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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The story of almost-accidents

I was supposed to practice my driving since I don't get to drive very often, so I decided to do just that this evening. Got home, changed, then just headed out since my mum was taking a nap, and I thought I'd let her sleep.

Everything was going well, until I missed out an approaching motorcycle and he almost rammed into me. What was worse my engine died in the middle of the road.

Next, I went down towards Endah Parade. I didn't see any cars coming, but when I did see a vehicle, it was almost too late - my turning angle sucked and I swerved all the way to the other lane. The guy driving the motorcycle honked, then stopped right in front of me. I thought I was in trouble - either the police, or that he was gonna beat me up.

After that I stuck to my local housing area and went home a while later. Even before I was out of the car, I realized that my hands and legs were shaking and I desperately wanted to cry. I never felt like that before - the immense fear that something bad would happen to me but no one was with me.

When I recounted the story to my mum, there wasn't any "were you hurt?" or some other concerned question or statement. All I got was, what I think of as, criticism and some light scolding. Anyway I cried for a bit and got over it.

So word of advice to all the new drivers out there - if you're really fresh, always have an adult in the car with you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 birthdays in a day~

It's Yiee's, Jasmine's, Jay's and Google's birthday~! 生日快乐!お誕生日おめでとうございます! 생일 축하 해요!
The rather expensive yet not-so-nice cheese baked rice.
Camwhore shot before officially digging in~ XD
So we celebrated Jasmine's birthday today after our Intro to Business tutorial at Wong Kok, just as the restaurant opened. Ordered myself a beef cheese baked rice, which cost me RM15.10. Jessica, Sindee, Evan, Quinie, SuSu, Chien Min, Brian, Yevon, Cecilia, Jeanna and moi were the ones participating in the gianormous celebration.
Super-sized milk tea, signature of Wong Kok.
Gotta cut down on the expenses this week. That, RM12 for the "Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan for my mum, I've only got RM10++ left from RM50. T__T We got the super-sized milk tea because we ordered a total of RM30+. It was more ice than beverage, really, but I guess that's how lots of restaurants save on expenses - give ice instead of the drink they ordered. Two glasses of milk tea got me hyper by the time we got to English lecture.
Jasmine getting her henna design.
Jasmine and her finished henna design~
Before that, the birthday girl Jasmine stopped by the henna booth at the SLC bazaar to get some ink on her hand. Many of the designs were pretty, which has further tempted me to get a new tattoo. Anyway one thing's for sure, I'm getting some henna designs when I get married~

English lecture was alright, except for the part where we had to debate about whether the playing truant should be approached leniently or toughly. Being a communication student requires some open-mindedness and tolerance of others' words and behaviors at times, but everything has a limit.

It's no wonder I almost always stick to the exact same "gang" from primary school till university: when the person's opinion/personality clashes with mine, it's like trying to mix oil with water - you can mix it for a while if you stir the concoction, but once you leave it alone they separate.

Anyway, Vivian and Jeanna got their henna designs after English lecture, at which Ms Anitha let us out a tad too early. I sat with them while they got their designs, while I alternated between being an obnoxious random person at the music club booth, people-watching and reading Anne Frank.
Jason Phung, or as Maira and I like to call "Elmo". =D
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Jason, or I would prefer to call Elmo, because he does an uncanny mimic of Elmo's voice. He's part of the music club, and so far all I can gather is that he loves "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.
Jeanna getting her henna design.
Vivian and her henna design~
Anyway Vivi and Jeanna washed off the henna paste cakes from their designs and went home, leaving me alone. I guess I could have just "lepak"-ed at the music club booth, but to be honest, I'm not really completely comfortable with them yet, especially now that I'm going through some mood-swings and emotional instability.
What my left ear looks like right now, and yes, you can see right through that HOLE.
A decision I've made, almost as quickly as I'd decided to do it in the first place - I've decided to let my stretched piercing close up, if that's even possible at this stage. Reason? Maintenance is getting extremely tiresome, especially when I already have 8 more to take care of. And that discharge you usually get with piercings - for the stretched one it's much more than average piercings.

So then I'll revert from one-step-closer-to-Uruha-and-Ruki to just one-step-closer-to-Uruha. Speaking of which I haven't done much visual kei make-up experiments recently. I haven't been touching much of my make-up at all, so to speak. I've even lost touch with liquid wing lining.
Pink tank top.
Blue ruffled-half-sleeve top.
This is completely irrelevant and quite old, but I'll post it anyway. I got two new tops at Giant, Shah Alam some time ago when my mum was there for a business meeting. Both were average RM25 (can't remember the exact price).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of recent tales

The ducks on the right, the white geese on the right.
Two of the three brown geese. See the little bits and pieces on the top left of the picture? That's the poop, and it's all over the stairs.
I'll start off with the recent frenzy with the geese and ducks at the lake at Taylor's Lakeside. I think the place is becoming a zoo - we've got dogs, fish, and now geese and ducks. These game are the main reason the stairs leading down to the lake are a land of poop mines.

