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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A few recent things

Dear FICM lecturers, please be aware that there are students that are scheduled to arrive and leave campus every single day, regardless of the circumstances. So please give at least a day's notice before you FREAKIN' CANCEL ANY CLASSES!!! No, you are not Zeus, you're not Jesus, you're not even the dean, for Christ's sake! Have a hint of consideration for those who have to wait for 6 WHOLE GODDAMN HOURS to go home just because class was cancelled for whatever reason.

That's all for my frustrated ranting. I've found some really good friends ever since I've started my program at Taylor's, but now I'm starting to feel the class gap. I'm originally from a middle class family, and some of my friends are somewhat better off, so their tastes, styles, budget-control, etc are different.

I'm not saying that they're dirty-rich snobs, they're really good people. It's just that sometimes I feel a little left out when everyone's talking about going for manicures and pedicures after classes, going for beauty shows and buying hundred of Ringgit worth of cosmetics, and about having the freedom to go out almost whenever they wish.

Or perhaps it's just me being paranoid. I have the innate tendency to see the more negative side of things. To be honest, I grew up without being given much chance to state my opinion, whether or not I have one on the topic. So now unless it's something really concerning me, I don't really have an opinion, with some exceptions, of course.

My parents and relatives ask why I even bother writing down my life on the Internet for the world to see? The thing is, no one has really been there to try to dig deep into my thoughts, to find the root of why I'm easily upset sometimes. In fact, I think no one really cares. This blog helps me keep track of my past and present, and helps me assess myself.

I read some of my old posts a few weeks back and I thought to myself, "Jeez, what a naive girl this is." It's somewhat awkward for me to be reading something written by myself, but thinking that it's the work of someone else, because the style is so different.

Anyway, enough of the emo-ness. Back to the MAIN POINT. (It's gonna be a bit random, though.)

Had to pixelize the background 'cause the pattern of my bed-sheet then and the jammies were almost the same.

Sunday was something like "clear out our wardrobe" day, because my mum rearranged almost everything in our wardrobe. Somehow she managed to dig out my old jammies. Oh God I missed these so much! This set, and another one quite similar, but in red, were my favorite jammies. As I grew older, though, I ditched them for sloppy-joes and nighties. The discovery of my 8-year-old pajamas had nostalgia hitting me like a typhoon.

The blue ones now, the smaller one then. Ignore my cozy, warm, thick blanket. XD

Compare those jammies, and the jammies I wear now. The "now" ones are a tad bit big, but I think that's normal for jammies. It's incredible how the human body can grow so much in such a short time. Well, not really short, but ... you get the point. =)

This is absolute HEAVEN!!!

On Monday when Melissa and I were having brunch at Subway, Mahirah, Spellman, Karmen and Azliyana walked in. Mahirah treated us to some Jack Daniels chocolate. And let me tell you what happened in heaven. Seriously. If you're a choco-holic and an alcoholic (well, not exactly that, but you like alcohol), this is DEFINITELY the thing for you. Smooth, creamy Swiss chocolate and a giant burst of whiskey in the center. I died for a couple of seconds there.

At last, after months and months of waiting and searching, I have found my make-up brush cleaning formula - the "mildly acidic dish-washing detergent" from Daiso. Needless to say, it costed RM5, and it contains pink grapefruit oil and citric acid. So the acid in this detergent is actually the natural acids from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes.

*click to enlarge* (actually you can do this with all the pictures =__=)

Therefore, it has many functions. I read the back label for the first time just now and was slightly shocked. You could wash fruits and vegetables with it. And ... I think it would be best if you just read the label.

It's been literally MONTHS since I've asked my aunt in Singapore to help me find it (since she's a fan of Daiso as well), but until the last time she came to visit nothing came up. And today, while just wandering the isles of the Daiso in Sunway Pyramid, I saw the glorious bottle. I made some sort of a commotion. Anyway, I chose a bottle that seemed less ... damaged and resisted the urge to buy any snacks or any *ahem* things.

I should also do my clothes haul post, but I haven't taken the photo of the tube worn with the tights yet so I'll leave it for day after tomorrow (my birthday post tomorrow~). And also another post about ChaTime.

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