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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flat White Cafe, SS15, Subang Jaya

SS15 is pretty much known as the chillax district to me, because apart from a few campuses (and hence stationery stores) there, it's packed with both the mainstream and hipster nom and beverage places. Starbucks, CBTL, McDonald's, the various burger joints - it's a place where you can get a meal (both expensive and economical), as well as sit down to have a nice coffee with a friend, or study in the corner of a homey cafe.

Comfortable, warm, and hipster.
Flat White Cafe is one such cafe to study at - it's a homey little cafe tucked away below a snapback store. If you guys know the SS15 area, it's on the same row as Starbucks, opposite Asia Cafe. You walk up two flights of stairs to come to cafe with a very comfortable, rustic atmosphere.

Despite being rustic, the place oozes "hipster". Wooden tables with wooden chairs or metal stools, chalkboard menus, and warm light that is just bright enough to illuminate the place. A nice brick wall lines the opposite of the counter, which is also wooden. A glass door on the right of the entrance separates the smoking area and the non-smoking area.

Noms menu, apart from the desserts. Forgive the bad resolution. =(
First and foremost, the place serves coffee, in a variety of flavors, served hot or cold. Coffee connoisseurs will know what a cup of flat white is. Other than coffee (and tea, a choice between green and black), cakes and light noms are available. Noms like pancakes, pastries, and homemade brioche.

We picked the infamous salted caramel cake (out of a choice between that, red velvet, and a triple chocolate mousse) for sharing. A slice costs MYR11, which is almost double the price of a slice from Secret Recipe. The cake was divine, but all it was was delicious chocolate cake on salted caramel sauce. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what it said it was...

The Nutella cappucino (only available hot) was the beverage that caught my eye the moment I started scanning the menu (priced at MYR13). How much more Italian can you get? Single-shot cappucino, mixed with glorious Nutella~ While the beverage was delicious, it lacked actual Nutella taste.

During our short visit there, the place remained fairly quiet - students studying for exams, some older individuals working on their MacBooks (I told you, hipster), other coffee drinkers Instagramming their coffee/pastries/cakes (WiFi password is flatwhitesubang, though my device couldn't connect).

Overall, this would be the perfect place to just chill, whether alone or with friends. Perhaps to sit around to think, because the place really is quite quiet (apart from the occasionally coffee grinder noise), and I feel that it's the ideal place to generate and reap inspiration.

Food / beverage - 7 / 10
Environment / ambiance - 9 / 10
Location - 7 / 10 (SS15's parking is a bitch)
Price - 6 / 10
Service - 8 / 10 (quite friendly, and items are brought to you)

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