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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Late-night rants: Swearing

It's rude, somewhat annoying in excess, and just inappropriate for a lot of situations.

Well, that isn't really stopping me.

I was watching PewDiePie's new video on Youtube, and if you guys know Pewds, you'll know at what rate he swears when he's playing the games - both in English and Swedish. Unfortunately, I made the daft mistake of watching the video on full volume on my Galaxy Note right in front of my mum. Halfway through the video, she demanded that I switch to a more "verbally appropriate" video.

Much like a lot of other things, me not doing it at home doesn't mean I don't do it outside. Of course, I won't be the one to incorporate one or more swear word in whatever language into every single sentence I use, but it is one of the ways to express my frustration or anger (in a more personally satisfying way).

While I personally won't abolish swearing in my own vocabulary, I don't exactly encourage it especially for younger kids, who tend to have a much more harsh and extensive swear word dictionary compared to mine.

Having said that, I am consciously trying to watch my language, especially in public areas. "Trying" being the operational word here. That word is practically the operational word for all my excuses. =P

BUT the point here is everything in moderation. Swear, yes. Alone in your car. With close friends on a lower volume. When you still hit your pinky toe on the leg of the table when you made a mental note to yourself to move a distance from it. And in some other situations of not-so-urgency (if that phrase even exists). In all other situations, keep all swearing to a minimum.

The late-night rant ends here. This is what happens when one does not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, and usually have nothing to do.

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