A random doodle while doing our English assignment.
We have a Pakistani lecturer who has the awesome ability to talk for 4 hours straight, in an air-conditioned classroom, without water intake. This is the ability that all the chatterboxes dream about, so that they can chatter for hours on end.

The Boardwalk had a bazaar again on Friday, Su and I walked around looking at the things set out for sale. We looked mostly at jewelry, namely rings. We gave it some time before we bought anything, while sitting for a Eumora demo. I got this two-finger Peace ring for RM14.

My very first completely self-made tiramisu ready for decoration. Required: completed tiramisu, espresso or black coffee, sponge fingers (I used the chcolate biscotti).
Exactly 24 biscotti used. Dip only the flat side into the coffee and "stick" to the circumference of the dessert.
Optional: dust the top with cocoa powder.
Voila! Homemade tiramisu~!
As for the tiramisu again, I completed it, I think with a little too much gelatin, but it turned out alright. I ran out of sponge fingers at the end, so I used some Heinz Chocolate Biscotti to decorate the outside. Heinz is a baby food brand that affiliated with my mum's company. The texture of the finished tiramisu is a teeny bit too firm, but the taste is alright. =)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, presenting my new temporary car! It's a cobalt blue Peugeot 505 manual car. It's pretty old, but it's better than no car at all. The gas tank is huge, though - a full tank cost around RM130. Acceleration is not bad, but the steering wheel is a little stiff. I think the car was meant for people with longer legs, because my foot just barely reaches the clutch pedal.

 This car is courtesy of one of my mum's friends, who happens to have a car for sale but hasn't got round to selling yet. Previous owner is her son, who also happens to be my senior (and who, incidentally, has long legs).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A day out + shelf clearing

Slightly distorted picture (I hate Blogger) of the BF helping me with the tiramisu.

Again with the tiramisu - this time I was gonna make the dessert officially for my *ahem* future mother-in-law, but my sister failed to mention that temperament of mascarpone and regular cream cheese is different. For cream cheese you beat until it's creamy; as for mascarpone you need only cream it lightly. So I ended up with milk and butter instead of creamed mascarpone. The project was then abandoned.

Extreme mochas from San Francisco Coffee~

Both BF and I were really sleepy, so we got a coffee each from San Francisco Coffee. We then went straight to the cinema to get the tickets, as we were afraid that the seats would be taken up, despite the fact that the extra birthday coupon wasn't available. We were watching "Abduction", starring Taylor Lautner. It describes the chronicles of Nathan, who finds out that his life isn't what it actually is, and sets out to find out the truth with neighbor Karen.

The mini goody bag full of mini goodies~

We had a quick lunch at Pasta Zanmai. We had some exchange of conversation and little gifts. I got a red packet and a small bag of mini goodies from Auntie Joanne. BF got a wallet from her as well. We placed our orders and continued conversing while waiting for our food.

I ordered an eggplant, beef and mushroom pasta with miso sesame sauce - this disappointed me, as there was barely any sauce in the bowl at all, and the presentation was meh.

There were some nice sarcastically comedic scenes in the movie, and I loved the action scenes, and one can't deny that the story-line possesses some degree of originality, but I think they could have done better. I felt that it needed some stronger emotion and use more sound effects. All that said, seeing Taylor Lautner in so many topless scenes is quite enjoyable~

After the movie we just walked around to kill time then went to Coffee Bean for tea. We ordered four cakes to share and a coffee each (I had a small Original Vanilla), courtesy of Auntie Joanne. We chatted over coffee, and finally went home separately.

I was emo for the last half hour or so because I knew that I wouldn't be seeing him for another approximate two months, which resulted in me trying desperately to hold back tears. It's only two months, but if the one you love is away from you for any period of time, it's painful.

My mum accused me of being a bossy, demanding, temperamental girlfriend who's never satisfied. She's been through the same as me she should know better than to tell me off. There's been a lot of interruption in our relationship from various sources, but we're still going strong~

Anyway we're now under the agreement that I shall not be emo, though he wouldn't know even if I was. Our new dating method without meeting physically? MAPLE STORY!!! Yes! I've finally got MapleSEA back, and this time I'm gonna play for at least 5 minutes everyday, or at the least open the program, so it would stay up-to-date.

