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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make-up video: Gothic Spring

Uh, no, not another look, just the video tutorial for the previous look that I did. A friend requested it, I'm pretty much free to do it, so why not?

Music from Free Play Music: City Lights and Catalyst. I thought of using a Davide Sonar track, but then I think my Youtube account has enough copyright infringement notices, even when I'm using these two copyright-free tracks...

Close-up of the eye make-up:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Fast 6 + mini haul

Fast and Furious 6 was fucking awesome. *pardon the language* American muscle, Vin Diesel, hot girls, Vin Diesel, illegal street racing, Vin Diesel, building explosions and endless ammo... Did I mention Vin Diesel? =D

Look for the day: bare face. Outfit of the day: hand-made Swarovski dangle earring, orange cropped sweater, my old Diesel boot-cut jeans, slippers (yes), and my over-sized, eggplant Longchamp.
I think it's safe to say that most of us grew up with the Fast and Furious film series. From The Fast and the Furious in 2001, till now, waiting for Fast 7 in July 2014 (YES! THERE'S A 7!!!) And it seems Wikipedia has more information, if you're interested. Spoiler: Jason Statham is gonna be in Fast 7.

I blame this film series, along with The Pacifier, xXx (also contributed to my inclination toward permanent body art), and The Chronicles of Riddick for my teen-till-now crush for Vin Diesel. Seriously, who could resist? Killer biceps and man-boobs; sexy, slightly rough tenor voice; and that American charm... to die for!

15 tickets on total. But only I watched the movie...
*cough cough* Anyway, I did some shopping before and after the movie. The movie was at 13:00, and I got our (my younger sister and her primary school friends) tickets at around 10:00, so I had plenty of time to walk around the mall that I've been to a million times over.

REALLY AH? WAH, WHY SO GENG GOT THIS BOOK ONE?! (I would sooner kill myself than talk like that to non-Malaysians and non-Singaporeans)
There wasn't much of a target shop, but I just browsed, making my way to whichever store that popped into my mind. I found a gem in MPH Bookstores. I was searching for a reasonably-priced Italian language book, and this was wedged between a Vietnamese and Colombian language book, I believe...

Probably one of the most ridiculous make-up accessories I've come across...
Also, I know that there are "eyeliner stickers" in the market now. They're supposed to be like eyelid tape, but in black, so that you don't have to draw on the eye line by hand. I've seen the winged ones before, but I'm just appalled at this one I found in SaSa. Perhaps it works for some, but definitely not mine to use. I have trouble with a full set of false lashes as it is...

Don't discriminate me. I won't be taking these out of the house - a solid book always beats a .pdf.
I'm halfway through the first volume of The Lord of the Rings, but due to my lack of concentration on the words and other factors, I started reading Fifty Shades (a friend sent the .pdf's to me). I got the books so that I don't have to read 3-point Times New Roman on a screen anymore. I used the BB1M vouchers to get this, and I walked in on the day of the "book carnival", so books were 20% off. I got a glue stick and an Italian phrasebook to top it up to RM100. Hmm... This could be a dangerous combination...

10%-50% discounted here. I couldn't resist the vanilla shower gel 'cause it was only RM7 after discount! Total: RM157.
Apart from Laneige and L'Occitane, The Body Shop facial products are my favorite. And they're doing a sale right now, most items discounted up to 70%. I got myself a few essentials and backups.

Day 14 of the 30-day squats challenge, and my legs were cramping up for half the day. I got all the exercise I needed for the day, though. I think I tracked through the whole of Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Make-up: Gothic Spring

Although the weather in Kuala Lumpur is almost like summer, it's pretty much still spring by the calendar. It's also been a while since I've done a full-blown make-up look. So here's one look that I threw together quite spontaneously.

All photos unedited except for lighting.
Basically it's a sweet, simple eye look using orange and green, with thin black liner and demi-lashes, then paired with plummy lips. I kept the skin part quite simple - just slight contour and highlight, without blusher to make the look a little more versatile.

You could use another lip color to make it more wearable. And yay! for demi-lashes!!!
No color lenses, just normal Asian eyes. =D And I find that the dark blue on the lower lashline helps tone the look down a little, since there's so much shimmer going on on top. And this look pretty much also plays on the importance of GROOMED BROWS - you don't have to draw them in with kohl pencil, but they should have some DEFINITION. Nothing ruins beautiful eye shadow work worse than neglected brows - other than creasing and bleeding, that is.

