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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Story of Tiramisu and Pasta Salad

My sister got a tiramisu recipe from one of her chefs earlier on to help me make the belated birthday dessert for a little lunch with the BF when he gets his holiday. I'm not really a kitchen person, therefore we had a test run today so my sister could teach me what to do and when to expect what.

So we started making the tiramisu by starting with the sponge fingers (a.k.a savoiardi a.k.a Lady's Fingers) while my younger sister started to make the day's dinner (pasta salad) by chopping up the required vegetables.

As I was baking the last batch (we only had one baking tray available), I played around with my younger sister a bit by poking her (my definition of play involves lots of things, including poking people) and I missed my aim, causing the intended gentle poke to be a huge-ass hard poke on a bony area. Immediately she stomped up to the AV room and complained to my mum.

As usual, my mum came down and scolded the shit out of me. And here's the thing. Before she stomped up to the AV room and sat her huge ass up there watching Hong Kong dramas, she put the pasta in the boiling water already - and she left it there.

Even when the pasta was in the pot over the stove longer than it should be, my younger sister didn't come down. So my older sister drained the pasta and set it aside and continued teaching me the tiramisu recipe. Then suddenly my mum realized that they were not yet invited down for dinner, and came storming down, cursing, demanding to know why we ignored the pasta and continued with our "useless" tiramisu (or something like that).

There was a lot of slamming and cursing, and just as my mum added the tuna to the pasta, the phone rang - my dad called looking for my mum. Another round of cursing.

Get this. How would you like to be the one minding your own business, helping someone else do something, but then get screwed just because you didn't mix something together? And the best thing is, the person who was responsible for the mixing just disappeared to watch dramas with the person doing the screwing.

And she was the one who encouraged me to learn the ways of tiramisu, and anyway it's your sensitive-ass youngest daughter who always wants to play but can't take the heat. From now on, I don't know her. She has nothing to do with me. She can have her virginity taken at 15 for all I care.

She can grow into a total rebellious, fat-ass girl with a serious acne problem and I can say that I don't know her. End of story. Oh yeah, and I just deleted her off my "Family" list on Facebook. Sounds really 'meme'-ish but that's how I roll.

Returning to the tiramisu. Successfully made it, but the last few parts was done by my sister. So the day before I'm gonna have to do it myself, most likely without my sister's supervision because she's gonna be at work. Fingers crossed let's hope I get everything right.

So the few things I have to remember - do the yolk mixture before doing the meringue for the sponge fingers 'cause the meringue can't sit for too long. The yolk mixture must be whisked over heat until ribbon stage, which can be tested by drawing an *8* on the surface of the mixture and it'll stay there for 5 counts. Do not over-fold mixtures, must follow instructions and measurements exactly.

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