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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Bobbi Brown lip gloss

I recently acquired a few tubes of lip gloss from my aunt. I'm not a real fan of gloss, because I'm the type who likes her hair somewhat always in her face, and this always leads to hair sticking to my lips. *super annoying!*

These are samples, so they're in irregular sizes. =D
The exception, however, is that these glosses aren't the usual plain pink-tinted or clear ones that I've used before. Each gloss is a different color all together. I've only used them on their own before, without a lipstick and/or balm base.

Rich Color Gloss in Pink Cocoa 12 (7ml); High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Black Ruby 8 (7ml); High Shimmer Sparkle 15 (4.2ml).
Two of the glosses are from the High Shimmer line, which contains an abundance of fine glitter particles. I've never really liked glitter, but these glitter particles are nice and fine - obvious enough without being obscenely chunky.

Black Ruby is a deep red with a hint of gold reflective glitter. Bare Sparkle is a clear gloss with gold glitter. Pink Cocoa is more of a nice pink-brown nude gloss, with a very light touch of shimmer. Perfect for natural looks.

  • fairly pigmented
  • doe-foot applicator for precise application
  • long lasting - I had an entire drink with this on, and it didn't budge AT ALL (didn't last through dinner, though)
  • shimmer is fairly fine (not chunky)
  • dries into a non-sticky surface =D
  • stylish packaging
  • a bit thick for smooth application
  • need a few layers of product if you want intense color

All in all, these would be glosses that I might be using much more in the future, especially when I want color without the hassle of lipstick. =)

I wore Black Ruby to a full-moon celebration, paired with a simple smudged liner look and mascara. I literally applied black pencil liner to bare lids (without the usual primer) and smudged it out with my fingers, finishing off with just a touch of mascara. Looked made up enough without shouting "look at me!".

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