So now about my impromptu shelf clearance due to my sudden increase in photocopied books and my increasingly messy (and neglected) desk. I've got lots of old magazines from eons ago, outdated posters, exam papers that are no longer referable, and lots of other junk. I went through every piece to see whether there were any things that I would still want.

From the magazines I tore out some make-up and/or fashion pages, for others I rearranged the papers in the files. I ended up with a whole large pile of unwanted paper stuff, which would be reserved for recycling. These are how my shelves look like now:

The top shelf.
Bottom shelf - some folders and my disc collection.

While going through the things, naturally I found a lot of things I thought I had lost or had thrown away. Here are some of them - the pictures and the captions shall speak for themselves.

My old Slam Dunk posters.
The seriously outdated autobiography books from my primary school years.
An entry from my Standard 5 English teacher Puan Hazel~
My graffiti drawings from Form 1.
My Final Fantasy VII "sticker posters".
My old Asiasoft @-cash reciepts - reminds me of my foolish days where I used to use RM24 to buy 10k @-cash, which bought at most 2 things, which lasted for a limited time only.
My printed wallpapers which became the "covers" of my old plastic files, along with Gackt wallpapers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Even as a child I envisioned myself as a caring, loving and sensitive, albeit a bit temperamental, girlfriend/wife. All sorts of predictable stuff goes through my head, those scenes from movies and whatnot.

Now with the love of my life, I'd just sit doing nothing and worrying about him (he was taking public transport home late at night and he said he'd text when he arrived, but didn't). My moods depend almost solely on every word, action and decision that comes from him.

I'd be completely disappointed and upset whenever I suggest something really exciting, but he can't be there with me for various reasons. I don't blame him for anything, except maybe perhaps getting banned from driving his dad's car.

I gave him his very first birthday present from me just now. It was sort of a mini cocktail of some random things that he wanted and I thought that he'd like. I got a cosmetics packaging box from my mum and used that as the main present box. Arranged the items inside the best I could, then I filled the empty spaces with lots of paper stars.

Some of the items were pretty lame, but it had some thought and meaning to each its own. For the first time in my life, someone actually was close to tears because of a gift I gave them. I'm not really a person who would take the time to go shopping specially for a gift for whoever, but when I do it has to be special, if not then no gift.

It was interesting to see him rummage through the sea of paper stars, finding one surprise after another. I don't think I needed to plan a surprise party - I think this is sufficient.

We've basically planned our future already - graduate, work, get married, have kids, the works. I used to fantasize having families with imaginary husbands without a face, but with him, I can see him playing with our children after work, plopping in front of the TV after his bath with a sunken patch in the couch meant for me.

True love sounds cliche, but it really exists. It's not all peaches and cream - there will be times when both would disagree, argue, and perhaps even go so far as to wander on the borders of splitting up. Some say that furious arguments are healthier than having a cold war (ignoring each other), but I say to each his own.

Needless to say, some hint of distrust and/or jealousy might occur. May it be girls whom you think have hotter bodies than yours strutting around in barely-there bikinis, or his friends whom he always hangs out with (partially me), it happens.

Basically he and I have passed that obstacle. But sometimes I feel lonely, and want some sweet, warm words from him, but he's too busy socializing with his roommates/classmates/friends. Then I start getting upset, and it only hits me a while later that I'm jealous of his socializing targets' possession of his attention (wow, it rhymes).

One bad habit I have to correct - I tend to try to overlook the tiny little things that happens (the teeny ones that get right under your skin) and keep them to myself, then I let it all build up until I go on a weeping spree.

One word of knowledge - guys are naturally generally less emotionally instinctive than ladies. (What is with the alliteration?) He could be sweet, he could be doting, he could be anything, but there will be times that they won't be able to grasp the 5W1Hs of the issue you're addressing.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Tattoo Day!

Not the permanent types, the airbrushed ones. There's a small airbrush tattoo stall on Taylor's Lakeside Campus right in front of Wong Kok and 7-Eleven at the Boardwalk Syopz.

Airbrush tattoos are a great alternative for those who would like tattoos but don't want to commit themselves just yet or those who wants to take on a trial period before they get the actual tattoo to see whether they like the pattern.

Airbrush tattoos are done with stencils, which is adhered to the skin, and then a layer of ink is blown onto the cut-out pattern, resulting in a temporary tattoo. Unlike sticker tattoos, these can last for anywhere from a few days to a month depending on certain environments, and they look more realistic compared to sticker tattoos, which often leave a shiny finish.

