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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun

This morning I had to go to campus for some assignment stuff, and I was appalled by the lack of traffic - it was almost empty all the way. Perhaps it had to do with the weekend and Hari Raya Haji. Oh, well, it helped me break my previous speed record. =x

After our assignment consultation, we did some video editing for another assignment, then we headed out for brunch. We didn't know really where to eat, so we settled on a place where Jeanna suggested, which was near Murni.

Nutmeg juice.

The place sells Penang pork noodles, and gives you the options of rice vermicelli, kuay teow, and/or yellow noodles, as well as the option of an egg. I don't know how many drinks are actually available, but I had the same thing Jeanna had, which was a nutmeg juice.

Pork noodles

The noodles contained a few slivers each of veggies, pork liver, pork intestines, deep fried pork fat, as well as slivers and bits of juicy pork. The egg was cooked in such a way that the yolk was still squishy, but not the kind of runny yolk. Basically, the entire bowl of noodles was quite oily, especially when I ordered kway teow (usually oilier because they need to use oil to keep the noodles separated).

The soup was nothing really special, to me. It tasted like the kind of soup that you'd typically find for a bowl of pork noodles. I expected something a little more unique, since Jeanna mentioned that usually you'd have to wait about an hour for your noodles.

I shall assume that the lady in pink is the lady-boss.

Where ambiance and environment is concerned, it's pretty basic - default interior tiling with simple foldable plastic tables and plastic chairs. The drinks station is at the back, along with the TV, and the noodles are cooked at the entrance of the place.

When it came time to pay, though, I was pretty surprised. I ordered a small kway teow with an egg, and a mug of nutmeg juice. It totaled up to RM10.80. Even Jasmine, who ordered basically the same thing as us, but a teh-C ice instead of a nutmeg juice, had to pay RM8.80.

Iced milk tea isn't very expensive, the most one would typically charge is RM2.00. It means that the bowl of noodles is almost RM7.00, which is, in my opinion, not really worth it.

Verdict? Not eating here again. It's really too pricey.

Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun
No. 3, Jalan PJS 8/17,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Petaling Jaya.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mock press conference

Dear members of the press, we thank you for joining us today for this press conference dealing with Justin Bieber's confession to lip synching for the hit sing, "Boyfriend". Ever since the release of the track from his album "Believe", Bieber has been guilt-ridden by the fact that he had kept his lip-synching a secret from his fans. 
The single "Boyfriend", as Bieber has revealed, was originally a collaboration between Robin Thicke and himself. Due to unstated complications, the track was released as Bieber lip-synching to Thicke's voice. Bieber has since been troubled, and has come to the difficult decision of coming out to admit his lip-synching. He is determind that his fans know the truth, and is deeply sorry for his actions.
For the record, we are only representing Bieber and Bieber alone. We are not, in any way, representing Bieber's record company, his producer, and/or Robin Thicke. Any questions relating to the above three shall not be addressed in this conference, but will be taken note of for further updates.

This was our introduction to our press conference, in which we were to address the make-believe issue in which Justin Bieber admitted to lip-synching. This particular "project" wracked my nerves for the entire week, along with worries about the video assignment, as well as our management project.

However, it proved to be a fun event~ We did get attacked like no one's business, but I found myself immediately knowing what the appropriate responses were supposed to be, but just lacked the public speaking courage to speak up.

The only time I talked was to announce the introduction above, other than that, I was muttering responses to my teammates, who were, I must say, AWESOME.

As usual, Karen was professional and calm. Nikke had the awesomest vocabulary and attitude ever. Both Elaine and Fennie didn't speak much, but they kept backing us up with info and updates.

Two words to describe the entire thing: FREAKIN' AWESOME. The difference between our batch and the previous batch was that the previous batch had a respective group each to criticize them at the end of the lesson.

It was a good experience.

Ps. This is a super random blog post designed to just curb my boredom @_@

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I'm an October girl, and my birthday falls on the 19th day of this month~ This is why I have a particular attachment to the month October, as well as the number 19.

