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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Primary schoolmates' mini-gathering

13th JANUARY 2013

After going to Comic Fiesta 2012 with Kah Yeng and Ken Min, we've pretty much been very excited about cosplaying next year. No idea for which anime, but we just felt like it. Kah Yeng invited a few of us out for a mini-gathering to discuss this, and all of them are people from my primary school. =D

Look of the day: neutral browns from Maybelline's Three Chocolate shadow trio, and winged liquid liner. I love my facial structure in this photo =D

I was pretty much unceremoniously woken up by the Chinese drums playing at the funeral going on at my neighbor's house at 8am-ish. The Buddhist chanting and drumming went on almost all the way until just before I went out of the house, which was around 10.30am.

With Kah Yeng =D
There were supposed to be 6 people in total going there, but two were unavailable. In the end, Ken Min, Boon Ping, Kah Yeng and I headed to Sunway Pyramid with me behind the wheel of my little Satria Neo (it's been some time since I've been driving regularly, and I've gotten quite impatient).

I thought parking would be a complete headache, but surprisingly, after browsing through about 3 completely full and jam-packed parking levels, we came to one which was almost completely empty, but chaotic because every car that arrived on that floor wanted to park there.

We went up to Asian Avenue, and took random strolls through random shops. There'll be another shopping trip with Ken Min when he gets his salary. Let's just hope I don't get too carried away by buying too much make-up for him. @_@

We stopped by Payless Shoesource as well, and Sun Paradise was right beside it. I popped in to take a look at the bikini prices - RM399 for a bikini... Isn't that a little too expensive? I didn't check out bikinis from Ogival, though...

A bit nostalgic, strolling through Asian Avenue, especially past Offline Blogshop (I kinda miss the I Am Not For Sale volunteering campaign...). I remembered there were corsets for sale at Offline Blogshop, so I went in for a look.

The only local band I like =D

There were no corsets, but there were RELENT's CDs for sale. I've been wanting to get my hands on those CDs for a really long time, but due to financial restrictions, I just got one - Acoustic Previews.

Tracks in the CD includes:
  1. More to Life
  2. Crooked
  3. Save Me
  4. Fixed on You
  5. You Still Love
Yasai kakiage (tenpura-style fried vegetables) - RM3.90.
Ten-zaru soba (cold soba with tenpura)- RM15.90.
Since none of us ate, we joined the 5-10-minute waiting line outside Sakae Sushi. I don't know why, but I ordered two servings to tenpura...

Camwhoring in F21!!!
I have a weird attraction to the lingerie section of most stores =D Would you buy/wear this tiger print bra?
We had plans to visit F21, and Daiso, but we kinda ended up just calculating our Sushi bill in F21 (total RM120, miscalculated that Kah Yeng ate over RM70 worth of food!), then camwhoring. =D

We took a short stroll through the cosmetic racks of Watson's, in preparation for Ken Min's future cosmetic shopping, then got into Daiso. I've been craving kuro goma (black sesame) ice cream for a very long time, and I've found the recipe for it. But I'll need the Japanese style pestle and mortar (or at least a newer one, the one I have at home is worse than the surface of an old tar road) to make my own black sesame paste.

Black to gold polyester folding fan~
I was disappointed, however, when I couldn't find what I wanted. I did get something, though - a folding fan. According to the tag, it's supposed to be a fan for men, like when they do performances or drag, I think. It looks nice, and it's pretty useful, given the Malaysian heat and humidity.

Lot's matcha ice cream. RM3 per cone~
Kah Yeng, Ken Min, and I were basically still hyped with Japanese stuff (who am I kidding? We've always been hyped!) so we went for a last round of Lot's matcha ice cream~ Delicious stuff~

With Ken Min. This face again, 'cause I don't know what other face to make while camwhoring @_@
We had another round of camwhoring, and had a lot of fun especially from my imitation of a lady's "oh, bitch please, I'm sorry" face. Additional photos later, when the others have uploaded them. =)

I drove Ken Min home, and the girl's to Bukit Jalil LRT station. It's satisfying to see people sleep in a car that I'm driving (at about 110km/h *ahem*). It's good to know that they trust me enough to close their eyes when I'm behind the wheel. =D


I'm now editing the day-to-night tutorial video. I had to use WonderShare Video Editor because CyberLink wouldn't work for me, and it's not being very friendly. I promise I'll try to get it done as quickly as I can!!!

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