Yevon and her butterfly tattoo.
Yevon's smiley tattoo.

Today after a very monotonous class by a new lecturer who joined Taylor's faculty with an impossibly heavy Punjabi/Indian accent, Yevon went straight to the tattoo booth to get her smiley tattoo on her wrist that she had agreed on with the staff the previous day. She also wanted another one on her neck, and so she chose a butterfly pattern.

Jessica's ankle tattoo.

Meanwhile, Jessica saw a gradually enlarging star pattern in a photo on display at the booth and wanted to get that on her ankle as well.

Chien Min getting her tattoo done.
Chien Min's tribal eagle tattoo.

Out of the blue Chien Min also wanted one, and decided on a tribal-ish eagle pattern, also on her neck. All the while she was giggling from the ticklish feeling made by the spraying tool (something like an airbrush make-up tool).

All this airbrush tattooing is making me tempted to get another permanent tattoo. Either the stars or a bar-code either on the neck, the back of the neck or the wrist. Come to think of it, I haven't officially blogged about my current tattoo yet, though I think I'll wait a while until I get it touched up first before that.

Although there was the free touch up within two months of the day I got the tattoo, I was too freakin' chicken to get it done because one, no one wanted to go with me all the way to Sungei Wang Plaza to a tattoo studio and two, I didn't really notice that the color within the outer lines were fading until after 3 months.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Social Psychology

I've never seen a person who could crack jokes with such a straight face. I was seriously LMFAO-ing! This person is my social psychology lecturer, Mr Philip. I have a gut feeling that this would be a rather interesting subject. XD

Now on the more mundane side of my day. I had mistaken my class to start at 10am today, so I told my mum that. Upon clearer inspection I realized that my class started at 2pm rather than 10am, but to avoid the flaming wrath of my mum's fury, I decided I'd just go along with what I said.

I didn't really regret it, but it was boring as hell. I first went to the computer lab to make some corrections to his manual and to print out my timetable (one for me and one for my mum for her easy reference). Then I went up to the 5th floor of the library, sit down, tried to play some NFS 510 on my PSP, then went to sleep with my jacket over me.

It wasn't peaceful - many times the position got awkward and some joints began ache, while some positions just cut off blood circulation to my legs. There were also the occasional small gang of people who, for some reason, have lots to talk about but sit really far apart from each other.

At around lunch hour I went down for, well, lunch. I didn't bring sufficient cash to afford the full priced Subway sandwich (I had a slight hunch that the Sub of the Day was sold out), so I went over next door to Face to Face Express and ordered my usual.

There a difference between Face to Face and Face to Face Express - the normal Face to Face restaurant is like the typical restaurant with waiters and such, like the one located in Seri Petaling (Jalan Radin Bagus, next to Asatei). Express is self-service, with a number system to speed things up. I personally prefer the self-service one. =P

Then on the way to class (an hour early), I stumbled upon an Elmo impersonator (you know who you are). God he made me wanna pinch his cheeks and coo at him (thank God I didn't 'cause it'll be so embarrassing).

My timetable is messed up, and my mum's looking for potential carpoolers. I really want to ask: "why not just get me a car?" I don't mind a crappy second-hand Proton Saga (the older version), though I would prefer non-local manufactured cars. Manual transmission, please.

Oh yeah, and about all this with the automatic and manual transmission thing. First my dad tells me to stick to manual because it's good practice. But just about a week ago he called and said it would be better for me to drive an automatic because "my skills on the real road with a manual isn't so good". He could gimme some credit. =P

Gotta post up the tiramisu pics soon - got a few dirty-ish photos to post up with the leftover sponge fingers. I've finally made a point to put a small watermark on everyone of my photos. Not that my blog is anything big, but I find that this is actually quite professional looking.

It's already Thursday!!! Can't wait till he comes back, 'cause I need some serious cuddling. There's a difference between cuddling a soft-toy and cuddling a real person. With the real person, he would cuddle you back, hold you tightly, skim his nose through your hair, let his chin tickle your shoulder, give you a couple of pecks on the face and whisper tenderly in your ear. A soft-toy can't do any of that.

One thing's for sure the 24th lunch meet-up is on, and I plan to abduct him on Friday night to help me with the tiramisu (again). Basically all those times I made tiramisu was to practice for this particular day. So I'll to double check the ingredients again and this time work more quickly - every single thing out of their respective cupboards and no more rummaging with panic through the shelves.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another giveaway!

Not by me, I have no financial or social means of doing that, but I'm participating in Noxin's new giveaway~!

