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Monday, October 10, 2011

Bla bla bla~

I really hate that the Taylor's Communication DO arranged our timetable like it is. I mean a 4-5 hour gap in between classes? What the hell do you expect us to do? SLC is always full, we're not allowed to do projects in the library and 24/7 Room, there's nothing much at the Boardwalk, and since it's an odd gap there's not enough time to go for a full trip to a mall. Taylor's sucks.

I never thought that I'd need clothes - literally. Yeah I might need a new pair of jeans 'cause the old ones are wearing out or a few more T-shirt 'cause the older ones are way past the stage of decent, but now I need clothes just for the sake of needing clothes!

Accessories aside, I need a couple pairs of decent shorts, a pair of leggings, a nice blouse and perhaps a short cardigan. Shorts because wearing jeans day in and day out is getting a little boring, leggings for my new tube top, and the small cardigan for the days when I'm feeling chilly but don't want a large hippie jacket.

My English assignments are weird - they're not exactly assignments, more of homework. First it was that tutorial debate based on sex education in school, whether we agree or not. Next we had to find an article of any type and create some IELTS-based questions from that article and exchange those with a neighboring group.

Then now it's an open debate during lecture, entitled "GENDER EQUALITY: Do men make better parents than women? and Can women do all the jobs that men can?" Somehow I miss my first semester lecturers.

I promise promise PROMISE to film a basic make-up video. I can't guarantee that I can cater to everyone's different face demographics, but I'll try my best. =) I'll be doing the simple defining look with 3 shadow colors, the (in my opinion) correct way to draw winged liner, and how to transform the basic look into a smokey eye. I'll try to keep to the bare basics, and I'll need some help with the video editing 'cause I've never even seen video editing in action before.

These days I'm addicted to MapleSEA - for the first time in my life I played for more than 7 hours, with short breaks in between. Doing that I leveled up 4 times in a day, which was impossible in the past. Even with double EXP and an EXP event, one would have to train for at least 2 days to up a level back then. Now? Hunting the correct monster and completing quests would have you level at least once a day.

The whole entire system has changed so much I almost can't recognize it. Every new character used to start in Maple Island, then proceed to the place to obtain their job at Lv. 10. Now depending on the job you wish to pursue, you either start at Edelstein, Maple Island, Ereve or some other place. The drop rate for rare items are also much higher now - every few monsters you'd get a rare item, so often that there's no adrenaline to the challenge anymore.

Homework to do, so much text. Why didn't I just insist on studying beauty?

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