This year's birthday was as the past few years - sweet, but understated. My older sister always gets me something that is somewhat intricate, but always suited to my tastes. This year, she got me:

Joint present by my sister and her BF: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream in 03 White Floral & 04 Fruity Floral~

My birthday dinner is still yet to come, but I'll first thank Jasmine, Jeanna, and Jason for the little celebration at Backofen, with the help of a friendly staff there~ Despite my general dislike for cakes with fruits, both the cakes were delectable~

As for others, I plan to get a long-overdue massage at Holistic Touch - my shoulders are killing me, and I get a 50% discount because it's my birthday =3

Bejewelled heart barbell for my belly piercing~

Oh, yes, and I got a souvenir from Jasmine and Jeanna from when they went to Bangkok~

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nescafe 3in1 Brown and Creamy

Just a few days ago, our campus had a Career/Employment Fair held at the Multipurpose Grand Hall, featuring potential future employers such as Nestle and Shell, but most of the booths were more to hospitality related.

Though, to be honest, where mass communication students are concerned, we fit in almost anywhere, because most companies require PR personnel, advertisers, etc. To be honest, the main reason we went there was to get an extra 5% on a particular subject.

"Nescafe's new premixed 3 in 1 Brown and Creamy coffee with brown sugar offers the delicious thick and creamy coffee taste. With the added layer of foam, every cup is unforgettable."

Our first stop was Nestle, because we met a few classmates there, and there were freebies available from their booth. YAY! We got a sample pack of Nescafe each, and there was Fox candy, Kit Kat and the wafer crunch bar.

Love at first sip.

Today's review is on the coffee~ I've been a fan of coffee, but recently shy away from it. The cute packaging holds 2x 25g sachets of 3in1 coffee mix. The highlight of this mix, which is different from the regular Nescafe 3in1s, are in the contents.

Brown and Creamy contains more creamer, and uses brown sugar instead of refined sugar. The extra creamer gives a much creamier texture, and more creamy foam on top; and brown sugar gives that really beautiful aroma to pretty much everything~

The moment you open the sachet, you get this creamy, coffee aroma. I love that it has a perforated edge to open, instead of just a printed arrow. I have a lust for perforated edges, which is why I go nuts when I'm asked to tear off panels from forms with perforated edges. @_@

For regular hot coffee, add in 180ml of 80'C water. For cold coffee, use only 100ml of 80'C water, and add in 8 ice cubes.

There are two ways to make your coffee - regular hot, and iced. Refer to picture above. I made the hot one, and I was welcomed with that foamy top layer that I love breaking apart by stirring~

I was expecting some rich coffee aroma, but even my Dolce Gusto coffees that taste wonky has more aroma. The taste, however, was unique. It wasn't as creamy as I'd expected, but it was somewhat a pleasant creaminess. It isn't as sweet, but that's how brown sugar is - it's aromatic, but not as sweet as refined sugar.

Nothing really beats a nice cup of coffee in the morning~

All in all, a unique cup of coffee. Something that I would probably reach for the next time I have coffee =D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday blues

Today was basically the funnest day of class in semester 2 up until now. I took to the gym just shy of 8am, despite all the "precautions" about not doing vigorous exercise after the piercing. Instead of running, which I tried to do, but resulted in pain, I did 5km of power walking.

I walked at the speed of a slow jog, with varying inclinations, which resulted in my legs becoming somewhat numb after that. Power walking burns a little less calories than alternating between running and fast walking, but I made up for that by clenching my hands into fists and swinging them, imagining that I was in Real Steel. Oh, yeah, the heavy dose of heavy J-rock helped. =D

12pm was Innovative Media lecture, and I thought it'd be the same old mundane stuff. I was wrong, however, when Mr Alex told us that we'd be doing Final Cut Pro and GarageBand.

I've vaguely learned video editing on FCP with Mr Beh in FICM previously, but editing, at that time, wasn't too much of an interest, and I later found out that I work better with more basic interfaces like Windows Movie Maker.

We were taught the basic trimming tools, then we moved on to GarageBand. I've seen seniors using it before, but only from afar. GarageBand is a software (only supported on Apple Mac) that allows you to compose your own music, either digitally, or by plugging in your instrument (that is compatible with Apple Mac) and recording directly.

Kinder Maxi Chocolate. Awesome creaminess~

We had a lot of fun doing random tracks, changing the instrument types, changing the pitch and tempo, then forming it into a completely random track with various sound effects. Meanwhile, we shared some chocolate that Jeanna brought.

Right after Innovative Media was Media Writing. My tutorial class is on Wednesday, so I had no idea what all the hype was about, until the whole lecture actually started.

The topic was crisis management, and we created a mock press conference each for four different crises, with a PR agency taking the questions from the rest of the class (about more than 70 people?), who acts as media.