Click here to go to her original giveaway post~!

Circle lenses, lens cases and face masks up for grabs!!!

First day of second semester

The first day was boring, with a rather pedophilic-looking lecturer whom we still don't know how to address. None of the classmates changed much, except for Brian, who previously had blonde hair but had dyed in back black.

I went to "kiasu" again today - taking a photo for a goody bag. XD It was for, and the criteria was just to pick one of the slogan signs and take a picture with it. Inside the goody bag was a food guide with cash vouchers, a leaflet and three different kinds of hair and skin product samples.

It took me a while, but I found the "Say No to Shark's Fin Soup" sign. After watching Gordon Ramsay's video on YouTube from his special "Shark Bait", I've decided to wean myself off shark's fin soup. I'll admit it - I actually love it, but I was never really aware that it's the broth that makes the dish tasteful.

Usually what I thought was that it's only once in a while for special occasions, so it's no biggy. But it's a different story for these increasingly endangered creatures. Every "special occasion" would mean around at least 4-5 tables, 10 persons per table. So that's 40-50 bowls of soup, almost every single day.

Although it's gonna be many years away, my wedding dinner shall be void of shark's fin soup, though this would be - to some more traditional Chinese people - kind of a "tell-tale" sign that the host cannot afford or is too stingy to offer shark's fin soup to the guests as the dish is traditionally a symbol of status and wealth.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Semester 2

I'll keep it short - the timetable sucks, and I get a whole mouthful just because the hours are odd and I have no means of getting to campus by myself. Hello? I didn't arrange the timetable, and I didn't refuse a car. I could take public transport to campus for RM4.90 a day. Your call.

Mini haul

Went shopping today without much thought of getting anything but my eye cream. I came home with eye cream plus two face massage rollers and a skirt that I've been craving for a really long time.

Daiso was either having a temporary or permanent display sale at Jusco and we just looked through the racks. I didn't find my alkaline dish washing liquid for my make-up brushes but I found some things that I really craved before but it was too expensive to buy.

These little plastic rollers have strategically placed rollers targeted for certain parts of the face/body. Here I've got E087 Beauty & Health No. 1 (the face massager) and Healthy Goods Face No. 5 (the nose massager). For now both of them feel weird. =P

Then the SKIRT! I've always overlooked the seemingly not-so-nice boutique (called Treats, near Nichii in Mid Valley Megamall) was actually packed with very economic pieces of garments. A maxi dress that I saw there only cost RM49.50, while other boutiques sell maxi dresses at around RM80+. Anyways I was browsing 'cause most of the garments there were suitable, but then I spotted the skirt rack.

I've been wanted one of these skirts for a really long time - it's formal-ish and very sweet and pretty~ There were a few skirts of different print, pattern and materials - some were shiny and soft, some were of chiffon material and another type of shiny but more stiff material. This is the one I picked out randomly, but fell in love with it.

And the experience with this skirt is pretty nice - when I was 13 my pant size was around XL, then when I was 17 it reduced to L, and now it's M!!! Which is around size 27? That's my Levi's jeans size. The pain-staking belly dance DVD exercises paid off. XD

And I finally got a foundation that's my shade, for less than half the price of my wrong-shade TheBodyShop one (though I prefer the smell of TheBodyShop foundation). I was looking for a good drugstore brand foundation that actually matched my skin tone. The one I got from TheBodyShop was actually one or two shades darker than my skin tone and had more of an orange-yellow undertone, which explains why it covers up my dark circles so well.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in 12 Natural - I saw this beside the Maybelline BB cream, which came in only two tones (Fresh and Natural). I didn't really try out the other tones that were available on the rack, but this one suited me good enough. And even if it turns out that it's not the right shade, I can always look for another one and use this one as a highlighting fluid. =)

However, for RM24.90, I feel that this is a teensy bit expensive 'cause this small bottle is only 30ml, which I doubt would be sufficient for a long period of time. Anyway I'll test it out and see how it is the next time I get a chance to put on make-up, and even if it doesn't really match my Laneige powders can help me conceal the color partially.

For once I resisted getting ChaTime after lunch today after shopping, 'cause the line was super long, which is one of the factors that causes me to lose interest in something, especially driving. I like to be accelerating, or being at a constant speed, suddenly wanting me to inch my way along just puts me off. But the calories avoided were repacked at dinner and dessert.

For dinner we went to Leong Ya at Balakong, and I had tons of deep-fried battered soft-shell crab, deep-fried seafood tofu, pork vinegar, garlic and ginger fish, vegetable stew in a deep-fried yam basket and those egg strands you get when you order 奶油虾.

