ago. Dilemmas... THEY'RE FUCKING EVERYWHERE! Even when I'm deciding which flavor of ice cream to eat. =__=

On a completely unrelated note, check out my friend Maira's cover of Lee Hi's Rose. She's an awesome babe with an awesome voice! She has a SoundCloud page too, I think. Give her your loves!!!

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