Photo from Miri Ben-Ari's official Facebook page.

According to Miss Natasha (who strongly resembles Miri Ben-Ari), any crisis management press conference will be like war against a fort - the PR agency puts up a wall to protect them and their client, while the media just keeps attacking and attacking. In a way it was frustrating as it was fun.

I hadn't had lunch at the food court in so long, that I kinda missed the "jumping spaghetti" from the Western stall. It's basically just greasy aglio e olio with a chicken frankfurter, but it costs only RM3.90. It's cheaper than a cup of bubble tea from Chatime; or a breakfast set from Subway.

We mulled around, then decided to just go to class. Clase de la Espanol is starting to get a teensy bit boring, because we've gone past the fun part, which is chaining up phrases and greetings and making simple conversation. We're now onto the grammar, and how to differentiate feminine nouns from masculine nouns.

It's seldom that I see drivers like myself on the road, but I met one today, driving the same car as I do - the Proton Satria Neo. His/hers is slightly modified, with extra lights and body kit, but his driving style was the same as mine.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still disturbed

Despite my previous blog posts and efforts of forgetting, the memory still floats in my mind...

I don't cry over it as I did in the past - through the night, waking up with thoroughly swollen eyes, and giving myself breathing difficulties. I do, however, still tear up when I talk about it.

I was just playing around with my phone today, and went through some of the messages that I saved. In March, things were still like "together forever", "till the day we die", "make wonders for you". It took an abrupt turn - "selfish", "inconsiderate", "unreasonable".

I keep telling myself to think of the present and future, so do everyone around me. But it's hard to forget something that gave you so much to remember.

Lyrics from so many songs describe my feelings, and I'm thinking to myself, "was this how they felt when they were writing these songs?" Pain. Confusion. Reluctance. It's such a cocktail of emotions that I don't know which is which anymore.

My words are often chosen carefully - I do not mean to judge, nor do I want to anymore. I just want to be stopped being accused of my mistakes as if they were not done by others. I just want my heart to be free again. I want to love again, without having to be afraid that history would repeat itself.

I had a talk with my mum - her verdict was that it's neither of our faults that it didn't work out in the end. If someone had to be blamed, it would be a third party, and/or ourselves. A talk with a good guy friend also somewhat oriented me. Like oil and water - when you stir it, they combine temporarily; after time, it separates again.

We had the closeness of good friends, which was exclusive to him then. Now, I want him to be my gorgor again, to pester him for music, to make crazy jokes, to just chat. Why is it that all couples which don't work out are condemned to being strangers?

But the thing is, I'm still not over it. I thought I was - I seldom thought about it, I always had something else in my mind that didn't allow it to surface. Now every time I'm idle, it just creeps in, like how loneliness often creeps in to my life.

Please, please, please just let me forget. Sometimes I put myself in a movie, where I get into an accident and I lose my memory. Not remembering would save so much tears and emotion. The painful part is that it was beautiful once - we were beautiful.

Sometimes I wished it never happened, but then if it didn't, I wouldn't be where I am today. But if it didn't happen, we would be best friends now, going gaga over the same rock band, banging our heads to the same music.

Now we're estranged - like two people who just happened to be in the same place at the same time. If you're reading this, know that I'm your friend. Not adding you back on Facebook doesn't mean I don't think friendship is possible, it's just that I still have to deal with myself, and my emotions.

Día de la presentacíon

Please let me know if the Spanish title is wrong - I'm trying to practice a bit. @__@

The day of the presentation, because I think this has been the most nerve-wracking presentation I've done up till now. I think it was partially because of the fact that we were not to be criticized so much on the content of our presentation, but rather the posters that we've done, and individual self-presentation.

The first batch that presented got it bad - our lecturer was critical, and she was really realistic with her comments. She would tell you in your face that this would be rejected, that would not work with industrial standards, all that. And she ain't gentle about it.

On the other hand, she would take examples and tell us what works - stockings, make-up, blazers, etc.

Awesome group mates~ Photo by: Melvin Teh

Our presentation, to be honest, was haphazardly thrown together, if I would say so myself. Our posters were nice, but then our information and distribution of content was really confused and confusing. Since I joined the group pretty last minute, and it was Melvin who brought me into a group, we shared a part - the services of SunMed.

Me looking unintentionally awesome while reviewing my slides with my group mate, Joyce @_@ Photo by: Melvin Teh

I covered international patient services and community events, which was practically a breeze. It was even better since I've partially memorized the points and I didn't need to elaborate much.