For dessert, my mum tried to recreate the honeydew sago dessert that was given to us by one of my mum's friends. 3 whole honeydews (one diced, the other two juiced), 1 whole liter of whipping cream (about half whipped up and the other half left liquid), a bit of syrup and of course, sago. I had (despite my conscience's screams at me to stop) ladled myself a humongous bowl, which was laden with cream and, in turn, calories.

In between all the shopping and calorie-packing dinners, I tried to remake the tiramisu, this time by myself. Everything was going great - my yolk mixture was at the perfect stage, and I whipped up my first meringue that didn't budge when I flipped the bowl over. However, I forgot to fold in the flour before piping it onto a tray and baking them.

My first batch came out flat and crispy (turned soggy later), and I assumed that it was the oven's temperature problem. However, when I went back to my work station, I noticed a tray of flour sitting in the dark corner. *face-palm*

I tried folding the flour in, but too late - the meringue deflated and it was beyond being saved, especially without the chef sister in the house. I abandoned my mission, plan to do it again tomorrow, and threw away everything. Huge waste, I know, but there was nothing else I could do with the mixture (except perhaps make pancakes, 'cause there was that really familiar pancake batter smell coming from the mixture.

Oh yeah, and the first egg that I cracked for the tiramisu came out with two yolks (supposed-to-be future twins XD). So what I did with the extra yolk once I was done cracking the eggs? Michelle Phan's egg mask!!! Except I only used the yolk, rather than Michelle's method of using the white to first refine the skin texture, then the yolk as a moisturizing mask.

I have yet to try out the kitty litter mask that Michelle Phan talked about. I've tried looking for unscented kitty litter (watch the video to find out the type that you need, and the instructions if you're curious ;D), but all those that I've found are either "natural pine", "scented", or comes in giant packs of 5kg. I need it for a mask, I don't actually own a cat.

Walking down the pet aisles in supermarkets make me remeniscent of Dukie. It's been a full years since we last saw him, wagging his tail (and his rump) like mad, thinking he was taken for a road trip in someone else's car, when he was actually being taken away from my arms.

I broke my longest crying record that time - 3 days, almost non-stop (though now I cry almost everyday, but with longer periods of time in between). Whether he was happy to be taken from our hands, or he didn't knew what was coming - he seemed blissfully cheerful when the man took him from my arms, and didn't even look back.

We might be getting a toy poodle soon, courtesy of one of my sister's classmates. Dukie, however, shall be forever special to me. =)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My life according to the GazettE

My Life According to ...(insert band or artist name)Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, answer these questions. Pass it on to whoever you think might like it and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick Your Artist: the GazettE ガゼット

Are you a male or female:
Ruder (Madara, 2004)

Describe yourself:
ART DRAWN BY VOMIT (Stacked Rubbish, 2007)

How do you feel:
TAION (NIL, 2006)

Describe where you currently live:

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:

Your favorite form of transportation:
OGRE (DIM, 2009)

Your best friend is:
reila ([reila] Lesson., 2009)

You and your best friends are:
☆BEST FRIENDS☆ (Dainihon itan geishateki noumiso gyaku kaiten zekkyou ongenshuu, 2006)

What's the weather like:

What's your favorite time:
Miseinen (Miseinen, 2004)

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Rich Excrement (Filth in the Beauty, 2006)

What is life to you:
Silly God Disco (NIL, 2006)

Your most recent relationship:

Your fear:
COCKROACH (Gama, 2006)

What is the best advice you have to give:

Thought for the Day:

How I would like to die:
THE END (NIL, 2006)

My soul's present condition:

My motto:
Worthless War (REGRET, 2006)

A rare lunch

Slept at 6am this morning, despite knowing full well that I'll have to be at the LRT station by 11am. I was Omegle-ing (though I don't think I will anymore) and trying to level up my character in MapleStory Adventures.

Anyway our initial plan was to go to McDonald's for the official lunch, then stop by Dami for a drink and a nice long chat, but what happened was we spent most of the time in McDonald's updating each other while observing the flow of people through the restaurant.

After that just went around to look for a) wrapping paper, b) make-up brushes (got some rubber cleansing pads instead from Mr DIY) and c) reload for my prepaid number. The wrapping paper I got from The Store because the guy who was supposed to be in charge of the shop at Endah Parade was chatting with a fellow shop-owner.

Started raining, stopped by Public Bank to make a cash deposit for my mail order. And why is it that cash deposit machines don't accept RM1 and RM5 notes? I had to stand there with Torng for about 10 minutes exchanging cash notes. Anyway I paid an extra RM5. What the hell.