Here you see the severity of my blemishes. Anyways, this is basically a vague step-by-step guide from bare-face to just before I slathered my lips with black eyeliner and red lipstick.
Products used (long-ass list):

EYES ("#" shadow colors from 120 palette, refer to right panel  >>> )
  • shu uemura Creme Eyeshadow [beige]
  • #53 [shimmery nude] - inner corners
  • #62 [matte orange] - outer 1/3 of eye, blending outward
  • #83 [shimmery sea foam green] - middle 1/3 of eye
  • #73 [shimmery gold] - in between orange and green, to blend
  • #104 [matte dark blue] - lower half of lash line, fading downwards
  • Artistry shadow in Sand [beige] - along brow bone, blending into colors
  • Artistry shadow in Ash Black - along roots of upper lashes
  • Za Liquid Eyeliner [black] - lining with little extension at outer corner; small triangle on lower lashline as a second "wing"
  • MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara
  • generic brand fluttery false demi-lashes
  • Elianto Ultra-Define Eyeliner in Twilight Black - to line lower waterline
  • Artistry shadow in Basic Beige & Chocolate - blended with spoolie brush
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in Natural + The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation in 05 - mixed, applied, and blended evenly with fingers
  • Pigeon Compact Baby Powder in Beige - pressed on with large brush to set foundation
  • Bobbi Brown blusher in Blushed [nude rose] - to sculpt cheeks and jawbone
  • Artistry shadow in Basic Beige [neutral nude] - to contour nose bridge
  • Callas Finishing Touch Loose Powder (shimmery) - highlight on T-zone, top of cheeks, chin, and Cupid's bow
  • Vaseline - applied before applying other make-up
  • for stained lips - Silkygirl Moisture Rich lipstick in Playful [berry pink] - applied on center of lips and blended out
  • for sweet look - Maybelline ColorSensational Moisture Extreme Lipcolor in Soft Azallea [berry] - applied from the tube
  • for Gothic look - Elianto Ultra-Define Eyeliner in Twilight Black + Kanebo Media Creamy Lasting Lip in RD-02 [plum red] - mixed by applying lipstick over streaks of eyeliner, then blended with a lip brush

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Fitness myths are everywhere, and somehow they exist more among the girls. Among the statements I've heard are:

  • "I can't do weight training, because then I'll look like Vin Diesel / The Rock (or insert name of other muscular man)"
  • "As long as I'm moving, it doesn't matter how slow I go" - usually on the bike thing

For one, lifting weights tone your muscles - unless you go on a high-protein diet, you WILL NOT bulk up. And no, leisurely paddling your feet while you watch a drama on your phone doesn't really constitute as exercise. For me: no sweat, heavy breathing, and muscle aches means I didn't do enough for the day.

ALRIGHT. Enough with some of the things regarding fitness that I'm a little frustrated about.

Due to various reasons, I haven't been hitting the gym at all for about half a year. From running 15km in total every week, to almost not moving at all for 6 months, needless to say, my cardio strength went downhill, counterbalanced by my weight which shot up to the dangerous 6x.

So now I'm trying - and please note the term "trying" - to be somewhat active without needing to hit the gym, and of course, trying to eat better (doesn't really apply since I've chowed down 3 bowls of rice with lots of battered deep fried food today).

Squats to tone your thighs and your butt. Source unknown, but I found it from another friend's Instagram feed.
BUT! Along with my sister (always the best motivation), we've taken to stocking the house with fruits and yogurt, and I've taken up the 30 DAY SQUATS CHALLENGE. Pretty much self-explanatory, and I thought it would be a piece of cake...

I'm on day 4 today, which is a rest day, but my thighs have been sore since day 1. And here I thought "I used to do a lot of squats so this shouldn't be a problem". Take my word for it, "challenge" is the keyword here.

What I do is break up the required number into smaller parts scattered throughout the day. No, the "bulking thighs" don't bother me - I would prefer toned but large thighs to flabby thighs. =D

Just a little update, because I think I update too sparsely now... All my inspiration for writing has been channeled towards assignments. We had mostly computer software-related assignments the previous semester (Flash, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc), and this semester it's all writing...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kina Grannis "Valentine"

I realize that I'm surrounded by wonderful friends. Friends who would worry about me driving recklessly (Jasmine), friends who go with me through thick and thin (so far, Jasmine), and friends who have talent way beyond human normality.

Mahirah left for Adelaide some time ago, after finishing our foundation course, if I remember correctly. During our foundation course, she was one of the bubbliest, most wonderful people ever. Did I mention she does vocal covers? Previously she did a cover for Lee Hi's Rose. Here's a new cover from her. (link to the original song)

I love her covers, especially the emotion that she's able to convey through her voice. Not the Kelly Clarkson voice, but amazing in its own way. I could sit around all day listening to this, because somehow, it's speaking what's in my heart.

For those of you who know me well enough, and if I've shared it with you, I met someone at the end of 2012, and he's been amazing so far. =) I guess you could say this is the song I would send to him (the cover version, mind you, so that I can spread Mahirah's awesomeness!) right now.

Like I said, I'm surrounded with amazingly extraordinary people - all in their own amazing way.

