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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dates and crowded places

I'm not a person to date often, but I have gone on my share of dates, to various generic locations i.e. the mall, the cinema, a restaurant. I've also had the privilege of having some dates at places completely inappropriate for dates.

Wait, let me clarify. There are two types of dates, depending on the couple. First, there's the typical lovey-dovey type of date, where couples wanna be all holding-hands-and-cuddly; then there's the date where you actually do stuff that isn't cuddling and nuzzling and being completely oblivious to the entire world.

The lovey-dovey dates are usually at a restaurant, a cafe, some kinky shit going on in the cinema - somewhere relatively PRIVATE, or at least, private enough to not be jostling around with a million other people and their body odor and be somewhat segregated enough to talk to each other without shouting.

The dates where you actually DO STUFF, however, are held in places, well, where you do stuff. Running, checking out an event, strolling through the local night market - something that doesn't involve sitting down and nuzzling each other's hair (from whichever part of their body).

These two types of dates should be planned solely on HOW THE COUPLE IS FEELING ON THE DAY OF THE DATE. Either be versatile and change locations according to the mood, or emotionally tune yourself for the planned event.

Forgive me for the tone of voice, but... DON'T FUCKING GO TO A CROWDED-ASS PLACE IF YOU WANNA MAKE OUT WITH YOUR PARTNER! For one, if there's a crowd, there's a really high probability that it's also humid and/or suffocated, and people are moving around, so not everyone will appreciate you stopping in the middle of their pre-tracked path to wherever their destination.

Also, your really public display of affection is uncomfortable. Not only among peers, but everyone - no matter where you are, French kissing with a side of butt and/or boob fondling should be restricted to private places. Heck, if your kiss is gonna more than just a quick smooch, fucking get off the road.

Also, leave your "family day" plans for a nice Sunday at the park, rather than making a night market the place for your children to run around when hundreds of people are jostled together, and more than enough hot stoves and cookery equipment to cook your kid(s) alive.

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