Doing the presentation was alright - preparing for it aesthetically was pretty worrisome. We needed make-up and heels, the criteria being professional, attractive, yet with a touch of sex appeal. I opted for my red shirt, and borrowed some pants from my mum, as well as some accessories.

Hair-wise, I did something I never did before - I pulled all my hair back into a rather high ponytail, and hairspray-ed the loose hairs down. Having a short-ish fringe didn't help - tufts of hair just didn't want to stay in place, and even with a bobby pin, Gatsby Moving Rubber, and hairspray, it just jutted upward awkwardly.

Make-up of the day~

Make-up wasn't really a good option, considering the fact that my eye still isn't recovered. I slapped on some basic eye make-up, and hyped it up with a bold lip instead.

Products used -
Artistry shadows in Sand, Basic Beige & Chocolate
shu uemura Creme Eyeshadow in Beige
Za Liquid Eyeliner
Elianto Ultra Define Eyeliner Pencil in Twilight Black
Lancome Hypnose mascara
The Face Shop Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in Grey

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural
Pigeon Compact Baby Powder in Beige
Artistry shadow in Basic Beige
Bobbi Brown blusher in Blushed

Kiehl's Tinted Lipbalm
Kanebo Media Lasting Lip in RD-02

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

MoonMaiden Jewellery Giveaway

Here's another giveaway by MoonMaiden! Some of you might know her from her eBay store, but now she's moving to a whole new website:

She's giving away handmade Victorian/steampunk jewellery from her store, click here to see how.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The process of letting go

I read a blog post today, which was actually a reply to one of my blog posts previously, written about a week or two ago.

When I first read it at campus, during an assignment meeting, I don't know why but I just started crying. It took a trip to the nearest bathroom and almost shattering my right hand to stop crying. When I got back, I had that urge to type out a long, accusatory comment on the blog post, but then I stopped myself.

I took to Facebook, and noticed that his forever-there name wasn't on my chatbox list, neither was it on my friend list. For the next hour, we exchanged text messages, and surprisingly enough, I found myself getting less and less affected by the minute.

The blog reply was hurtful, but in a way, I was affected and I also somewhat brushed it off. Makes sense? Nope. I dunno how to explain that feeling, but in a way I felt kinda free.

Deep inside, I still miss the good moments we shared. Sometimes it feels like I miss him, but taking a step back and looking at the big picture, all I missed were the moments we shared, not the person. I still don't know why I cried - I just hope it was because it was true that I was an idiot.

Here's the theory that's been at play: if you change your Facebook status, you're serious about it. For example, if you set your relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single", you actually mean it that you want to be single. I find this absurd.

So, if some of my friends don't have Facebook accounts, and they're not on my friends list, does it mean that they're not my friends? Refer back to theory, and add in logic. This theory is completely invalid.

In the end, we were both wrong and right - we both had faults, and we also rightfully pointed them out to each other. What happened in the past, should stay in the past. I will still take my friend's advice, though: keep all the memories - good and bad - so that I will constantly be reminded about how I got where I am today.

I'll consider this relationship a beautiful part of my life, and also an important lesson in life. So here's the message I wanna send to everyone who are reading this, would read this, or has the slightest potential to read this:

Facebook is just a social platform that helps in connecting with people - it should not define any of your relationships. Take note of a change in status, but don't take it to heart and talk it out with your partner before jumping to conclusions.

Pointing fingers and accusing each other doesn't help the relationship in the end. Sure, layout all the puzzle pieces, but in a way that both of you can talk in a positive manner. Blasting at each other back and forth will only lead to more pain and suffering.

In the event that you really don't work out - cry, by all means, but the next day you're gonna have to wipe your tears dry, and move on in life. Keep the memories, never forget anything, but let go of that love, because what's gone is gone.

I got this advice from his mum: if something or someone is to be yours, even if you let go, they will come back to you. So don't stress too much - life is much more than just lovers: you have friends, family, many wonderful strangers to meet, many adventures to explore.

I hereby wish everyone in the world a happy and wonderful life, filled with wonderful people and beautiful moments~

Friday, October 5, 2012

New piercing + chronology

Ever since I started secondary school, I've been pretty much interested in body modification, namely piercings and tattoos, which was why Miami Ink was my favorite reality TV show. Almost my entire family has a rather dim view of my interest, because as usual, society usually relates body modification to negative things like being a criminal or whatnot.

