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Thursday, December 15, 2011

14. Favourite Youtube guru(s)

Oh dear, where do I start? I gave a bit of a peek on this in the second challenge post. That's how I started. Now I'll tell you my favorites.

Needless to say, I love Michelle Phan. She is DA BOMB, thank you very much. Her videos are professionally filmed and edited, her instructions are clear, and she's now Lancome's official make-up artist, so how cool is that?! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she knows Xiaxue, my all time favorite blogger.

The next would be Julia a.k.a MissChievous, who is based in Sweden. Her looks are more celebrity-oriented and specialized, and she posts regular reviews on beauty products. Recently she's doing more health and fitness videos.

Next would be Koren Zander from EnKore Makeup. I'm not really a fan of his make-up tutorials, but I like his reviews and other tutorials. His Back2Basics series informs audiences about the bare basics of make-up, the differences between certain confused terms, etc.

Catalina a.k.a cl2425 focuses more on Asian make-up, because she is Asian. She does a lot of Korean celebrity looks, the latest one being a Narsha liner look, and she does a lot of product reviews and stuff.

I think all those who follows Michelle Phan will also know Promise Tamang Phan, who is Michelle's sister-in-law. I find her face more versatile than many, and she can pull off almost any look. She does a lot of improv looks, and always manages to capture the image perfectly, just like Michelle.

Josh a.k.a Petrilude. A lot of drag looks and specialized make-up, and I mean Halloween-ish make-up. He deals a lot with liquid latex, brow covering and lots of false lashes. The amazing thing is, he looks amazing with all of that. The plus are his piercings. I'm sorry I just really like body modification.

Ps. I know that some people think that I'm over obsessing with Michelle, and while searching for photos on Google just now I came across a forum which was constantly criticizing Michelle for her techniques. I don't recall Michelle saying that any of those "tricks" are hers, and I feel that her use of white eyeliner is pretty much personal preference. I might be wrong, but as far as I can see, there's nothing much to criticize.

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