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Friday, March 3, 2017

"Can I see your buttcheek tattoo?" - how about "fuck off"?

I wish I could say that I never get sexually harassing messages from strangers online, but given my tendency to take strategically covered topless selfies and upload them to social media, I guess I could say that I'm partially asking for it, since I do voluntarily 'expose' my body on a public platform.

It has come to a point where it's no longer offensive, but hilarious that some dudes would be so desperate as to take a roundabout way to ask for a nude (this is purely my assumption, which will be illustrated later in the post).

In the light of my recent weightloss, new-found self confidence, and new tattoo(s), I've taken up my old university habit of uploading censored topless selfies again (during which, these messages periodically popped up in my Facebook inbox). I don't know whether this directly provoked the Instagram DM from this dude, but it is my best theory as for the 3 years that I hadn't uploaded similar selfies, there weren't such messages within my inbox.

So this guy followed my Instagram some while ago. It was not until 28 Feb that he sent the first message, or rather, I saw his message in my DM inbox. I'll let the screenshots do the talking. Identity will be blurred out, cuz I just wanna point out the disgusting misogynistic objectification that still exists today, not to bash the dude. (I end up bashing his sorry-ass who unfollowed me after I sent the last message)

The conversation started innocently enough, asking about my tattoos. I felt it a bit off, but I credited that to my extreme paranoia and narcissism:

And as the conversation progressed from asking about my hannya, to my arm tattoo, things took an uncomfortable turn:
And my response to such an outward approach to presumably ask for a nude is as follows. Given, he took a really long time to reply to me eventually, he "found it a bit personal" that I was asking for his relationship status.

Oh yes, sir, very personal, as if your request to see my "butt cheek tattoo" wasn't personal at all. My response thus far (he has not responded yet, though he has read the message):

Whether they're professional adult models or regular people who have a knack for tattoos and/or selective nudity, what makes one think it's okay to hide behind a private profile and yet have the "balls" to "jokingly" ask for such personal items from said people, especially if they're strangers?

Oh, wait. Yes. Men are supposed to be entitled to women. NOT.

Now, most people will tell me I asked for it since I posted racy selfies. Posting racy selfies is not an open invitation to all to request "special privileges", regardless of your position in my life, and especially if you are a stranger.

And when you get called out for your bullshit, don't give a cowardly, lame excuse like "it was a joke". It's not a joke. Since when did asking for a photo of a girl's butt cheek become a joke? Can I randomly message you, asking about your tattoos, then ask for a photo of an intimate body part? I think regardless of how I seem to look on social media, you would feel invaded.

And what a fucking joke it is when you turn around to tell me that I asked a personal question. Oh, asking a random stranger for a nude isn't personal? What, asking for your relationship status is now "too personal" for your cowardly self? Your profile on lockdown, yet somehow, deep inside that chasm of desperation, you managed to heave out your cowardly, misogynistic balls to ask me something like that?

Oh yeah, unfollow me like the coward you are, unable to stand your ground against a random, slutty girl on Instagram who asked to be sexually harassed by posting racy selfies. Tell me, what if I were your sister, your mum, or your friend? How comfortable will you be with a random creep on the internet ask them for nudes when they decide to celebrate their moment of self confidence with a selfie, albeit a not-so-appropriate one?

Is this about the whole "women should dress more modestly to avoid sexual attention from men" rhetoric again? If it is, please castrate yourself and fuck yourself with said castrated dick, or even better get someone to ram into your ass without lube. What are scantily clad women to you but objects that you can sexualize and manipulate as you please, as if you are entitled to us in some twisted way? We don't owe anyone anything, not even our partners/lovers/spouses. How about you try treating girls and women like actual people? Who knows, you might actually get laid for once.

I found it funny when it was actually happening. I was laughing for 20 minutes straight at how pathetically desperate you were enough to do such a lowly thing, but I had no idea I'd go into a ranting rage. Who are you, to just brush off your sexual harassment with a stupid excuse that it's a joke? Which part of you had the right to think that you were entitled to any of my photos that aren't already on my account (which is fucking public, btw), when you are nothing but a stranger to me? When the fuck did it become acceptable to sexually harass anyone, regardless of if it's just an innocent jab or full-on violence?

You know why guys like you are still single? You can't get past your own fucking "manly" (read: misogy-fucking-nistic) ego to respect women as people that are equal to you, if not above you. No one owes you anything - not your family, not your friends, no one. You reap what you sow, and if you sow bullshit and you have the misfortune of meeting a bitch like me, please get your ass ready to be horse-fucked cuz you gonna get an ass full of bull, horse, and dog shit.

And unfortunately for you, people like Christian Grey don't actually get the girl. People who gives respect and treats women as people get the girl. Do the world a favor, piss off your misogynistic ass and die, please. Oh, yes, objectify all you want, I anticipated that when I started posting half-naked shit on the internet (although you are still a disgusting shit-bag for doing so). But please keep your twisted, misogynistic fantasies to yourself and continue fapping. Or buy a fleshlight, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes now, so feel free to browse. Or actually treat a girl like a human being for once, and pray you don't bump into ranty bitches like me anymore if you decide that your poor dick is still entitled to fap to any of my personal photos.

I would very much like to expose you, then burn you at the stake after very slowly castrating you with a blunt serrated blade. But I'll just report your account to Instagram :)


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