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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Armani & Diesel

Nothing is worse than losing your laptop to beer (thank you, Carlsberg and my own bloody klutziness), AND having your home fibre optic internet fail on you for no particular reason. So far I've been using data for emails, and replying messages on Line, Viber, and Whatsapp only...

But for a "modern" person like me to survive without WiFi for long is impossible. Probably close to anyone reviving a dinosaur. I desperately need to blog, Insta, etc, etc etc...

My Facebook got blocked or something recently. A friend told me he no longer saw me on Facebook, and I was like WTF?! Anyway, I got to campus today (for a class that was to start next week and not today), connected to i-Xcess, and found out that it was one of my life events (a break-up) that violated a community policy thing. It could be that I really did violate that policy without noticing it, but my major hunch is that someone reported it. Boh?

So now my Facebook is up again, but I'm disappointed by only 71 notifications in 3 days. =(

And seriously? I registered my semester 3 subjects almost as soon as the online registration was open, so... WHY IN THE BLAZES AM I REJECTED FOR BASIC JAPANESE?! I registered early, so there shouldn't be a problem. Sure, I registered a few days later than others, so maybe it was filled up by the time I signed up. But a friend of mine registered on the very first day! WTF?!

Too bad there's no Italian course. Signore Sonar, you have one obsessive fangirl here! =D But then again, I go all obsessive whenever I find, well, an obsession. Much like my obsession with taking up guitar lessons when I discovered Uruha! I'm what you would call a compulsive person, even when shopping: I'll take a quick scan, usually nothing interests me, but when it does, I'll pore over it for, boh? 2-3 days? With celebrities and people who make awesome music - much, much, MUCH longer!

As for the post title... I dunno, it's just random... Diesel has been a life-long obsession for me (Vin Diesel, my favorite jeans when I was 13 were from Diesel). And Armani... I seriously have no idea why... Even if it's Emporio or Giorgio, I have no idea, but it came to mind anyway...

End of filler post. Shall find more inspiration to blog again soon. Till then! Ciao!

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