In this post, I'll be talking about my piercings only, since I have enough of them, and just got a new one. I only have one tattoo, so maybe I'll blog about it when I get my second one. =)

My ear piercings, as of October 4th, 2012. Left: my right ear - 3 lobe, 2 helix. Right: my left ear - 1 stretched, 1 lobe, and a conch.

I first pierced my ears during my first year of secondary school, in 2005, at Goldheart Mid Valley that charged extremely overpriced piercing services. The typical market price for ear piercings (gun only) in K.L. is about RM12 (approx. USD4) for a pair, inclusive of the studs (the inappropriate ones with the butterfly back) which are made of surgical steel.

My first pair of piercings cost RM75, which is more than 10 times the typical market price, and the quality as well as the jewellery were the same. Only the right piercing remained, the left one didn't heal and kept bleeding and whatnot so I let it close.

For the next few years, I got my piercings basically from the same place, which is Top One Silver at Endah Parade, somewhere near where I live. Each time I got a pair, which was about once a year, until I reached my second helix piercing, which I got one at a time. My left helix piercing closed up, also due to it not healing properly.

During my last year of secondary school (2010), I got a conch piercing on my left ear at Berjaya Times Square for RM15 (if I remember correctly), and started stretching my left lobe piercing.

I stretched my piercing using the retainer method - after a warm bath, while the flesh is still elastic from the heat of the bath, insert more than one retainer into the piercing. The first few were painful, the rest of the procedure was practically a breeze.

I had allowed my stretched piercing to shrink (no jewellery) in 2011, but restretched it using the same method in 2012.

And as of October 2012, I have a belly piercing. Not something my family will be proud about, but then again it is my body, and I'm not mutilating it to the point where I can insert a Coke can into my stretched piercing.

My target ever since I got my piercings were to get nine of them, because Uruha of the GazettE has nine piercings. Then I stretched one of the piercings for Ruki of the same band. I did consider a lip piercing for Aoi, but then it would be too "controversial" in the country that I live in. That's the same reason why I ditched my plan for yakuza-style tattoos.

As of October 3rd, 2012, I have 5 piercings on the right ear (3 lobe, 2 helix), and 3 on the left ear (1 conch, 1 stretch and 1 lobe), and a belly piercing. By adding the belly piercing, I shall have nine in total, albeit not all on the ears, but hey, it's better than getting a lip or brow piercing (which my mum strongly objects of).

Vivian and I went to Dragonfly Tattoo, Mid Valley for our piercing. We chose the location because one of our friend's got hers there, and it seemed safer and more professional. Dragonfly had always been a fascination to me, ever since I first saw it in the mall.

Pink curved barbell that came with the package.

We were greeted by a lady with three stretched piercings on one ear, and we were told that the piercing package is RM135/=, which covers the piercing service, the piercing stud, plus an extra stud, both which are curved barbells - one chrome, one colored (I chose pink, Viv chose purple).

Our piercer was a beefy bloke, and Viv went first. Where piercings are concerned, I love the results of having a new piece of jewellery. When it comes to the actual process, I'm worse than a kid in line for an injection. I'm a masochistic person, but only for the pain I inflict on myself, not pain that I can't control.

After Viv, I was up. I went to the back room, where the tattoos and piercings are done. The stud that was going to be my first piece of belly jewellery was disinfected, and all the equipment used on Viv were replaced with new ones.

My belly button was cleaned and disinfected, and scaled lines were drawn with a fuchsia Sharpie to position the piercing. I was expecting some sort of anesthetic, like the kind the staff sprays on your ear before the pierce it. None.

While my belly was being prepped, I was interrogated about my tattoo. I was asked to lie down, and I was asked to confirm that the needle that would be used is brand new. A pair of special tongs clamped my belly button skin, and I freaked out.

Photo credit: Vivian @ Instagram

I felt the needle, as well as the pain. From what I felt (I didn't dare to even let the process reach my peripheral vision), the needle was pushed up halfway, tilted slightly to align with the drawn lines, then pushed all the way through.

Taken the moment I got home. My new accessory. =D

There must have been something like a removable shaft on the needle, because I felt something being pulled out, then a bit of fiddling around later, my piercing was done. The pain wasn't unbearable, but it was the kind that I would have flinched at, a lot.

For the rest of the day, moving around was a pain. We walked as if we shat in our pants, and almost every movement was pain. Our first meal after the piercing, which was also our lunch of the day, was porridge with fried dough sticks.