Walked to The Store, went straight to the stationery section to look for wrapping paper and TA-DA! Four racks full of them, though most of them were like "Selamat Pengantin Baru" (Congrats to the New Bride) and I don't like using glossy wrappers - I prefer matte wrappers 'cause they're easier to manage. =)

I never really was good at gift wrapping stuff - I would tend to get a slight case of OCD when I see that the wrapping doesn't snugly wrap around the edges like a second skin. This is one of the many little things that really irk me.

Why suddenly wrapping paper, you ask? Well, it's not like we don't have wrapping paper at home, but most of them are either in tiny bits and pieces and/or they're inappropriate. And hence, I went on the hunt for some fun, simple birthday wrapper.

As for the make-up brushes, well ... I do have a huge set already, but what I really want is another FLUFFY brush like the one I got from Daiso. I got a face brush from Mr DIY once, and I really love it, 'cause it's really soft and fluffy, and doesn't shed much. Hoped that I'd get one from there, but the only small brushes came in whole sets.

Instead I saw these little rubber pads with little rubber bristles on them which were supposed to help cleanse out the dirt from your pores, so I got two (one for me and one for him =x) to try it out. Being the cheap-skate person that I am, I opted for the smaller RM1.50 ones rather than my initial choice of the larger, pink RM1.90 ones. Used them just now, doesn't feel like much, but nothing works overnight, right?

Because of the numerous places we've been to looking for that small bit of wrapping paper, she actually suggested that I just Google some Durex condom wrappers, arrange them on a blank document, then get someone to print it out for me and just use that as a wrapping paper. I LOL-ed.

Back to my first experience on Omegle. What is Omegle? Omegle is a random chat site where the server randomly puts you in a text-only or webcam room with a complete stranger and you can chat with him/her. So I got a lot of people just immediately requesting for you age, gender and location using this question: ASL?

So I got this random guy and the first thing that boomed onto the chat screen was: IF YOU'RE GONNA JUST ASK ME ASL THEN PLEASE LEAVE. DO IT NOW. I was like ... okay. But turned out he was a nice guy, dunno where, with a real thing with sweet talk. If he didn't mention his ex-girlfriends I would actually thought he was gay. =x

Right now I'm randomly Omegle-ing with an orange Post-It on my webcam lens and going through the server - you'd rather chat with Cleverbot than with these people. Some of them have their webcams directly pointed at their equipment. Not a very nice first impression.

And so that concludes my day-to-day life entry for today~

Anyways should head to bed soon. Gotta wake up early tomorrow. =)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


My timetable and academic results for the first semester's finals are out. I did pretty well, nothing below a C.

As for my timetable - somebody just kill me now. Use the fastest, cleanest, most painless way you can think of. Every weekday of the week, on average 8am-6pm. I WANT MY DANG CAR NOW!!!

So what's the cheapest way to get from Sunway Pyramid to Bukit Jalil, or better, MY HOUSE?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


又说会一早给我们下个学期的时间表,但是到现在影子都没有一个。考试成绩一样 - 开斋节、国庆日都过了,还有几天就开课,很多同学都认为这间学校是没有我们之前想像的那么好。

另外一件很无奈的事 - 他明明就是知道我的假期是什么日期、有多久,但是他请的假期竟在我开课之后的两个星期,而且是星期一晚上到,星期日早上就回去了。生活就是那么不公平,但是比较多怪我大学办事不够效率。=P

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My make-up stash in one picture

*click to enlarge*

So this is my make-up stash, accumulated over 5 years, I think. There are some things that I use less than others, some not at all because I just don't use them. Oh, and there are a few things that I didn't include in the picture, which are listed below.

