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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Driving blues

I finally understood why my mother or sister would come home sometimes utterly frustrated, seemingly for no apparent reason: the number of stupid drivers encountered on the road on top of an already long-and-shitty day at work or classes.

At first I was just like "OK, this is just patience training". Quote Master Sifu (anyone notice that it actually means Master Master? Like "sifu" is Chinese for "master"?): INNER PEACE.

Unfortunately, as some of you fellow KL people will understand (and I'm sure some people all over the world would), sometimes patience runs out, and you'd really love to run some people over on the road. Here are a few examples of the people I hate:

They drive the big-ass 11-seater vehicles, or drive a Hilux or similar truck. Or even better, those huge-ass trailers or dirt transporters. THEY BULLY EVERYONE. Just because I drive a smaller car than you, doesn't mean you automatically get the rights to be more superior than me.

They automatically assume that you will have to give way to them regardless of the situation, and will most probably glare their eyeballs out at you if you don't. Dear aunties and/or uncles, sometimes your windows are tinted to dark I CAN'T BLOODY SEE WHO YOU ARE. And even if you were a senior, no, that isn't a reason why I should let you have your way. Bite me.

These are the bouncing and excited "yay I got my licence after 12 hours of sitting around listening to bullshit and going through those stressful tests" (usually young) people. As you might anticipate, they are unsure, and usually, they like to take chances. Scary, unsure kittens. Stay to the left, please.

Strange 'cause I've an assignment related to this. I understand that it will kill you to stop texting with your beautiful, amazing *insert name of person here* for a quarter of a millisecond, so KEEP TO THE FREAKIN' LEFT!!! Don't hog the fast lane and keep tapping on your brakes. It scares the shit out of people like me who is usually just 5 inches away from you at 110km/h.

MOTORCYCLISTS (in general)
Malaysia's motorcyclists are rampant. They could be compared to the bicyclists in some countries, where bicyclists demand for equal rights on the road, but violate every rule on the road (9Gaggers might get me). They motorcyclists here are pretty much what you would call inconsiderate, even if they aren't mat rempits. And trust me, they will annoy any patience you have left.

I've been meeting a lot of these types recently: highway, going 60km/h on the fast lane, but they don't even look in their rearview mirror. Trying to overtake them will cause an accident, but following behind them creates a VERY long vehicle worm. I'm not one to check mirrors too often, but giving a glance every minute or so would be nice.

Depending on the vehicle, the signal joystick could be on the left or right (my Satria's is on the left, my sister's Etude's is on the right). I DO NOT CARE HOW OLD YOU ARE, USE THE STICKS!!! It's common courtesy, not some noble intent that you whip out when you want your shoes licked. How many almost-accidents I've seen just because one lazy person decides not to use their signal lights.

What helps? Music (the hard stuff, or kawaii J-pop, if that's what floats your boat). And annoying the shit out of these people if you can manage. Am thankful that both the cars I drive are pretty awesome~ =D

Well, rant over, back to assignments *sigh*

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