To Mahirah, I'm especially ecstatic about the "I'll love you" part at the chorus. =D

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

End of April

Drawing closer to the end of the fourth month on 2013, I've some things to share, but I obviously can't share EVERYTHING that happened, so I'll share just some recent things. =)

From top left clockwise: fruit custard, coffee almond, chocolate custard, lemon, durian, and chocolate almond.
My mother brought home some mini tarts from a place called Justarts. They came in shortcrust pastry shells, wrapped in disposable cupcake cups (I think that's what they call it). Some were delicious, some were just mediocre. =P

And a shopping trip at Mid Valley on Sunday. Our targets are actually just a few pairs of shoes, especially that I needed all-black comfy walking shoes for an upcoming event job (for academic purposes LOL). We ended up spending a little more than we planned to...

Cute tribal beads are their charm~ RM69.80 from Sachs (discounted).
I found some cute moccasins from Sachs, which I would never really have considered purchasing, and scratched the "black walking shoes" off my shopping list. Basically, that was all of my entire "need" shopping list. But which girl could resist an all out shopping trip? =D

Basic black peep-toe pumps which are not too tall! RM246 from Prima Vera.
There were some pretty black pumps I found in Jusco, black, but with a ruffled surface - understated, yet still outstanding enough. But they didn't fit (damn those who don't manufacture/stock up on half sizes). I found a pair in Prima Vera, though... Super. Effing. Expensive. But not too tall, and leather~ *dances around* So my mother got those for me...

Before we could proceed to anything else, LUNCH! Mid Valley, having been there for millions of times, is now a place where we would start asking each other what to have for lunch the moment we leave the house. Kind of familiar, since we kind of do that at school, too...

Anyway, we decided to give Manhattan Fish Market a chance after a not-so-nice experience there some time ago. Regretted the decision of even letting them have a shot to try to re-impress us. They changed the menu since our last visit, and I didn't fancy paying for mediocre food and bad service.

Asian spice pan seared fish and spicy mussels (they were quite fresh) served with garlic herb rice. RM25.50 (subject to government and service tax)
The garlic herb rice tasted so much better in the past, and there was a simple seafood pasta somewhere, and it costed RM17.90 for the full sized one. Pasta + that little bit of seafood = definitely not worth RM17.90. Even Pasta Zanmai isn't that expensive... The dish that I ordered - I could have made it myself at home, but I paid RM25.50+ to eat it there.

And too many part timers, and a management that doesn't seem to bother training their staff. Any restaurant, who has a team of staff who huddles together, talks loudly, and/or is not alert immediately puts me off. I expect up-to-par service when I'm paying for your stupid service tax. No MFM anytime soon.

We left in search of more shoes, and we happened to pass by Vintage 1988's pushcart. Vintage 1988 is a boutique that specializes in vintage-looking charm accessories. You can purchase the accessories ready-made, or you can customize them (the staff will assemble your accessory on the spot).

There were many different charms of different shapes, sizes, and prices. The promotion was choosing 6 charms and above entitles you to a free chain for the bracelet. I made myself an anklet instead. Beware, though: you'll just get caught up with the entire process of choosing from the super-wide variety of charms, planning your accessory design, and end up being quite surprised by the end price.

My new favorite accessory =D RM68 inclusive of the chain.
The Deathly Hallows charm represents my loyalty to Harry Potter; the alphabet "C" is the first letter of my name (Chean); I like cats in general; music really does rule my life; the star because it made a pretty horizontal piece; the feather because perhaps I fantasize about flying away?; the love letter because I love writing love letters; and the alphabet "D"... represents a really important person in my life. =)

The most kawaii mini croissant I've ever seen!
Tried out Komugi's nama choco sand as well. Mediocre.
And after a visit to Skechers where I saw someone who resembled a certain someone a little too much, we had a little shopping spree in Komugi (my new favorite Japanese pastry house). We got some bread each, and some cold desserts (hanjuku cheese and nama choco sand, which translates as "nama chocolate sandwich").

Now to MONDAY, filled with the usual Monday blues. I had one comfort - I found a cropped sweater in my closet by accident. I share my closet with my sister, so I have no idea what's in the closet sometimes.

Photo taken from my Instagram. Filters from Camera360 and Instagram. Both items unbranded (jeans from Petaling Street).
What I found was an orange sweater, which was under a white sheer cardigan. The highlight is that this sweater is cropped, though obviously for people with a little more height than me. But it's cropped nonetheless, and it's probably the only piece of clothing in the entire house that is in that cut.

Tuesday was shit. I had to drive to campus (finally, SPEED) for a class that didn't last for even 20 minutes. The lecturer just sat in front, mumbled to himself about some things about statistics, asked us about things that he should know, then dismissed class after keeping silent for about 10 minutes. WTF?!

Crazy traffic jam! And this happens very frequently recently!
The ridiculous part was the almost-hour-long traffic jam just WITHIN campus. All the way from the free parking area all the way out to the SMC intersection. Taylor's, it's time you start planning an alternative enter-and-exit route: sooner or later, you'll lose students just because traffic flow and parking sucks.

Apple tarte tartin~ And we got some fresh corn from Cameron Highlands, too...
The traffic congestion was worth some delicious apple tarte tartin made by Karen~ Deliciously tangy apples on a mildly sweet crust, and served with melting vanilla ice cream~ *love*