Driving home was a torture for me - my jeans pushed up against my tummy, and that in turn pushed the barbell into an awkward angle, which, needless to say, caused pain. My first bath was alright, considering the fact that I washed VERY GENTLY around that area. I was even more gentle to that area than when I wash my new ear piercings.

It's the night of the second day of the piercing now, but everything is fine. There's less pain, but bending or stretching too much is still pain. My mum knows about it, but I try not to let her see it - she's stressed enough now as it is.

This is the end of my piercings post, and also my quest to get more piercings. Tattoos shall still be in my book of plans, though. =D

I just found out from Dragonfly Tattoo's blog that our piercing was done by Marcus.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A somewhat adventurous day

October 3rd

I woke up at the ripe time of 7.15am. Which is about an hour and 15 minutes later than the time I was supposed to wake up. The moment I glanced at myself at the mirror, I sorta started cursing my love for October - the 10th month of the year is obviously not being very nice to me, or some other friends for that matter. My eye was still swollen, and even worse than the day before.

The only one that looks decent.

I rushed to campus, and thankfully I didn't need to park too far away. Sat in class, along with Melissa, to observe how our presentations were to be critiqued. Turns out that our lecturer was really observant, and extremely critical, but in a way that it helps us identify what to do and what not to do.

During management lecture, I had a cold, wet tea bag over my swollen eye. It did reduce the swelling significantly, but then again it still had a redness to it. After lecture was a short meeting to decide on the logos we were most likely to use for an assignment.

Drawing has never been a strength for me, but in a way, typography and calligraphy is. I write (literally) much better than I draw, at any point of time. A few of my fonts were used for the selection, which kinda made me happy. =D

I then skipped off to the campus clinic to ask about my eye. All I was told was to either see a doctor, or just wait for about a week, and it will subside soon. My right eye has been swollen since the previous day, but I managed to make it shrink back to almost normal size. The next morning (today), it swelled up almost twice the size that it was the previous day.

Vivian and I then proceeded to go to Mid Valley. We've been waiting for this moment for quite some time - our belly piercings. I wanted to get one because I needed some physical change after some emotional downturns. Read more about my piercing experience here.

After the piercing, we had a simple lunch of porridge with fried dough sticks, and went home respectively. I took a bath, then waited for my sister to get ready. We left late, went through lots of traffic, went 140km/h on a 90km/h speed limit highway, but got there just in time.

I thought I was really late for class, so I weaved through traffic like no tomorrow. I was 20 minutes early - I forgot that class started at 6.30pm, and not 6pm. Spanish class proved to be getting really fun - we were having conversations, adding more and more variations to the questions we could ask each other.

At the end of the class, we were given a certain "project", which is a presentacion en Espanol. A presentation in Spanish, complete with a Rubik's.

I drove home, everything was fine, until I got off the car and locked it. I forgot my folder of notes, and wanted to unlock it to get them. *BAM!* It refused to open. No matter how many times I turned the key, it didn't budge, and from the feel of it, the mechanism seemed to have dislocated or something.

My mum called her mechanic, and I called a few friends, one who stated the fact that my car is the stupidest car in existence. My mum's mechanic came with his wife and son, tried for half an hour before they gave up. Twisted a wire hanger, and tried to pull up the latch lock. To no avail.

I called one of my friend's friend, and he brought along two other "kaki"s to help me with my car. I also called my sister's boyfriend, who arrived shortly after the second batch of people did. Soon enough, my one, miserable, useless car was being gently dismantled at certain areas by 4 guys.

Tried sticking things down the side of the window, playing around with fuses, etc. At last, after a lot of trying and adjustments, the guys managed to pull up the latch lock, and a few things were set in place in case something like that every happened again.

An appointment at a workshop has been scheduled, and my car is basically still functioning. Just have to take a few precautions so that it doesn't end up like that again. Ever.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October #1

October is here. I have a particular attachment to October, mainly because my own birthday is in October, and a lot of my close relatives' birthdays are in October, and the GazettE's Kai-sama is also in October. I find October awesome. =D

Every October I would look forward to a particularly good month that stands out from the rest of the year. However, this year seems a bit bleak. The first day of the month started out alright, but then the second day started getting screwed up with my right eye twice the size it originally is, and suffering from cramps.

No idea how the rest of the month is gonna be, but October 2012, please be kind to me...