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Sunday, June 15, 2014


I am, by no means, the most decent of girls.

Desperate to fit in during my high school years made me adopt anything that was common, which included an array of Chinese foul language, which added to my Thesaurus of English foul language. It became, unfortunately, a habit, which still prevails till today. In a way, it's some how people call me "real", because I "don't wear a mask of faux innocence". It's also a flaw that people use against me, to demoralize me since I could be "careless in my articulation".

I take pride in my tattoos and piercings. Regardless of the prejudices that entail both of these most common forms of body modifications, I show them off like I would show off a branded bag or a well-chosen outfit, because there aren't many Asian girls who would be acceptable to tattooes (even if that's slowly changing). The most visible one is my clavicle tattoo, which isn't a typical heart, or star, or some slutty design. It's a quote and philosophy that I'm still learning to incorporate into my mentality. And even if it is some foul language in another language, at least it looks decent. Even so, it's still something people use to judge - if you have tattoos, you must be in a gang, or must be real easy.

While I agree that first impressions play a significant role in a person's attitude towards you, this is just the surface. I can guarantee you that I'm not the most gracious or well-mannered type of people, but I'm seldom a douche with no consideration for others.

I also believe that judging is a part of human nature, no matter how much we preach to others not to judge. But leave the judging of my character to after you've started a conversation with me - judge me after you've known me, not before we've even exchanged greetings.

If you must, judge away - your opinions are none of my concern, but to pressure someone else into conforming with your mentality... makes me lose respect for you.

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