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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pre-internship nerves

Entering 2014 isn't really a big matter for me - everyone gets excited and makes resolutions that mostly don't get fulfilled and are brought over to the next year. What do we do after all the partying? Back to boring life, sitting in front of a TV or computer, or whatever other activities.

For some of us, including a very large number of my classmates and ex-classmates, we'll be starting our first day of our 3-month internship on the 2nd. It's nothing for a handful of us - they've worked in similar situations before, and they're most likely good enough with people and dealing with fuck-ups. People like me? It's really nerve-wracking, as I'm mostly shy and I hate seeming like a brainless idiot.

My previous jobs were clear-cut - do A, B, C, D, E, etc etc, then repeat. I had the privilege of working in a relative's office for my first job, so that wasn't too stressful. Being a waitress is just a matter of not smashing everything and plastering a mask on your face when the senior lady you're serving starts verbally abusing you for something that isn't your fault anyway.

This... I'm starting to wonder if event management is actually what I wanna do for a living. Just as I'm about to join the firm, they have one huge event planned out (one of the 3 that they manage annually). Despite being provided an allowance, I'll have to work half a day on alternate weekends. What even better, I'll need to interact with people I would probably never meet.

So far, my fellow classmates who have started their internship seem to be doing quite well - having fun, really.

But how I spent the last hours of 2013 and first hours of 2014 were pretty much 5,000 miles outside of my comfort zone. First time playing darts in a pub, shisha with 3-7 other guys, 3am karaoke, and having 2-3 new Facebook friend requests the morning after. Not bad - at least comparable to Avicii~

Here's to not fucking up in the next 3 months.

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