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Friday, June 26, 2009

School carnival... Yay?

Second week of school after the mid year holidays... Whoo-hoo... Next Friday is the jogathon for our school. Where? At the Taman Bukit Jalil opposite the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club. When? I dunno... Maybe from 8am to 1pm? Dunno... Don't care either... Either way, I'm gonna be the photographer on that day... Yipee... Then on the 18th of Jul, it's the school carnival... Yipee again... For now I'm not sure what we're gonna do 'cause the meeting today was quite short and Shin Mei didn't give me a lot of information. All I know is that I'll be helping out at the Photography Club booth from 11am-1pm. Then I think around 2-3pm, I'm helping out at the Sidang Redaksi booth. Other than that, I'm the photgrapher again... Yahoo...

To Josie, if you're reading this, I'm writing another story. Loosely inspired by Twilight xD and characters based on, I dunno, whatever comes to mind? Anyway, the main character is moi xD and the male lead is based on the tennis player I told you about. Kinda weird actually. I'm down with the first couple of pages, but I'll try to finish each chapter soon and post it on my other blog (the Dreams of Angels one).

Today was nice. Because of the school carnival, my Physics teacher Mr Lim was busy, so we sorta skipped Phy. We lagged behind during the first period of Biology, but went down to the Bio lab eventually. Almost ripped out the asshole's throat there. After that was History, than the photography club meeting. Shin Mei was asking around for people who would be free to help with the photography club booth. Then confirmation for the photography competition at the Botanical Garden in Putrajaya, registering of the button badges, and that's about it.

So then, I shall now have fun with my Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps. Someone help me think of a cool, goth, mysterious, I-dunno name for my story please!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bite me...

Of all the weeks for bad luck to befall me, it befalls me this week. On the first day of the week, that is, the first day of school after the school holidays, there was a power failure the previous night and I had curry chicken with bread for dinner. The next morning I went to school with a stomachache. Spent at least overall half an hour in the toilet. After school while walking out from school, tripped at a drain and almost landed flat on my face. My Civics teacher was having a very nice time. Had durians for dinner that night. Next morning stomachache again. Thursday, got bitten by my dog. Dunno what he or I did, I just patted him on the head, and just as I was withdrawing my hand from him ... *CHOMP~* Natural reflex pull away. I pulled my hand free, but then he chomped down on my ring finger of my right hand again. Bloody mutt. Had very delicious lamb stew and quiche made by OS this week. She's on her holidays now, also 2 weeks.

There's a new student in our form - again. This guy's from Saujana, and shares the same bus with me. According to my friend, he also learns the classical guitar at Ammonite Muzik as well.

Still having a huge crush on JWT and waiting for Transformers...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dead and gone

Hols are almost over, I haven't done - nay, touched - any of my hols homework and a lot of previous assignments given by teachers, hmm... let's say maybe... at the start of the year? And the worst thing is, exam results are coming right after the hols, which my mum and dad and I expect many other family members are fearing and anticipating the outcome. Plus! My headmistress wants to check our books after the hols. She started during our exam, but...

The 411: I have a crush on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, French tennis player. During the S'pore trip, my godfather sat infront of the TV every night watching the French Open. So coincidentially I stepped into the living room and watched the match between Tsonga and Del Potro. Y'know how those crush things just happen. Yeah, that thing just kinda happened and now he's in my phone. Y'don't see many people in my phone... Usually me, the GazettE, me, Miyavi, me, Gackt, me, hyde, etc...

I love BlushBerry! There are so many makeup styles and techniques there!! Ganbatte, BlushBerry!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tried coffee ribs?

Well, the third day here was nice. For breakfast we had just some of the sugi cake etc from the fullmoon party. The sugi cake was deliciousss... We picked Eunice up from Tanjung Rhu and went to IMM(?) for what other than ... shopping!! First and more or less only destination - Daiso. Everything in there (unless stated I think) is S$2. Which is around RM4.80. Alright for modern standards. Got lots of stuff there, and I'm almost positive that I'll come here to shop for decor when the time calls for it. We had lunch at somewhere called Banquet in IMM right opposite the checkouts of Daiso. I had a really nice - although somewhat small proportioned ham and mushroom spaghetti for only s$3.50. We went back to Bayshore Park at around 3pm, waited for around 4pm to go swimming. We swam for around 3 hours before going up to shower and dinner at a place called Paradise Inn at Funan(?). We ordered soup, and more veggies than I'm usually used to - asparagus, two kinds of tofu, golden mushrooms with salted egg, coffee pork ribs, pork belly buns and that's about it. The best one? The coffee ribs. Nice tender pork ribs marinated in a delicious coffee sauce. OMG... When we got home, my aunt started to cut the mangoes that my godfather had bought preciously... After the honey sweet mangoes, we just had some lady chat in the kitchen. I've been so observant of my godmother's house, but somehow I missed this - her veggie drawer in her refrigerator is stuffed with skin care products etc... wow...

This morning I woke up with a stomachache. Ate two pieces of sugi cake, than sat in the cold watching TV. My godfather came home later with breakfast as he had fetched my godmother to work and got breakfast for everyone in the meantime. I shared a fried beehoon with my mum, had some Chinese cake(?) and some of the walnut cake from the fullmoon party. After changing, we walked to the East Coast Park for cycling. We rented a small bike for my little cousin, a med bike (for me, of course) and a two-seater bike for YS and my godfather. Had a very nice one-and-a-half hours of cycling. The first time we stopped at the jetty, we witnessed some fish catching. The people who were fishing there had caught a couple large fishes. One called cermin and the other a wolf herring. After cycling, we had a bit of ice cream then off to lunch . I had a fried kuey teow, while the others had an assortment. My lime juice was beyond sour, it was more of three second of hell. Well, that's it... I'm going to nap to conserve energy for my swim afterwards... Au revoir!!