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Saturday, November 19, 2011


I don't freakin' care anymore. I'm gonna take a long break before starting my degree program and do picture tutorials!

So I haven't been able to put together a decent post lately due to exams, and this post isn't exactly decent as well, but it's a change of scenery from my recent challenge posts.

We took a window shopping trip to Sunway Pyramid and went into these two boutiques which sold evening gowns. In one of them around 5-6 gowns and dresses were displayed somewhere at the threshold of the shop. The one in the middle particularly caught my eye. I like gowns with cuttings like these - floor length, V-neck, and in chiffon material. I especially like the little bits at the side where the material accentuates the hips and further defining the waist with a chiffon 'belt'.
The egg sandwich that MC 'belanja'-ed us to - egg salad, mayo, and mixed veggies. Yummy~
This is the soda dispenser in 7-11 at the Syopz Mall at Taylor's Lakeside. *click to enlarge* This is how perfect Malaysian English is - instead of writing "out of order", they write "this is not ok", and with marker, scrawled. Ugh.
The teh tarik ice cream from The Last Polka at The V, Taylor's Lakeside. The Last Polka features a range of fairly unusual flavors such as this teh tarik, Guinness, salted gula melaka and bandung. The more common flavors include mango and green tea.
I'm addicted to both MapleSEA and Tetris Battle now. At first I didn't get what all the rage was with tetris, but turned out I also became an addict. =P
These are my new chopsticks - plain traditional Japanese style bamboo chopsticks with peonies at the handle.
I went for a long overdue facial to remove most of my blackheads, and right after that beautiful facial I was greeted with a cup of this herbal tea. No idea what's inside, but it was wonderfully soothing.
This is the first time I've ever seen mushrooms like these. They're a part of the oyster mushroom family, and they're prized for their chewy, meaty texture. My sister quartered it vertically (which sort of contributed to my diarrhea the next day), when they were supposed to be sliced into discs.
Straw mushrooms and oyster mushrooms that were bought together with the eryngii mushrooms for the veggie part of out herbal soup dinner.
The chicken herbal soup dinner - a whole chicken thigh, pre-packed herbal mix, too much water, some rice and lots of mushrooms. It was a tad too watery (the packet instructions said 1.5L water, my mum put 3L into the slow cooker), but delicious nonetheless. By the way, this was basically cooked by my younger sister, with some help of my mum with the chicken, I think.
I broke my promise to myself and treated myself to some Baskin Robbins. I heard that Baskin Robbins is by far the most fattening ice creams in the industry. True? Anyway, I had the flavor of the month, Cappucino Bambino (cappucino flavored ice cream with milk chocolate Bambino candies) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Uber deelish~
The affogato from Ohana. Affogato is Italian, it's name meaning 'drowned'. It's a coffee-based beverage, usually hot espresso or coffee over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This one was far from "hot espresso or coffee" - the beverage had achieved thermal equilibrium (heat of both objects of different temperatures, in this case the hot coffee and cold ice cream, transfer to each other, both then becoming the same temperature), and was cool rather than warm.

My mum wants me to continue my education right after my foundation program is over. Not that I'm not cool with that, but I would appreciate some time off from the constant stress and pressure of exams and assignments. I'm not necessarily going to sit at home all day and do nothing, but I would like some kind of rest.

My reason of lack of decent posts? My life has been quite mundane lately, and I haven't been doing any special make-up looks recently, and my life has been swamped with exams and assignments (still am).

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