  1. 120 Palette (purchased from Lash Bar, Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid)
  2. Daiso Eyebrow Stencil
  3. Abon Creme eyeshadow palette
  4. Abon Lipstick palette
  5. Callas Paris Finishing Touch Face Powder in CFP04 Clear Pearls
  6. Elianto Colour Studio Vibrant Shadow in 06 Golden Yellow
  7. shu uemura Cream Eye Shadow in beige
  8. Bobbi Brown blush in Blushed
  9. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner in 2 Sepia Ink
  10. Biotherm White Detox Bio-A[2] Whitening Pen Immediate Spot Corrector
  11. 1000HOUR Eyelash Adhesive in Clear
  12. Daiso Cosmetic #50 (2 sets full-strip false lashes)
  13. Japanese brand half-strip false lashes
  14. Generic brand full-strip false lashes
  15. KATE Covering Concealer for Pores
  16. TheFaceShop Shimmer Liner Pencil in White
  17. TheFaceShop Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyeliner in #03
  18. Elianto StayOn Eyeliner Pencil in 01 Black
  19. TheFaceShop Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in 01 Black
  20. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Black
  21. TheFaceShop Lipstick in RD301
  22. Dior Addict red lipstick (precise color unknown)
  23. Lancome Hypnose mascara in Black
  24. Opera Volume Control mascara in Black
  25. MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara (2 tubes) in Black
  26. Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black
  27. Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes mascara in Feline Black
  28. TheBodyShop Oil Free Balancing Foundation SPF15 in Shade 05 (not my correct shade)
  29. Opera Length & Volume Control mascara (2 tubes) in Black
  30. Generic brand brush kit (lash comb/stiff brush + spoolie brush + sponge applicator + liquid liner brush + flat-edge narrow brush + stiff angled brush + fan brush + 3 different sized shading brushes + 2 different sized face brushes) [hair type unknown]
  31. Generic brand synthetic hair face brush
  32. Generic brand synthetic soft face brush
  33. TheFaceShop angled brush
  34. TheFaceShop gel liner brush
  35. Daiso synthetic hair fluffy shadow brush with cover
The ones not in the photo:
  1. MAQuillAGE Lipstick & Lipgloss Sample (RD252, RD387, PK386)
  2. Pigeon Baby Powder Compact in Beige
  3. Daiso Rectangular Disposable Cosmetic Sponges
I realize that I have two 27s in the picture. The other number 27 is a Clarins lipstick sample (716 Clarins Red, 717 Plum, 721 Chestnut, 722 Lilac Pink).

I seriously need to get that Daiso dish washing liquid soon - my brushes haven't been washed in ages and I'm getting streaks of leftover color from my previous make-up rendezvous.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Story of Tiramisu and Pasta Salad

My sister got a tiramisu recipe from one of her chefs earlier on to help me make the belated birthday dessert for a little lunch with the BF when he gets his holiday. I'm not really a kitchen person, therefore we had a test run today so my sister could teach me what to do and when to expect what.

So we started making the tiramisu by starting with the sponge fingers (a.k.a savoiardi a.k.a Lady's Fingers) while my younger sister started to make the day's dinner (pasta salad) by chopping up the required vegetables.

As I was baking the last batch (we only had one baking tray available), I played around with my younger sister a bit by poking her (my definition of play involves lots of things, including poking people) and I missed my aim, causing the intended gentle poke to be a huge-ass hard poke on a bony area. Immediately she stomped up to the AV room and complained to my mum.

As usual, my mum came down and scolded the shit out of me. And here's the thing. Before she stomped up to the AV room and sat her huge ass up there watching Hong Kong dramas, she put the pasta in the boiling water already - and she left it there.

Even when the pasta was in the pot over the stove longer than it should be, my younger sister didn't come down. So my older sister drained the pasta and set it aside and continued teaching me the tiramisu recipe. Then suddenly my mum realized that they were not yet invited down for dinner, and came storming down, cursing, demanding to know why we ignored the pasta and continued with our "useless" tiramisu (or something like that).

There was a lot of slamming and cursing, and just as my mum added the tuna to the pasta, the phone rang - my dad called looking for my mum. Another round of cursing.

Get this. How would you like to be the one minding your own business, helping someone else do something, but then get screwed just because you didn't mix something together? And the best thing is, the person who was responsible for the mixing just disappeared to watch dramas with the person doing the screwing.

And she was the one who encouraged me to learn the ways of tiramisu, and anyway it's your sensitive-ass youngest daughter who always wants to play but can't take the heat. From now on, I don't know her. She has nothing to do with me. She can have her virginity taken at 15 for all I care.

She can grow into a total rebellious, fat-ass girl with a serious acne problem and I can say that I don't know her. End of story. Oh yeah, and I just deleted her off my "Family" list on Facebook. Sounds really 'meme'-ish but that's how I roll.

Returning to the tiramisu. Successfully made it, but the last few parts was done by my sister. So the day before I'm gonna have to do it myself, most likely without my sister's supervision because she's gonna be at work. Fingers crossed let's hope I get everything right.

So the few things I have to remember - do the yolk mixture before doing the meringue for the sponge fingers 'cause the meringue can't sit for too long. The yolk mixture must be whisked over heat until ribbon stage, which can be tested by drawing an *8* on the surface of the mixture and it'll stay there for 5 counts. Do not over-fold mixtures, must follow instructions and measurements exactly.