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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hopefully temporarily dead laptop

Hello, space friends! I regret to inform you all that due to my own clumsiness, my laptop is temporarily DEAD. Reason? Enjoying a nice beer while Skyping with a friend, and someone's clumsy hand knocked over the can, all over the keyboard.

Instead of being smart and getting "first aid", I delayed the drying process by searching for a towel ('twas hidden in my own blanket LOL). So when I returned to my laptop, the screen was flashing on and off, and so was the power LED. After a while, it just blacked out. Tried blow drying it, etc, but to no avail. For now, it's RIP my current laptop, unless there's a chance to have it repaired.

Thankfully, I have 98% of my data on an external hard drive. Seriously. Invest in one (a good one, Western Digital, or something, but not Seagate, supposedly...), and put ERR'THANG IN THERE!

Therefore, for now, there will be no photos in blog posts (and hence no blog posts), because editing the photos on a completely disproportionate monitor (everything is stretched horizontally) is just ridiculous. I've finally filmed another video, though...

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