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Saturday, December 3, 2011

2. How did you learn to put on makeup?

First it was those picture tutorials from magazines, then I slowly moved on to picture tutorials on blogs (Haze Long), then slowly graduating to YouTube videos. One of my earliest tutorials watched was by Julia a.k.a MissChievous (blog & YouTube).

I don't remember the exact first video I watched from MissChievous, but I remember very well which video I watched first from Michelle Phan (website & YouTube). I don't think there's anyone who learns make-up on YouTube who doesn't know about Michelle Phan (but seriously, I may be wrong). I first watched her Geisha Make-up tutorial.

From then on I found tutorials on YouTube from EnKore, Petrilude (blog), Yonicana, AsianNoobRawrs, Makeup Piggy (blog), LadyMakeup1, Kandee Johnson (blog), Emeraude (blog), Promise Tamang Phan, Bubz (website) and Blix (blog). Some of these concentrate on blog tutorials while others like Michelle concentrate on video tutorials.

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