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Monday, January 28, 2013

A very nice (Aussie) weekend

21st JANUARY 2013
"Miruku chokoratto no ie" by Meiji

My mum got a Meiji Milk Chocolate House for her birthday last year, and we've just only gotten round to trying to make it. I saw Ochikeron's chocolate house tutorial, and kinda had a picture of what to do.

The house base template (other parts of the house walls under the template card), chocolate pen, sprinkles, and milk chocolate which were supposed to be the roof.

The attempt failed - due to temperature problems. It's too humid here in KL so the chocolate had to be put into the fridge so that it doesn't melt (just holding the chocolate bar for 3 seconds and my fingers were sticky), and the "cement" was melted chocolate.

Broken walls and melting chocolate. Everything just kept falling apart, no matter what I tried...

Warm chocolate on cold surface - BAM! The melted chocolate hardened before anything could stick properly.


Now that I look back, I really don't know WHY my house was suddenly full of people - relatives from other countries, from the far east Japan, to Australia down under. Despite this lack of supposed information, the weekend was beyond awesome, despite a shocking incident.

Anyway on Saturday morning, I was woken up pretty early (7-8am-ish, and I recently sleep only at 4-5am) by a hoard of people intruding my room. Didn't really like being woken up, deprived of my usual morning privacy, but I was glad I woke up anyway. =D

My new bikinis =D But now that I have them, I have no idea where to wear them to @_@
4GB Angry Bird's pendrive. I'm like literally shoving something in and out of a butthole =__=
My aunt from Japan had come over to visit, along with my uncle and his wife from Singapore. We were later joined by my mum's cousin and her son, whom I shall refer to as my cousin. We had lunch together (I've completely forgotten what we had for lunch...), then spent some time in the living room looking at old photos, chatting, and in my case, wrestling with my cousin.

My younger sister, cousin et moi at BR Seri Petaling. This guy had a chocolate lava cake, with strawberry sauce, and chocolate mint ice cream - talk about weird combos.
At about 3pm or so, we took a drive out to Pantai Bangsar (my driving got PRAISED =D) to visit an uncle, then drove back to Seri Petaling for some Baskin Robbins. I notice that I tend to choose cream, cookies, chocolate, or coffee flavors...

He's really, really, really comfy like that. =P And yes, I'm now accustomed to making the duck face for selfshots.
We arrived home, and while waiting for dinner, my cousin took the center of the three-seater sofa, leaned toward my sister, and took my arm as a bolster - a pre-dinner snooze.

I love this stuff. I tried making my own tamagoyaki before, but each attempt came out complete failures where aesthetics and presentation were concerned.
Dinner was a delicious combo of fried glass noodles, salted egg crab, satay, and a few slices of tamagoyaki (there were other dishes, but I didn't really touch them). The last note of dinner was some delicious home-made kopi-C, courtesy of my dear uncle. Rich, creamy, and absolutely heavenly! The only reason why I haven't started learning to make it is because then my "diet plans" would seriously be flushed down the gutter thoroughly.

The next day's lunch was porridge, cooked by my younger sister (I am the only one in the house who currently does not know how to make porridge), complimented by the flavors of spring onions, century egg, salted egg, and fried dough sticks, finished off with some kumquats.

After sending my aunt and uncle off, the three of us (sister, cousin, y yo) snuggled upstairs and watched Despicable Me - a movie that my cousin has been wanted to finish, since he watched only the first half of it on his last trip.

Partially dolled up. I left my fedora in my mum's car, and he had some fun with it =P
There was another short round of wrestling (resulting in BRUISES) before I went to prepare to go to a full moon celebration. I didn't really want to go barefaced since I was wearing a tube top with red pants, so I just smacked on some eyeliner thickly, smudged it out, applied mascara and a red lip gloss.

On to Cheras, and the food was catered, again, by Le Oriental. My favorite were the fish fillets, actually. And the fillets weren't even crispy - they were gummy. There was some really good roast pork, though. Had a glass of orange juice, a game of Snap, and some good, cold Carlsberg (which resulted in me looking like I had a skin allergy).

The journey back home was alright, until we got a call - the uncle in the hospital just got transferred to the ICU. It was the first time ever I wad confronted with a situation like this... About two hours we were there, and we got the good news that his condition had stabilized.

Getting a little too comfortable... Entire body and face structure suited to a male model's, though...
Dinner at Maiu, Seri Petaling. *bitch face*

The next day was my cousin's (and his mum's) last day. At 3pm, we picked them up, spent some quality time together, then had dinner at Maiu~ After a good dinner (a few servings of ice cream), we took a long journey to LCCT (super far away... WHY?!) and sent them off.

Brandon and Kit.

We were left with these two as "souvenirs" - we've named them Brandon (darker shell) and Kit, after their previous owners. They were somehow "smuggled" in from Hong Kong. So far, they're really cute, and instead of the tortoise (not turtle) food Brandon got them in Hong Kong, we give them leaves from cabbage, choi sum, broccoli, whatever greens we can get.

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