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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Event: Celebrities with a Cause Closing Ceremony

*Ugh, I'm so sorry. This was supposed to be up a week ago. And I seriously apologize for the bad photo quality*

Official event poster.
Winnie invited me to the event, and since there was volunteering involved (I've kinda fell in love with it, but I've still yet to experience it thoroughly), I went to the Celebrities with a Cause Closing Ceremony. I was initially contemplating whether to go, 'cause I only slept for a couple of hours the previous night, and had been at campus for most of the day doing video editing.

The event was organized by Taylor's Business School and Do Something Good. DSG is an organization which helps provide chances to volunteer for any cause of your choice via an online platform. Various other organizations (NGOs) were present, i.e. SOLS 24/7, Rockcorps Malaysia, WWF Malaysia, and Epic Homes.

The event was supposed to start at 5pm, but it didn't really start until 6pm. Brian registered me, then I sat about a row behind the celebrities' seats. At first I was alone, then before the event I had a can of Nescafe latte while having a conversation with Jason, then during the majority of the event, I was accompanied by Crystal.

The front few rows of seats were reserved for the V.I.Ps, namely all the personnel from the related NGOs, as well as the celebrities who were supposed to attend. The celebrity line-up included Sarimah Ibrahim, JFK, Altimet, Ben Ibrahim, and Amber Chia to name some.

Where I sat was very far in front, because I was one of the earlier ones to get there. Little did I know that I would be sitting TWO SEATS BACK from Sarimah Ibrahim. I mean I'm not a hardcore fan of local celebrities, but they're celebrities nonetheless, some I get a little starstruck around them (like I do with Mr Lady Gaga every time I see him on campus @_@)

Sarimah performing.

The event started with a bit of speeches, as well as a performance by Sarimah - Thank You by Alanis Morisette. I typically tune in to OneFM, or or RedFM occasionally, if not just switching to my forever-there L'Arc~en~Ciel Awake album. I didn't know Sarimah's voice was so... versatile? I don't know how to describe her performance, but it was an eye opener.

V.I.P shot
The dean of Taylor's Business School and the Deputy Minister of Education, while the founder of DSG looks on.
The V.I.Ps, plus the entire team who made the event happen.
Then there were a few more speeches, as well as ceremonies where tokens of appreciations were given to the V.I.Ps. Amber Chia couldn't make it, Sarimah left early, and so did the Deputy Minister of Education (I'm really sorry, but I was too drowsy).

Team JFK doing Charades.
It was after they left that the games started. JFK, Altimet, and emcee Ben Ibrahim were called upon to pick three members each for a game of charades, which was exceedingly hilarious, as the things that they were supposed to act out were, well, nearly impossible to act out.

The limbo volunteers~ JFK's team was on the other side of the stage.
First up: Team Ben!
Altimet was awesome!
JFK nailing it!
After charades was a battle of limbo. To be honest, except for the celebrities themselves, as well as a few petite girls, a lot of them cheated. =P No, you are now allowed to duck under the bar. It's limbo - you're supposed to limbo through it! XD

Throughout the games, there was much taunting, joking, and laughter, which made it a really fun night for a lot of people. Oh, yeah. And I have not included the performances yet.

Oppa Sabah Style~
First there was an Oppa Sabah Style dance performance by students from the SOLS 24/7, which is an NGO that provides training and boarding through Unique Education Program for Youths. The lead dancer's poker face was amazingly funny~

The blur is his yoyo.
DSG's home rap crew.
The two "hosts" from an R&B organization.
Justin in da haus!
Rap performance.
Group rap performance.
Then was a rap performance by DSG's own crew, followed by a freestyle yoyo performance. The rest of the night was filled with R&B performances - B-boy, rapping, etc.

Da beatboxer. I regret not remembering his name...
The highlight of the night was still the beatboxing. I've only ever seen beatboxing on the internet, as well as Koujee's performance at Miyavi's KL Live, so I only had those to compare to. I was almost literally blown away - even with the crappy sound system, the sounds were so unique.

UPDATE: Beatboxer's name is A Beat C. Courtesy of Mahirah~ XD

By the end of the event, most of the people were gone. In conclusion is was a good night - fun~ It was 8pm, and the highway would still be congested with tired traffic, so I headed to the gym to do my 5km on the treadmill.

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  1. I'm glad u took the time to attend to check this out - apart fr widening yr horizon, it gives u a chance to experience diff things including volunteering for good causes.