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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Road rant

The size of your car directly correlates to how bully-able you are.

Driving a hatchback which can barely fit 4 people comfortably, pretty much every other car is significantly larger than mine. You could say the Perodua MyVi is a fair equivalent, but they have better height and backseat space.

I would understand if you were tailgating me on the right lane of the highway, because I understand the frustration of putting up with someone driving under the speed limit, or driving even slower than those in the non-speeding lanes.

But to hog both lanes? And switching lanes without so much of a touch of the blinkers or even a glance into the side mirrors? That's just being a bitch. And I'm referring to the dick of an asshole driving a Mercedes CLK from Puchong to Bukit Jalil.

First, swerving from one lane to the other, and wasn't happy when I finally overtook his ass going at 50km/h. Then almost crushing me by thinking I was going to follow the stream of cars up into Bandar Kinrara.

Your way of driving is not matching up to the status of your car. Or perhaps you're just one of those rich bitches who have been permanently blinded to basic things like societal consideration.

And those who insist on going at a snail's pace in front of you, but proceeds to tailgate you and threaten collision when you overtake them. Take a chill pill. You've been driving longer than I have but have to patience for Klang Valley traffic?

Also, to the probational drivers, I know you're new, but please make an effort to drive safely, and park properly. Always straighten your tires before you leave your car, and your doors shouldn't be able to open all the way with extra space from the car next to you - it should open so that you can comfortably get out of the car.


Oh, and people like you a lot more when you drive with morals. Everyone hates an asshole on the road.

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