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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Me vs. Materialism

I usually make do with what I have - need a bag? Get a cheap one from a generic store. A wallet? Cute one from a street vendor or mall booth. Need clothes? PLATINUM MALL, BABY! My current Longchamp is MYR10-15 from Bangkok. Most of my clothes are from Bangkok. Most others are gifts and/or hand-me-downs (including my current wallet).

As long as it's usable and looks nice, I don't really mind. This makes me proud to tell people two things: 1. I don't need things to be branded; and 2. since I don't have many branded items, one or two branded items under my ownership makes me feel glam already.

But sometimes... Just sometimes, seeing other girls with Pandora accessories and pretty Chanel or Michael Kors bangs, or just Charles & Keith shoes makes me crave for them. Do I need them? No. But do I want them? Hell, yes.

I draw the line in between need and want here. I don't need them, but I crave them. Materialistic? Yes. But this doesn't contribute directly to my survival. I have what I need, but humans usually want what they don't have.

I don't have bags that cost more than my tuition fees per semester. I don't have sandals that cost more than my allowance for a month. I can count the number of clothes that cost over 10 pieces of clothing from Bangkok.

Not all girls are materialistic bitches who was born with the cash chromosome, but we do like to be pampered. We like pretty things and to make our friends go green with envy with our limited edition items. We like how we make people's heads turn with that brand new branded bag.

I'll get that in due time. Right now, I'm happy with my baby Neo, my fake Longchamp, and my noisy rubber flats from Bangkok.

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